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Julkaisut 2003
Publications 2003

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1 Dunning AM et al. A transforming growth factorbeta1 signal peptide variant increases secretion in vitro and is associated with increased incidence of invasive breast cancer.
2 Joensuu H et al. Amplification of erbB2 and erbB2 expression are superior to estrogen receptor status as risk factors for distant recurrence in pT1N0M0 breast cancer: a nationwide population-based study1.
3 Kataja VV, ESMO Guidelines Task Force. ESMO minimum clinical recommendations for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of prostate cancer .
4 Pellikainen MJ et al. p21WAF1 expression in invasive breast cancer and its association with p53, AP-2, cell proliferation, and prognosis.
5 Pulkkanen K et al. Systemic capillary leak syndrome resulting from gemcitabine treatment in renal cell carcinoma: a case report.

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