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Julkaisut 2002
Publications 2002

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1 Jokisalo E et al. Factors related to non-compliance with antihypertensive drug therapy.
2 Junnula H. Alternative 3: an object-relational dbms - oracle 91.
3 Koivisto T et al. Cerebral perfusion before and after endovascular or surgical treatment of acutely ruptured cerebral aneurysms: A 1-year prospective follow-up study.
4 Mykkänen J. Background and objectives of the study.
5 Korpela M et al. Terveydenhuollon tietojärjestelmien yhteensopivuutta kehitetään kolmikantayhteistyöllä.
6 Korpela M et al. Information systems development as an activity.
7 Korpela M et al. Information systems research and information systems practice in a network of activities.
8 Miettinen A. Distributed transaction management.
9 Mursu A. Information Systems Development in Developing Countries. Risk Management and Sustainability Analysis in Nigerian Software Companies.
10 Mursu A, Korpela M. Tietotekniikka ja kehitys - näkökulmia kestävään kehitykseen.
11 Mursu A et al. Risky business - a case study on information systems development in Nigeria.
12 Mykkänen J. The target architecture of component-fixit project.
13 Mykkänen J. Requirements, analysis and generic design of the business component-based demo application.
14 Mykkänen J et al. Integration of multimedia components in health information systems.
15 Mykkänen J et al. A process for specifying integration for multi-tier applications in healthcare.
16 Mykkänen J et al. Alternative 1 and the starting point: fileman-fixit-based design of the demo application.
17 Nikolajev K et al. Methacholine, cold air and exercise challenge tests in the diagnosis of bronchial responsiveness at school age: A follow-up study from birth to school age.
18 Nikolajev K et al. Determinants of bronchial responsiveness to methacholine at school age in twin pairs.
19 Porrasmaa J. Database Solutions for Component-Based Software Development in Healthcare. A Comparison between VA FileMan and Three Alternative Object Database Approaches.
20 Porrasmaa J. Features expected in a database supporting object orientation .
21 Porrasmaa J. Alternative 2: cache objects - an oodbms supporting the m language.
22 Porrasmaa J, Junnula H. Alternative 4: a pure object-oriented dbms - jasmine II.
23 Porrasmaa J, Mykkänen J. The comparison model: standards and summary of evaluation criteria.
24 Porrasmaa J et al. Comparison and summary of the alternatives - conclusions of the report.
25 Pukkila MJ et al. Inducible nitric oxide synthase expression in pharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma: Relation to p53 expression, clinicopathological data, and survival.
26 Rauramaa R et al. Physical exercise and blood pressure with reference to the angiotensinogen M235T polymorphism.
27 Repo-Tiihonen E et al. Total serum cholesterol level, violent criminal offences, suicidal behavior, mortality and the appearance of conduct disorder in Finnish male criminal offenders with antisocial personality disorder.
28 Ruonamaa H. Fileman dbms and fixit server.
29 Soriyan HA et al. Information systems development in Nigerian software companies: the industry profile.
30 Tenhola S et al. Increased adrenocortical and adrenomedullary hormonal activity in 12-year-old children born small for gestational age.
31 Tuomainen P et al. Characterization of the warm-up phenomenon in patients with coronary artery disease.
32 Viinamäki H et al. Sleep disturbance is associated with mental disorder in patiens with hip or knee osteoarthritis.

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