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Julkaisut 2002
Publications 2002

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1 Abel E et al. The swedish key action "the healthy building" - research results achieved during the first threeyears period 1998-2000.
2 Alakärppä K et al. Effect of alcohol abuse on human brain histamine and tele-methylhistamine.
3 Alaluusua S et al. Natal and neonatal teeth in relation to environmental toxicants.
4 Asikainen AH et al. Occurrence and destruction of PAHs, PCBs, CIPhs, CIBzs, and PCDD/Fs in ash from casification of straw.
5 Asikainen V et al. Oil residues on HVAC components.
6 Asikainen V et al. Selection of lubricant for manufacture of HVAC components.
7 Auvinen A et al. Cancer incidence among Finnish nuclear reactor workers.
8 Batterman S et al. Low-flow active and passive sampling of VOCs using thermal desorption tubes: theory and application at an offset printing facility.
9 Björk EA. Effects of inter-stimulus interval and duration of sound elements on annoyance.
10 Björkroth M et al. Cleanliness criteria and test procedures for cleanliness labelling of HVAC components.
11 Björkroth M et al. Labeling system for clean ventilation components.
12 Christensen TR et al. Biogenic controls on trace gas fluxes in northern wetlands.
13 Eskelinen T et al. Use of spot measurements for assessing residential ELF magnetic field exposure: a validity study.
14 Fogel WA et al. Can urinary N-tele methylimidazoleacetic acid (t-MeImAA) serve as a marker of histaminergic activity in hepatic encephalopathy (HE)?
15 Halonen R et al. Effect of a needle heat exchanger on the release of microbes into supply air.
16 Halonen R et al. Removal of dust with different cleaning methods in a library store.
17 Heikkinen JEP et al. Carbon dioxide and methane dynamics and annual carbon balance in tundra wetland in NE Europe, Russia.
18 Heikkinen JEP et al. Carbon dioxide and methane dynamics in a sub-Arctic peatland in northern Finland.
19 Heinonen-Tanski H. Umpikaivojen ja sakokaivojen desinfiointi.
20 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. Costs of tertiary treatment of municipal wastewater by rapid sand filter with coagulants and UV.
21 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. Aerobic, thermophilic co-treatment of cattle slurry with whey and/or jam wastes.
22 Holopainen P et al. Utilization of composted horse manure with peat bedding in greenhouse and field cultivation.
23 Holopainen R et al. The field comparison of three measuring techniques for evaluation of the surface dust level in ventilation ducts.
24 Holopainen R et al. A visual inspection method to evaluate cleanliness of newly installed air ducts.
25 Holopainen R et al. The amount of accumulated dust in ducts of new HVAC installations.
26 Holopainen R et al. The effect of cleanliness control during installation work on the amount of accumulated dust in ducts of new HVAC installations.
27 Huttunen JT et al. Fluxes of nitrous oxide on natural peatlands in Vuotos, an area projected for a hydroelectric reservoir in northern Finland.
28 Huttunen JT et al. Exchange of CO2, CH4 and N2O between the atmosphere and two northern boreal ponds with catchments dominated by peatlands or forests.
29 Huttunen JT et al. Fluxes of CH4, CO2, and N2O in hydroelectric reservoirs Lokka and Porttipahta in the northern boreal zone in Finland.
30 Hyttinen M et al. VOC emissions from dusty air filters.
31 Isosaari P et al. Spatial distribution and temporal accumulation of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins, dibenzofurans, and biphenyls in the gulf of Finland.
32 Isosaari P et al. Amounts and sources of PCDD/FS in the Gulf of Finland.
33 Isosaari P et al. PCDD/F and PCB history in dated sediments of a rural lake.
34 Isosaari P, Vartiainen T. Dioksiini- ja furaanimaiden ympäristövaikutukset.
35 Isosaari P et al. Feeding trial on rainbow trout: comparison of dry fish feed and Baltic herring as a source of PCDD/Fs and PCBs.
36 Jauhiainen T et al. The relationship of structures and air conditioning to indoor air quality in two indoor swimming pools.
