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Julkaisut 2002
Publications 2002

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1 Andersen JM et al. Elevated levels of trypsinogen-2 and trypsin-2-alfa1-antirypsin in sera of infants and children after cardiac surgery.
2 Arikoski P et al. Lumbar bone mineral density in normal subjects aged 3-6 years: a prospective study.
3 Arikoski P et al. Luuston terveys lapsuus- ja nuoruusiässä.
4 Gao Z-H et al. Association of H19 promoter methylation with the expression of H19 and IGF-II genes in adrenocortical tumors.
5 Hannonen R et al. Diabetesta sairastavat lapset ja oppimisvaikeudet.
6 Huopio H. Congenital Hyperinsulism in the Finnish Population.
7 Huopio H et al. Acute insulin response tests for the differential diagnosis of congenital hyperinsulinism.
8 Immonen J. Immunologic and Pulmonary Reactivity in Schoolchildren from Moisture and Mould Damaged School Buildings: A Three-Year Follof-Up Study.
9 Immonen J et al. Are mold-specific immunoglobulin G antibodies in schoolchildren a marker of exposure and respiratory disease?
10 Immonen J et al. Mould-specific immunoglobulin G antibodies in students from moisture- and mould-damaged schools: A 3-year follow-up study.
11 Kaila M, Korppi M. Mitä on näyttöön perustuva lääketiede?
12 Kannisto S et al. Biochemical markers of bone metabolism in relation to adrenocortical and growth suppression during the initiation phase of inhaled steroid therapy.
13 Kannisto S et al. Efficacy and safety of inhaled steroid and cromone treatment in school-age children: A randomized pragmatic pilot study.
14 Kiiveri S et al. Differential expression of GATA-4 and GATA-6 in fetal and adult mouse and human adrenal tissue.
15 Korhonen K et al. Exhaled nitric oxide as a marker of atopic asthma.
16 Korhonen K et al. Hospitalization trends for paediatric asthma in eastern Finland: a 10-yr survey.
17 Korppi M. Mixed microbial aetiology of community-acquired pneumonia in children.
18 Korppi M, Pietikäinen M. Infektiotaudit.
19 Koskiniemi M et al. Acute central nervous system complications in varicella zoster virus infections.
20 Kotaniemi-Syrjänen A et al. Wheezing requiring hospitalization in early childhood: Predictive factors for asthma in a six-year follow-up.
21 Kumpulainen K. Phenomenology and treatment of selective mustism.
22 Kumpulainen K, Roine S. Depressive symptoms at the age of 12 years and future heavy alcohol use.
23 Kumpulainen K, Räsänen E. Symptoms and deviant behavior among eight-year-olds as predictors of referral for psychiatric evaluation by age 12.
24 Kurl S et al. Lumbar bone mineral content and density measured using a Lunar DPX densitometer in healthy full-term infants during the first year of life.
25 Liu J et al. Gonadotrophins inhibit the expression of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-related protein-2 mRNA in cultured human granulosa-luteal cells.
26 Liu J et al. Regulation of follistatin-related gene (FLRG) expression by protein kinase C and prostaglandin E2 in cultured granulosa-luteal cells.
27 Nikolajev K et al. Methacholine, cold air and exercise challenge tests in the diagnosis of bronchial responsiveness at school age: A follow-up study from birth to school age.
28 Nikolajev K et al. Determinants of bronchial responsiveness to methacholine at school age in twin pairs.
29 Ollikainen J. Clinical Relevance of Perinatally Acquired Ureaplasma Urealyticum Involvement in Preterm Infants.
30 Paavonen EJ et al. Poor sleep and psychiatric symptoms at school: an epidemiological study.
31 Rahiala E et al. Ambulatory blood pressure in 12-year-old children born small for gestational age.
32 Raivio T et al. Transactivation assay for determination of glucocorticoid bioactivity in human serum.
33 Remes ST et al. In search of childhood asthma: questionnaire, tests of bronchial hyperresponsiveness, and clinical evaluation.
34 Riikonen P et al. Valkosolukasvutekijät pahanlaatuisten tautien tukihoitona.
35 Räsänen E. Mielenterveyden häiriöt ja syrjäytyminen.
36 Taskinen TM et al. Immunoglobulin G antibodies to moulds in school-children from moisture problem schools.
37 Tenhola S et al. Increased adrenocortical and adrenomedullary hormonal activity in 12-year-old children born small for gestational age.
38 Vänttinen T et al. Expression of activin/inhibin receptor and binding protein genes and regulation of activin/inhibin peptide secretion in human adrenocortical cells.
39 Vänttinen T et al. Biphasic regulation of activin A secretion by gonadotropins in cultured human ovarian granulosa-luteal cells leads to decreasing activin: inhibin ratios during continuing gonadotropin stimulation.
40 Örmälä T. Age Related Changes in the Immunology of the Intestinal Mucosa.

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