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Julkaisut 2002
Publications 2002

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1 Alakangas A et al. Alendronate disturbs vesicular trafficking in osteoclasts.
2 Danenberg HD et al. Macrophage depletion by clodronate-containing liposomes reduces neointimal formation after balloon injury in rats and rabbits.
3 Harjunen P et al. Lactose modifications enhance its drug performance in the novel multiple dose taifun (R) DPI.
4 Harjunen P et al. Effects of ethanol to water ratio in feed solution on the crystallinity of spray-dried lactose.
5 Hyvönen Z et al. Extracellular and intracellular factors influencing gene transfection mediated by 1,4-dihydropyridine amphiphiles.
6 Järvinen T et al., keksijä. Menetelmä farmaseuttisen koostumuksen valmistamiseksi.
7 Jääskeläinen I et al. In vitro delivery of antisense oligonucleotides.
8 Jääskeläinen I, Urtti A. Cell membranes as barriers for the use of antisense therapeutic agents.
9 Kinnarinen T et al. The in vitro pulmonary deposition of a budesonide/gamma-cyclodextrin inclusion complex.
10 Kontturi A-K et al. Conformation and ion-binding of oligonucleotides.
11 Korhonen O et al. Effects of physical properties for starch acetate powders on tableting [online].
12 Laine K et al. Comparison of the enzymatic stability and intraocular pressure effects of 2-arachidonylglycerol and noladin ether, a novel putative endocannabinoid.
13 Laine K et al. Effect of the enzyme inhibitor, phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride, on the IOP profiles of topical anandamides.
14 Lehenkari PP et al. Further insight into mechanism of action of clodronate: inhibition of mitochondrial ADP/ATP translocase by a nonhydrolyzable, adenine-containing metabolite.
15 Murtomaa M et al. Effect of amorphicity on the triboelectrification of lactose powder.
16 Mäkinen J et al. Modulation of mouse and human phenobarbital-responsive enhancer module by nuclear receptors.
17 Männistö M et al. Structure-activity relationships of poly(L-lysines): effects of pegylation and molecular shape on physicochemical and biological properties in gene delivery.
18 Mönkkönen J. Liposomes - an invaluable tool in bisphoshonate research.
19 Mönkkönen J. Muutoshaasteita farmasiassa.
20 Palmgrén JJ et al. Liquid chromatographic-electrospray ionization mass spectrometric analysis of neutral and charged polyethylene glycols.
21 Raatikainen P et al. Acetylation enhances the tabletting properties of starch.
22 Ranta V-P et al. Simultaneous determination of eight beta-blockers by gradient high-performance liquid chromatography with combined ultraviolet and fluorescence detection in corneal permeability studies in vitro.
23 Tarvainen M et al. Starch acetate - a novel film-forming polymer for pharmaceutical coatings.
24 Tarvainen T et al. Drug release profiles from and degradation of a novel biodegradable polymer, 2,2-bis(2-oxazoline) linked poly(epsilon-caprolactone).
25 Tarvainen T et al. Degradation of and drug release from a novel 2,2-bis(2-oxazoline) linked poly(lactic acid) polymer.
26 Tuominen O-M et al. Suppression of viability and acetyl-LDL metabolism in Raw 264 macrophage-like and smooth muscle cells by bisphosphonates in vitro.
27 Tuovinen LM et al. Enzymatic degradation of and bovine serum albumin release from starch-acetate films.
28 Urtti A. Uusi genomitieto lääkekehityksen ja lääkehoidon avuksi.

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