37 Jokiniemi J et al. Risteyksen ääni . Liikennevalo-opasteäänien kehittämistutkimus.
38 Jokitulppo J, Björk E. Estimated leisure-time noise exposure and hearing symptoms in a Finnish urban adult population.
39 Joutsenoja P. Kemiallisen metsäteollisuuden jätevesikuormituksen alentaminen.
40 Järvenranta K et al. Säilörehun puristeneste on edelleen todellinen uhka vesistöille.
41 Kalliokoski P et al. Comparison of airborne microbial levels in school kitchen facilities and other school areas.
42 Kasanen J-P et al. Sensory irritation of mixture of ethylbenzene and 2 hexanone in mice.
43 Keinänen MM et al. The microbial community structure of drinking water biofilms can be affected by phosphorus availability.
44 Keinänen MM et al. Microbial community structure in biofilms and water of a drinking water distribution network determined by lipid biomarkers.
45 Kiviranta H et al. PCDD/FS in Baltic herring in the Gulf of Finland during the 1990's.
46 Kiviranta H et al. Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins, dibenzofurans, and biphenyls in fishermen in Finland.
47 Koistinen J et al. PCDD/Fs, PCNs, PBDEs and PCBs in food sources of Baltic seals.
48 Kokotti H et al. Particle release of fine filters during different operational conditions of ventilation system.
49 Kokotti H et al. Effectiveness of cleaning methods after the repair of the moisture damaged building.
50 Kokotti H et al. Operation time of the ventilation system as a cause of microbial contamination of the infiltration filter.
51 Kolari S et al. The effect of duct cleaning on indoor air quality in office buildings.
52 Korhonen M et al. The deposition and sedimentation of PCDD/FS the Gulf of Finland.
53 Korpi A et al. Murine respiratory and immunological responses to the inhaled aerosols of Stachybotrys chartarum extract.
54 Korpi A et al. Effects of aerosols from nontoxic Stachybotrys chartarum on murine airways.
55 Kuhry P et al. Arctic feedbacks to global warming.
56 Kukkonen E et al. "Clean ventilation" - A Finnish project towards cleaner ventilation systems.
57 Kuljukka-Rabb T. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Complex Mixtures - Metabolic Activation and DNA Adduct Formation.
58 Kumlin T et al. p53-independent apoptosis in UV-irradiated mouse skin: possible inhibition by 50 Hz magnetic fields.
59 Laatikainen T, Heinonen-Tanski H. Mycorrhizal growth in pure cultures in the presence of pesticides.
60 Lappalainen S. Occupational Exposure to Fungi and Methods to Assess the Exposure.
61 Lehtola M et al. Talousveden mikrobikasvuun vaikuttavat tekijät.
62 Lehtola MJ et al. Biofilm formation in drinking water affected by low concentrations of phosphorus.
63 Lehtola MJ et al. Changes in content of microbially available phosphorus, assimilable organic carbon and microbial growth potential during drinking water treatment processes.
64 Liikanen A. Greenhouse Gas and Nutrient Dynamics in Lake Sediment and Water Column in Changing Environment.
65 Liikanen A et al. Gas dynamics in eutrophic lake sediments affected by oxygen, nitrate, and sulfate.
66 Liikanen A et al. Methane cycling in the sediment and water column of mid-boreal hyper-eutrophic Lake Kevätön, Finland.
67 Liikanen A et al. Effects of temperature and oxygen availability on greenhouse gas and nutrient dynamics in sediment of a eutrophic mid-boreal lake.
68 Liikanen A et al. A laboratory microcosm for simultaneous gas and nutrient flux measuremets in sediments.
69 Lipponen MTT et al. Occurrence of nitrifying bacteria and nitrification in Finnish drinking water distribution systems.
70 Maljanen M et al. Short-term variation in fluxes of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane in cultivated and forested organic boreal soils.
71 Mannila M et al. Development of supercritical fluid extraction with a solid-phase trapping for fast estimation of toxic load of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins-dibenzofurans in sawmill soil.
