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Julkaisut 2002
Publications 2002

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1 Pelkonen M et al. Authors' reply (to Smoking cessation).
2 Purokivi M. Assessment of Airway Inflammation in Association with Exposure to Microbes Present in Moisture-Damaged Buildings.
3 Purokivi M et al. Nitric oxide alone is an insufficient biomarker of exposure to microbes in a moisture-damaged building.
4 Purokivi M et al. Comparison of inflammatory elements in nasal lavage and induced sputum following occupational exposure to moldy-building microbes.
5 Tukiainen H on behalf of the Finnish Study Group et al. Safety, tolerability and acceptability of two dry powder inhalers in the administration of budesonide in steroid-treated asthmatic patients.
6 Zeiler T et al. Threshold levels of purified natural Bos d 2 for inducing bronchial airway response in asthmatic patients.

Keuhkosairauksien yksikkö Department of Pulmonary Diseases
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