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Julkaisut 2003
Publications 2003

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1 Aho M et al. Nimesulide versus ibuprofen for postoperative tonsillectomy pain: a double-blind, randomised, active comparator-controlled clinical trial.
2 Ahveninen J et al. Auditory selective attention modulated by tryptophan depletion in humans.
3 Airaksinen M et al. Riippuvuuden farmakologiset perusmekanismit: altistus ja muutokset aivojen kemiassa ja toiminnassa.
4 Alakärppä K et al. Alcoholics show altered histaminergic neurotransmission in several cortical areas - preliminary report.
5 Asikainen A et al. Predictive value of comparative molecular field analysis modelling of naphthalene inhibition of human CYP2A6 and mouse CYP2A5 enzymes.
6 Asikainen V et al. Mineral oil residues on HVAC components: measuring methods.
7 Fallarero A et al. Effects of aqueous extracts of Halimeda incrassata (Ellis) Lamouroux and Bryothamnion triquetrum (S.G.Gmelim) Howe on hydrogen peroxide and methyl mercury-induced oxidative stress in GT1-7 mouse hypothalamic immortalized cells.
8 Forsberg M et al. Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of entacapone and tolcapone after acute and repeated administration: a comparative study in the rat.
9 Haasio K et al. Tissue histopathology, clinical chemistry and behaviour of adult comt-gene-disrupted mice.
10 Heimbach T et al. Absorption rate limit considerations for oral phosphate prodrugs.
11 Helkamaa T et al. Entacapone protects from angiotensin II-induced inflammation and renal injury.
12 Helkamaa T et al. Resistance to salt-induced hypertension in catechol-O-methyltransferase-gene-disrupted mice.
13 Hukkanen J et al. Regulation of CYP3A5 by glucocorticoids and cigarette smoke in human lung-derived cells.
14 Keinonen T. Clinical Drug Trials in Finland. Quality and characteristics.
15 Keinonen T et al. Pharmaceutical industry's barriers and preferences to conduct clinical drug trials in Finland: a qualitative study.
16 Keinonen T et al. Clinical trials in children and healthy volunteers. Quality and characteristics of notifications reviewed by the regulatory agency in Finland.
17 Kokki H. Mitä jokaisen anestesiologin on hyvä tietää lääketurvallisuudesta.
18 Kähkönen S et al. Acute tryptophan depletion does not change somatosensory evoked magnetic fields.
19 Laitinen K. Milloin tarvitsen hepatiittirokotuksen?
20 Laitinen K. Masennuslääkkeet kivun hoidossa.
21 Laitinen K. Foolihappo - elintärkeä vitamiini?
22 Laitinen K. Uskallanko vielä käyttää hormonikorvaushoitoa?
23 Lampela P. Synergism of Low-Molecular Weight Polyethylenimines and Other Cationic Carriers in Gene Delivery in vitro.
24 Lampela P et al. Different synergistic roles of small polyethylenimine and Dosper in gene delivery.
25 Lampela P et al. Production of functional recombinant tyrosine hydroxylase by the BPV-1 expression plasmids in the cell cultures.
26 Lecklin A et al. Agonists for neuropeptide Y receptors Y1 and Y5 stimulate different phases of feeding in guinea pigs.
27 Lehtonen J, Tacke U. Psykoosilääkkeen vaikea valinta - pitäisikö näkökulmaa laajentaa.
28 Lensu S et al. Suppressed weight gain following chronic I-histidine loading - involvement of neuronal histamiergic system?
29 Lintula H et al. Laparoscopic fundoplication in children with a preexisting gastrostomy.
30 Loikkanen J et al. Pb2+ -induced toxicity is associated with p53-independent apoptosis and enhanced by glutamate in GT1-7 neurons.
31 Loikkanen J et al. Glutamate increases toxicity of inorganic lead in GT1-7 neurons: partial protection induced by flunarizine.
32 Lozeva V et al. Brain histamine and histamine H3 receptors following repeated L-histidine administration in rats.
33 Lozeva V et al. Increased concentrations of histamine and its metabolite, tele methylhistamine and down-regulation of histamine H(3) receptor sites in autopsied brain tissue from cirrhotic patient who died in hepatic coma.
34 Lähdesmäki J et al. Alfa2-adrenergic drug effects on brain monoamines, locomotion, and body temperature are largely abolished in mice lacking the alfa2A-adrenoceptor subtype.
35 MacDonald E. Autonomisen hermoston farmakologiaa .
36 MacDonald E, Saarti J. Pharmacology on the internet - a Web-CT course teaching information literacy for pharmacy students in the University of Kuopio [online].
