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Julkaisut 2003
Publications 2003

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1 Danenberg HD et al. Systemic depletion of macrophages by liposomal bisphosphonates reduces neointimal formation following balloon-injury in the rat carotid artery.
2 Dubruel P et al. Poly-L-glutamic acid derivatives as multifunctional vectors for gene delivery. Part B. Biological evaluation.
3 Harjunen P et al. Effects of carriers and storage of formulation on the lung deposition of a hydrophobic and hydrophilic drug from a DPI.
4 He N et al. Mechanistic study of alkyl azacycloheptanones as skin permeation enhancers by permeation and partition experiments with hairless mouse skin.
5 Honkakoski P. Nuclear receptors CAR and PXR in metabolism and elimination of drugs.
6 Honkakoski P et al. Drug-activated nuclear receptors CAR and PXR.
7 Jyrkkärinne J et al. Molecular determinants of steroid inhibition for the mouse constitutive androstane receptor.
8 Jääskeläinen I. Cationic Lipids as Antisense Oligonucleotide Carriers into Cells. Studies on Complexation and Transfection.
9 Kinnarinen T et al. Pulmonary deposition of a budesonide/gamma-cyclodextrin complex in vitro.
10 Laine K et al. Topically administered CB2-receptor agonist, JWH-133, does not decrease intraocular pressure (IOP) in normotensive rabbits.
11 Lampela P et al. Different synergistic roles of small polyethylenimine and Dosper in gene delivery.
12 Mäkinen J et al. Dual action of oestrogens on the mouse constitutive androstane receptor.
13 Mönkkönen H et al. Cellular uptake and metabolism of clodronate and its derivatives in Caco-2 cells: a possible correlation with bisphosphonate-induced gastrointestinal side-effects.
14 Peltola S et al. Microemulsions for topical delivery of estradiol.
15 Pitkänen L et al. Vitreous is a barrier in nonviral gene transfer by cationic lipids and polymers.
16 Pitkänen L et al. Retinal disease models for development of drug and gene therapies.
17 Raiman J et al. Effects of various absorption enhancers on transport of clodronate through Caco-2 cells.
18 Ranta V-P et al. Ocular pharmacokinetic modeling using corneal absorption and desorption rates from in vitro permeation experiments with cultured corneal epithelial cells.
19 Reinisalo M et al. Retina-specific gene expression and improved DNA transfection in WERI-Rb1 retinoblastoma cells.
20 Ruponen M et al. Extracellular and intracellular barriers in non-viral gene delivery.
21 Suhonen TM et al. Epidermal cell culture model derived from rat keratinocytes with permeability characteristics comparable to human cadaver skin.
22 Tarvainen M et al. Enhanced film-forming properties for ethyl cellulose and starch acetate using n-alkenyl succinic anhydrides as novel plasticizers.
23 Tarvainen T. Ionivahvuus- ja pH-sensitiivisten oksastettujen polymeerimembraanien ja biohajoavien polymeerien farmaseuttiset sovellukset.
24 Tarvainen T. Ionic Strength- and pH-responsive Grafted Polymer Membranes and Biodegradable Polymers for Pharmaceutical Applications.
25 Tarvainen T et al. Pancreatin enhanced erosion of and macromolecule release from 2,2-bis(2-oxazoline)-linked poly(epsilon-caprolactone).
26 Toropainen E et al. Paracellular and passive transcellular permeability in immortalized human corneal epithelial cell culture model.
27 Tuovinen L et al. Drug release from starch-acetate films.
28 Töyräs A et al. Inhibition of mevalonate pathway is involved in alendronate-induced cell growth inhibition, but not in cytokine secretion from macrophages in vitro.
29 Valjakka A et al., keksijä. Näköstimulaatiolaite.
30 Valjakka A et al., keksijä. Elektrodianturi.
31 Valleala H et al. Regulation of MMP-9 (gelatinase B) in activated human monocyte/macrophages by two different types of bisphosphonates.
32 Warner KS et al. Structure-activity relationship for chemical skin permeation enhancers: probing the chemical microenvironment of the site of action.

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