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Julkaisut 2003
Publications 2003

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1 Elo MA et al. Specific induction of heat shock protein 90 beta by high hydrostatic pressure.
2 Kaarniranta K et al. Stress responses of mammalian cells to high hydrostatic pressure.
3 Kaarniranta K et al. Silmänpohjan ikärappeuma - vaikea ongelma sekä potilaalle että silmälääkärille.
4 Karjalainen HM et al. Gene expression profiles in chondrosarcoma cells subjected to cyclic stretching and hydrostatic pressure. A cDNA array study.
5 Karvinen S et al. Hyaluronan, CD44 and versican in epidermal keratinocyte tumours.
6 Karvinen S et al. Keratinocyte growth factor stimulates migration and hyaluronan synthesis in the epidermis by activation of keratinocyte hyaluronan synthases 2 and 3.
7 Karvonen HM et al. Child nutrition and oral health in Ulaanbaatar.
8 Korhonen R. Experimental Analysis and Finite Element Modeling of Normal and Degraded Articular Cartilage.
9 Korhonen RK et al. Fibril reinforced poroelastic model predicts specifically mechanical behavior of normal, proteoglycan depleted and collagen degraded articular cartilage.
10 Korhonen RK et al. Experimental and numerical validation for the novel configuration of an arthroscopic indentation instrument .
11 Laasanen M. Development and Validation of Mechano-Acoustic Techniques and Instrument for Evaluation of Articular Cartilage.
12 Laasanen MS et al. Ultrasound indentation of bovine knee articular cartilage in situ.
13 Laasanen MS et al. Biomechanical properties of knee articular cartilage.
14 Laasanen MS et al. Mechano-acoustic diagnosis of cartilage degeneration and repair.
15 Messner K et al. Cartilage tissue - loading and overloading.
16 Midura RJ et al. Parathyroid hormone rapidly stimulates hyaluronan synthesis by periosteal osteoblasts in the tibial diaphysis of the growing rat.
17 Mäkelä OT et al. Analysis of lapine cartilage matrix after radiosynovectomy with holmium-166 ferric hydroxide macroaggregate.
18 Pasonen-Seppänen S et al. EGF upregulates, whereas TGF-beta downregulates, the hyaluronan synthases Has2 and Has3 in organotypic keratinocyte cultures: correlations with epidermal proliferation and differentiation.
19 Rieppo J et al. Structure-function relationships in enzymatically modified articular cartilage.
20 Ruponen M et al. Extracellular and intracellular barriers in non-viral gene delivery.
21 Saarakkala S et al. Ultrasound indentation of normal and spontaneously degenerated bovine articular cartilage.
22 Sierpowska J et al. Electrical and dielectric properties of bovine trabecular bone - relationship with mechanical properties and mineral density.
23 Sillanpää S et al. CD44 expression indicates favorable prognosis in epithelial ovarian cancer.
24 Suhonen TM et al. Epidermal cell culture model derived from rat keratinocytes with permeability characteristics comparable to human cadaver skin.
25 Töyräs J et al. Speed of sound in normal and degenerated bovine articular cartilage.
26 Voutilainen K et al. Versican in epithelial ovarian cancer: relation to hyaluronan, clinicopathologic factors and prognosis.

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