37 MacDonald E, Scheinin M. Adrenerginen neurotransmissio ja siihen vaikuttavat lääkeaineet.
38 Manakova S et al. Ara-C induces apoptosis in monkey fibroblast cells.
39 Midzyanovskaya IS, Tuomisto L. Increased density of H1 histamine receptors in brain regions of rats with absence epilepsy.
40 Myöhänen T, Juvonen R. Psilosybiini huumaavien sienten vaikuttava myrkky.
41 Naarala J et al. The effects of wood dusts on the redox status and cell death in mouse macrophages (RAW 264.7) and human leukocytes in vitro.
42 Nyman M et al. Contaminant exposure and effects in Baltic ringed and grey seals as assessed by biomarkers.
43 Pelkonen O, Raunio H. Lääkkeiden haitalliset yhteisvaikutukset.
44 Pelkonen O et al. Xenobiotic metabolism and cancer susceptibility.
45 Puttonen KA et al. Increased p53 levels without caspase-3 activity and change of cell viability in 6-hydroxydopamine-treated CV1-P cells.
46 Raasmaja A et al., keksijä. Kationisten lipidien ja kationisten polymeerien synergiaan perustuva geenitransfektion menetelmä .
47 Rahnasto M et al. More potent inhibition of human CYP2A6 than mouse CYP2A5 enzyme activities by derivatives of phenylethylamine and benzaldehyde.
48 Raunio H. Lääkkeiden yhteisvaikutukset - hallittavissa oleva ongelma.
49 Raunio H. Viruslääkkeet.
50 Raunio H, Laitinen K. Mikrobilääkkeiden yhteisvaikutukset - ovatko kaikki makrolidit samanlaisia?
51 Raunio H, Ojala R. Vähentävätkö mikrobilääkkeet ehkäisytablettien tehoa?
52 Raunio H et al. Tramadolin yhteisvaikutukset.
53 Raunio H, Salonen J. The appliance of bioscience.
54 Saano V. Vitamiinit, hivenaineet ja antioksidantit.
55 Saarelainen T et al. Activation of the TrkB neurotrophin receptor is induced by antidepressant drugs and is required for antidepressant-induced behavioral effects.
56 Saarti J, MacDonald E. Farmasian verkkotiedonlähteiden arviointi osana farmasian verkko-opetusta.
57 Sallmén M et al. Time to pregnancy among the wives of Finnish greenhouse workers.
58 Salonen RO, Saano V. Hengityselimistöön vaikuttavat lääkeaineet.
59 Savolainen K, Vähäkangas K. Elintoksikologia.
60 Savolainen K, Vähäkangas K. Ympäristötoksikologia.
61 Savolainen K, Vähäkangas K. Toksisuuden tutkiminen ja riskinarviointi.
62 Scheinin M, MacDonald E. Kolinerginen neurotransmissio ja siihen vaikuttavat lääkeaineet.
63 Serpi R, Vähäkangas K. Benzo(a)pyrene- induced changes in p53 and related proteins in mouse skin.
64 Tuomainen M et al. The 3-year follow-up study in a block of flats - experiences in the use of the Finnish indoor climate classification.
65 Tuomisto L et al. Brain histamine turnover and seizure behaviour in two mouse strains: preliminary findings.
66 Tupala E et al. Different effect of age on dopamine transporters in the dorsal and ventral striatum of controls and alcoholics.
67 Virkkunen M et al. Total plasma L-tryptophan, free L-tryptophan and competing amino acid levels in a homicidal male adolescent with conduct disorder.
68 Vähäkangas K. Molecular epidemiology of human cancer risk: gene-environment interactions and p53 spectrum in human lung cancer.
69 Vähäkangas K. TP53 mutations in workers exposed to occupational carcinogens.
70 Vähäkangas K. Syövän hoitoon käytettävät lääkeaineet.
71 Vähäkangas K. Kliininen toksikologia.
72 Vähäkangas K, Savolainen K. Periaatteet ja yleistoksikologia.
73 Vähäkangas K, Savolainen K. Työtoksikologia.
74 Wallén EAA et al. New prolyl oligopeptidase inhibitors developed from dicarboxylic acid bis(L-prolyl-pyrrolidine) amides.
75 Wallén EAA et al. Conformationally rigid N-Acyl-5-alkyl-L-prolyl-pyrrolidines as prolyl oligopeptidase inhibitors.
76 Yavich L et al. Atipamezole, an alpha2-adrenoceptor antagonist, augments the effects of L-DOPA on evoked dopamine release in rat striatum.

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