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Julkaisut 2002
Publications 2002

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1 Arokoski JPA et al. Increased bone mineral content and bone size in the femoral neck of men with hip osteoarthritis.
2 Arokoski MH et al. Comparison of DXA and MRI methods for interpreting femoral neck bone mineral density.
3 Gaman A et al. On the binary homogeneous nucleation of water-C4-C5 dicarboxylic acids.
4 Gaman A et al. Binary homogenous nucleation of water - succinic acid vapours: model calculations.
5 Harju AM et al. Differences in resin acid concentration between brown-rot resistant and susceptible Scots pine heartwood.
6 Heikkinen LM et al. Simultaneous reconstruction of electrode contact impedances and internal electrical properties: II. Laboratory experiments.
7 Huttunen T et al. Computational aspects of the ultra-weak variational formulation.
8 Huuskonen J et al. Relation of sex hormones to bone mineral density in middle-aged men during a 4 year exercise intervention trial.
9 Joutsensaari J et al. Detection of organic acid particles with an organic tandem differential mobility analyzer.
10 Kaipio JP, Somersalo E. Estimating anomalies from indirect observations.
11 Karjalainen T, Hynynen K. Ultrasound stimulated acoustic emission in the measurement of elasticity of arterial wall.
12 Kim KY et al. Dynamic image reconstruction in electrical impedance tomography with known internal structures.
13 Kokkola H, Laaksonen A. On the mechanisms of smog formation in polluted air.
14 Konofagou EE et al. The temperature dependence of ultrasound-stimulated acoustic emission.
15 Korhonen RK et al. Comparison of the equilibrium response of articular cartilage in unconfined compression, confined compression and indentation.
16 Korhonen RK et al. Importance of the superficial tissue layer for the indentation stiffness of articular cartilage.
17 Kurl S et al. Lumbar bone mineral content and density measured using a Lunar DPX densitometer in healthy full-term infants during the first year of life.
18 Laaksonen A et al. Atmospheric nucleation: activation of thermodynamically stable sulfate clusters by water soluble organic species .
19 Laasanen MS et al. Novel mechano-acoustic technigue and instrument for diagnosis of cartilage degeneration.
20 Lahtinen T et al. Sisäisen sädehoidon suunnittelu ja tekninen toteuttaminen.
21 Lahtinen T et al. Suction blisters for the investigation of radiation reactions in human skin.
22 Lauri A et al. Heterogeneous nucleation of n-propanol and water: a new approach to determine the microscopic contact angle.
23 Minn H et al. Anemia ja sädehoito.
24 Nenes A et al. Can chemical effects on cloud droplet number rival the first indirect effect?
25 Nieminen HJ et al. Real-time ultrasound analysis of articular cartilage degradation in vitro.
26 Nieminen MT et al. Spatial assessment of articular cartilage proteoglycans with Gd-DTPA-enhanced T1 imaging.
27 Olkkonen H et al. EEG noise cancellation by a subspace method based on wavelet decomposition .
28 Puustinen A et al. Growth of aerosol particles resulting from condensation of oxidation products of monoterpenes.
29 Ranta-aho PO et al. Single trial analysis of event related potentials - Sensitivity of the subspace regularization based methods to the value of regularization parameter.
30 Romakkaniemi S, Laaksonen A. On the effect of nitric acid on equilibrium growth of aerosol population in stratosphere.
31 Schmitt U et al. Efficient algorithms for the regularization of dynamic inverse problems: II. Applications.
32 Sirola J et al. Relation of statin use and bone loss: a prospective population-based cohort study in early postmenopausal women.
33 Soininvaara TA et al. Effect of alendronate on periprosthetic bone loss after total knee arthrosplasty: A one-year, randomized controlled trial of 19 patients.
34 Sorjamaa R, Laaksonen A. Slightly soluble organic material and Köhler curves: effect of particle size dependence of solubility.
35 Tarvainen MP et al. Tracking of nonstationary EEG with Kalman smoother approach: an application to event-related synchronization of alpha waves.
36 Tarvainen MP et al. An advanced detrending method with application to HRV analysis.
37 Tervo J, Kolmonen P. Inverse radiotherapy treatment planning model applying boltzmann-transport equation.
38 Tiainen V-M et al. Protection of industrial sensors with ta-C.
39 Tiitta M, Olkkonen H. Electrical impedance spectroscopy device for measurement of moisture gradients in wood.
40 Töyräs J et al. Ultrasonic characterization of articular cartilage.
41 Töyräs J et al. Bone mineral density, ultrasound velocity, and broadband attenuation predict mechanical properties of trabecular bone differently.
42 Vaattovaara P et al. Study of toluene oxidation products with and without ammonium sulfate seed aerosol using the organic tandem differential mobility analyzer (OTDMA).
43 Vaattovaara P et al. The composition of secondary organic aerosols: TDMA growth factor analysis using UNIFAC.
44 Vehkamäki H et al. An improved parameterization for sulfuric acid-water nucleation rates for tropospheric and stratospheric conditions.
45 Vehkamäki H et al. Parameterizations for binary water-sulfuric acid and ternary water-sulfuric acid-ammonia nucleation.
46 Vehkamäki H et al. Parameterizations for binary and ternary nucleation.
47 Vilhunen T et al. Detection of faults in resistive coatings with an impedance-tomography-related approach.
48 Vilhunen T et al. Simultaneous reconstruction of electrode contact impedances and internal electrical properties: I. Theory.
49 Vilhunen T et al. Linking the radiative transfer equation and the diffusion approximation.
50 Voutilainen A, Kaipio JP. Estimation of time-varying aerosol size distributions - exploitation of modal aerosol dynamical models.
51 Väänänen A. Theoretical and Experimental Study on Transition Zone Dosimetry with Special Reference to Skin Dose Measurement with Low Megavoltage Beams.
52 West RM et al. In situ imaging of paste extrusion using electrical impedance tomography.
53 Yppärilä H et al. Evidence of auditory processing during postoperative propofol sedation.

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