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Julkaisut 2003
Publications 2003

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1 Anttonen M et al. Benzothiadiazole induces defence responses in berry crops.
2 Harju AM et al. Chemical factors affecting the brown-rot decay resistance of Scots pine heartwood.
3 Heijari J et al. Metsälannoituksen vaikutukset männyn puuaineksen lahon- ja puutuholaiskestävyyteen.
4 Holopainen J. Plant-insect interactions and pollution.
5 Holopainen J. Ilmaston muutoksen ekologia. Kokeelliset altistusmenetelmät ilmastonmuutostutkimuksessa.
6 Holopainen J. Ilmaston muutoksen ekologia. Miten ilmaston muutos ja epäpuhtaudet vaikuttavat kasvillisuuteen?
7 Holopainen J, Peltonen P. Kertooko puiden voimakas syysväritys paremmasta tuholaiskestävyydestä?
8 Hukkanen A et al. Variation in flavonol content among berry cultivars grown under Northern conditions.
9 Kainulainen P et al. Decomposition of secondary compounds from needle litter of Scots pine grown under elevated CO2 and O3.
10 Karlsson PE et al. New critical levels for ozone impact on trees based on AOT40 and leaf cumulated uptake of ozone.
11 Karnosky DF et al. Tropospheric O3 moderates responses of temperate hardwood forests to elevated CO2:a synthesis of molecular to ecosystem results from the Aspen FACE project.
12 Kinnunen H et al. Sources of error in epiphytic lichen variables mapped as bioindicators: needs to modify the Finnish standard.
13 Kinnunen H et al. Fluoride in birch leaves, ground vegetation, litter and humus in the surroundings of a fertilizer plant and apatite mine in Siilinjärvi, eastern Finland.
14 Kivimäenpää M. The Cell and Tissue Structures of Norway Spruce and Scots Pine Needles as Tools for the Diagnosis of Ozone Impact.
15 Kivimäenpää M et al. Cell structural changes in the needles of Norway spruce exposed to long-term ozone and drought.
16 Niemi R. Peatland Vegetation and Carbon Gas Dynamics under Increasing UV-B Radiation and Ozone Concentration.
17 Nissinen A et al. Houkutuskasvikokeen kolmen vuoden tuloksia: Viime kesä oli isokaalikärpästen kesä.
18 Oksanen E. Physiological responses of birch (Betula pendula) to ozone: a comparison between open-soil-grown trees exposed for six growing seasons and potted seedlings exposed for one season.
19 Oksanen E. Responses of selected birch (Betula pendula Roth) clones to ozone change over time.
20 Oksanen E. A multi-year free air ozone exposure with silver birch (Betula pendula Roth) in Kuopio, Finland: A comparison of physiological ozone responses between soil-grown trees and potted saplings.
21 Oksanen E. Environmental pollution and functions plant leaves.
22 Oksanen E et al. Ozone-induced H2O2 accumulation in field-grown aspen and birch is linked to foliar ultrastructure and peroxisomal activity.
23 Prozherina N et al. Interactive effect of springtime frost and elevated ozone on early growth, foliar injuries and leaf structure of birch (Betula pendula).
24 Riikonen J et al. Seasonal variation in physiological characteristics of two silver birch clones in the field.
25 Rinnan R et al. Carbon dioxide and methane fluxes in boreal peatland microcosms with different vegetation cover - effects of ozone or ultraviolet-B exposure.
26 Sallas L et al. Contrasting effects of elevated carbon dioxide concentration and temperature on Rubisco activity, chlorophyll fluorescence, needle ultrastructure and secondary metabolites in conifer seedlings.
27 Tiitta M et al. Comparing the effect of chemical and physical properties on complex electrical impedance of Scots pine wood.
28 Turtola S et al. Drought stress alters the concentration of wood terpenoids in Scots pine and Norway spruce seedlings.
29 Valkama E et al. The combined effects of enhanced UV-B radiation and selenium on growth, chlorophyll fluorescence and ultrastructure in strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) and barley (Hordeum vulgare) treated in the field.
30 Venäläinen M et al. Variation in the decay resistance and its relationship with other wood characteristics in old Scots pines.
31 Yamaji K et al. Ozone exposure over two growing seasons alters root-to-shoot ratio and chemical composition of birch (Betula pendula Roth).

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