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Julkaisut 2002
Publications 2002

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1 Flaatten H et al. Classification for coding procedures in the intensive care unit.
2 Heinonen S et al. Need for critical care in gynaecology: a population-based anlysis.
3 Heinonen S et al. Need for maternal critical care in obstetrics: a population-based analysis.
4 Jakob SM et al. Effect of dopamine-induced changes in splanchnic blood flow on megx production from lidocaine in septic and cardiac surgery patients.
5 Jakob SM et al. Effects of dopamine on systemic and regional blood flow and metabolism in septic and cardiac surgery patients.
6 Jäppinen A et al. Ph stability of injectable fentanyl, bupivacaine, or clonidine solution or a ternary mixture in 0.9% sodium chloride in two types of polypropylene syringes.
7 Koivisto T. Prospective Outcome Study of Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Endovascular Versus Surgical Therapy.
8 Kokki H et al. Pharmacokinetics of a 24-hour intravenous ketoprofen infusion in children.
9 Kokki H et al. Diffusion of ketoprofen into the cerebrospinal fluid of young children.
10 Kokki H et al. Comparison of epidural pain treatment with sufentani-ropivacaine infusion with and without epinephrine in children.
11 Kokki H, Salonen A. Comparison of pre- and postoperative administration of ketoprofen for analgesia after tonsillectomy in children.
12 Kurola J, Hedman A. Antiarytmiset lääkkeet kammiovärinän (VF) ja pulssittoman kammiotakykardian (VT) hoidossa.
13 Kurola J et al. Paramedic helicopter emergency service in rural Finland - do benefits justify the cost?
14 Lahtinen P et al. Propacetamol as adjunctive treatment for postoperative pain after cardiac surgery.
15 Lintula H et al. Laparoscopy in children with complicated appendicitis.
16 Nieminen K et al. Sevoflurane anaesthesia in children after induction of anaesthesia with midazolam and thiopental does not cause epileptiform EEG.
17 Niskanen M. Työnjaon uudelleenarviointi - mahdollisuus anestesialääkärin toimenkuvan profilointiin.
18 Niskanen M et al. Quality assurance in anaesthetic practice: comparison between two methods in detecting complications.
19 Niskanen MM, Ruokonen ET. Association between intra-operative incidents and postoperative outcome and resource utilisation.
20 Parviainen I et al. High-dose thiopental in the treatment of refractory status epilepticus in intensive care unit.
21 Ruokonen E. Miksi tehohoidon tulokset vaihtelevat?
22 Ruokonen E et al. Procalcitonin and neopterin as indicators of infection in critically ill patients.
23 Ruokonen E et al. Treatment of impaired perfusion in septic shock.
24 Salonen A et al. The effect of ketoprofen on recovery after tonsillectomy in children: a 3-week follow-up study .
25 Salonen A et al. Recovery after tonsillectomy in adults: A three-week follow-up study.
26 Skrifvars MB et al. In-hospital cardiopulmonary resuscitation: organization, management and training in hospitals of different levels of care.
27 Suistomaa M et al. Customised prediction models based on APACHE II and SAPS II scores in patients with prolonged lenght of stay in the ICU.
28 Tenhunen JJ. Circulatory and Metabolic Changes in Experimental Intestinal Hypoperfusion.
29 Tenhunen JJ et al. Jejunal luminal microdialysate lactate in cardiac tamponade - effect of low systemic blood flow on gut mucosa.
30 Tuomilehto H, Kokki H. Parenteral ketoprofen for pain management after adenoidectomy: comparison of intravenous and intramuscular routes of administration.
31 Tuomilehto H et al. Postoperative behavioral changes in children after adenoidectomy.
32 Uusaro A et al. Safe long-distance interhospital ground transfer of critically ill patients with acute severe unstable respiratory and circulatory failure.
33 Ylönen P, Kokki H. Management of postdural puncture headache with epidural blood patch in children.
34 Ylönen P, Kokki H. Epidural blood patch for management of postdural puncture headache in adolescents.
35 Yppärilä H et al. Assessment of postoperative sedation level with spectral EEG parameters.

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