72 Mannila M et al. Comparison of SFE with Soxhlet in the analyses of PCDD/PCDFs and PCBs in sediment.
73 Manninen A-M et al. Comparing the VOC emissions between air-dried and heat-treated Scots pine wood.
74 Martikainen P. Nitrous oxide emissions at low temperatures.
75 Martikainen PJ et al. Agricultural soils as a sink and source of greenhouse gases: A research consortium (AGROGAS).
76 Martikainen PJ et al. Diversity and activity of microbes oxidizing methane and ammonium in northern organic soils under changing environmental conditions.
77 Matilainen M, Pasanen P. Transport of fungal spores from crawl space to indoors.
78 Matilainen M, Pasanen P. Transport of microbes from crawl space to indoors.
79 Mirme A et al. Intercomparison of aerosol spectrometers for ambient air monitoring.
80 Myllykangas T et al. Molecular size fractions of treated aquatic humus.
81 Mämmelä P et al. Biological monitoring of wood dust exposure in nasal lavage by high-performance liquid chromatography.
82 Naarala J. Ympäristösolubiologian tutkimusryhmä.
83 Naarala J et al. Blocking of carbachol-induced calcium mobilization by glutamate receptor antagonists.
84 Niemi R et al. Ozone effects on Sphagnum mosses, carbon dioxide exchange and methane emission in boreal peatland microcosms.
85 Niemi R et al. Responses of two Sphagnum moss species and Eriophorum vaginatum to enhanced UV-B in a summer of low UV intensity.
86 Niemi R et al. Elevated UV-B radiation alters fluxes of methane and carbon dioxide in peatland microcosms.
87 Nissinen T et al. Otsonointi talousveden valmistuksessa -talousveden kemiallinen laatu Suomessa.
88 Nykänen H et al. Effect of experimental nitrogen load on methane and nitrous oxide fluxes on ombrotrophic boreal peatland.
89 Nyman M et al. Current levels of DDT, PCB and trace elements in the Baltic ringed seals (Phoca hispida baltica) and grey seals (Halichoerus grypus).
90 Pasanen A-L, Kasanen J-P. Sisäilmaongelmiin liittyvien ärsytysoireiden syitä ja selityksiä.
91 Pasanen T et al. Indoor air quality and the adequacy of cleaning in 25 Finnish schools.
92 Pennanen S et al. Occupational exposure to indoor allergens in finnish trained home-helpers: a pilot stydy.
93 Puumala M et al. Exercise yards and feedlots and their impact on the environment.
94 Raunio P et al. The human IgE reactivity to components of the Stachybotrys fungus.
95 Rautiala SH et al. Firefighting efforts may lead to massive fungal growth and exposure within one week. A case report.
96 Ruotsalainen A, Naarala J. Ornitiinidekarboksylaasiaktiivisuus soluissa; ympäristöaltisteiden vaikutus polyamiinisynteesiin.
97 Schneider T et al. "Europart". Airborne particles in the indoor environment. A european interdisciplinary review of scientific evidence on associations between exposure to particles in buildings and health effects.
98 Tiitta P et al. Measurements and modelling of PM2,5 concentrations near a major road in Kuopio, Finland.
99 Tuomainen M. The Present State of and the Requirements for Indoor Climate in the Home Environment of Occupants with Respiratory Diseases.
100 Vartiainen T. Talousvesitutkimus ja talousveden laatu Suomessa.
101 Vartiainen T et al. Dioksiineille enimmäismäärät elintarvikkeissa ja kaloissa.
102 Vartiainen T et al. Talousveden laatu Suomessa pääasiassa hyvä.
103 Vuorinen PJ et al. PCDD, PCDF, PCB and thiamine in Baltic herring (Clupea harengus L.) and sprat (Sprattus sprattus (L.)) as a background to the M74 syndrome of Baltic salmon (Salmo salar L.).
104 Väänänen V et al. Ihonkin kautta voi altistua.
105 Wright JM et al. 3-chloro-4-(dichloromethyl)-5-hydroxy-2(5H)-furanone (MX) and mutagenic activity in Massachusetts drinking water.
106 Yli-Pirilä P et al. IAQ assessment in two indoor swimming pools: Swimmers' exposure to aerosols, VOC and carbonyl compounds.

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