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Julkaisut 2002
Publications 2002

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1 Airaksinen A. New Tropane Analogues as Potential Brain Imaging Agents. Synthesis, Conformational Study and In vitro/In vivo Evaluation.
2 Airaksinen AJ et al. One-pot synthesis of 3,4-disubstituted 1H-pyrroles from 2-tropanones.
3 Geelen G et al. Gender influence on vasoactive hormones at rest and during a 70o head-up tilt in healthy humans.
4 Gul HI et al. Synthesis and evaluation of anticonvulsant activities of some bis Mannich bases and corresponding piperidinols.
5 Kangas L et al. Antioxidant and antitumor effects of hydroxymatairesinol (HM-3000, HMR), a lignan isolated from the knots of spruce.
6 Kollman PA et al. Computational studies of enzyme-catalyzed reactions: Where are we in predicting mechanisms and in understanding the nature of enzyme catalysis?
7 Kontturi M et al. A structural study of bisphosphonate metal complexes. Alkaline earth metal complexes of (dichloromethylene)bisphosphonic acid P,P' -diethyl ester.
8 Mantere T et al. Serotonin transporter distribution and density in the cerebral cortex of alcoholic and nonalcoholic comparison subjects: a whole-hemisphere autoradiography sudy.
9 Mämmelä P. Polyphenols of Hardwood Species . Monitoring of Wood Dust Exposure.
10 Mäntylä A et al. A novel synthetic route for the preparation of alkyl and benzyl chloromethyl phosphates.
11 Nieminen SM et al. Isolation and identification of Aspergillus fumigatus mycotoxins on growth medium and some building materials.
12 Roivainen J et al. Synthesis of anhydro psicofuranosyl nucleosides.
13 Räsänen T-L et al. A polyamine analogue prevents acute pancreatitis and restores early liver regeneration in transgenic rats with activated polyamine catabolism.
14 Saarela JTA et al. Correlative motions and memory effects in molecular dynamics simulations of molecules: principal components and rescaled range analysis suggest that the motions of native BPTI are more correlated than those of its mutants.
15 Saarelainen S et al. Lipocalin allergen Bos d 2 is a weak immunogen.
16 Santa H. Turns, Loops and Initiation Events in Protein Folding.
17 Santa H et al. Stability and amino acid preferences of type VIII reverse turn: the most common turn in peptides?
18 Tuppurainen K et al. Evaluation of a novel electronic eigenvalue (EEVA) molecular descriptor for QSAR/QSPR studies: Validation using a benchmark steroid data set.
19 Turunen MP et al. Peptide-retargeted adenovirus encoding a tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 decreases restenosis after intravascular gene transfer.
20 Vepsäläinen JJ. Bisphosphonate prodrugs.
21 Väisänen S et al. Critical role of helix 12 of the vitamin D3 receptor for the partial agonism of carboxylic ester antagonists.
22 Väisänen S et al. Structurally and functionally important amino acids of the agonistic conformation of the human vitamin D receptor.
23 Yu M et al. Radiosynthesis of [123I]N-(3-iodoprop-(2E)-enyl)-2a-(imino-methyl)-3b-(3',4'-dichlorophenyl) nortropane as a potential SPET tracer for dopamine transporter.

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