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Julkaisut 2001
Publications 2001

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1 Antikainen R et al. Mood improvement reduces memory complaints in depressed patients.
2 Appelberg BG et al. Patients with severe depression may benefit from buspirone augmentation of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors: results from a placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind, placebo wash-in study.
3 Hintikka J et al. Are alexithymia and depression distinct or overlapping constructs? A study in a general population.
4 Hintikka J et al. Suicidal ideation in the Finnish general population. A 12-month follow-up study.
5 Honkalampi K. Studies on the Relationship Between Alexithymia and Depression.
6 Honkalampi K et al. Alexithymia in patients with major depressive disorder and comorbid cluster C personality disorders: a 6-month follow-up study.
7 Honkalampi K et al. Alexithymia and depression. A prospective study of patients with major depressive disorder.
8 Honkalampi K et al. Why do alexithymic features appear to be stable? A 12-month follow-up study of a general population.
9 Honkalampi K et al. Does the cellular phone help to communicate when face-to-face contacts are difficult?
10 Kauppinen T et al. Kiintymyssuhde vanhempiin ja psykosomaattinen oireilu nuoruusiässä.
11 Koivumaa-Honkanen H et al. Self-reported life satisfaction and recovery from depression in a 1-year prospective study.
12 Koivumaa-Honkanen H et al. Life satisfaction and suicide: a 20-year follow-up study.
13 Korhonen V et al. Effect of major depression on the self-image of adolescent boys and girls.
14 Koskinen T. Laitosvanhusten mielenterveyshäiriöiden tunnistaminen ja hoito.
15 Koskinen T. Voidaanko lääkehoidon komplianssia parantaa?
16 Koskinen T. Näiline Dementsus. (pseudodementsus).
17 Laasonen-Balk T et al. Cluster C personality disorder has no independent effect on stratial dopamine transporter densities in major depression.
18 Laukkanen E et al. The stability and correlates of a negative coping self among adolescents.
19 Laukkanen E et al. A pessimistic attitude towards the future and low psychosocial functioning predict psychiatric diagnosis among treatment-seeking adolescents.
20 Laukkanen E et al. The effect of congenital handicap on personality development in adolescence.
21 Laukkanen ER et al. Heavy drinking is associated with more severe psychosocial dysfunction among girls than boys in Finland.
22 Lehtonen J. Psykoanalyysin tulevaisuudesta.
23 Lehtonen J. Psykoanalyysi 2000-luvulle.
24 Lehtonen J. Luottamus terveydenhuollossa.
25 Mervaala E et al. SPECT and neuropsychological performance in severe depression treated with ECT.
26 Mäntyselkä P et al. Pain as a reason to visit the doctor: a study in Finnish primary health care.
27 Pesonen TM et al. Male suicide mortality in eastern Finland - urban-rural changes during a 10-year period between 1988 and1997.
28 Purhonen M et al. Effects of maternity on auditory event-related potentials to human sound.
29 Purhonen M et al. Dynamic behavior of the auditory N100 elicited by a baby`s cry.
30 Saarinen P et al. Läheisen itsemurhaan sopeutuminen.
31 Tacke U. Tietoa huumeista ja huumeiden käyttäjistä.
32 Tacke U et al. The effect of tobacco smoking on subjective symptoms of inadequacy ("not holding") of methadone dose among opiate addicts in methadone maintenance treatment.
33 Tanskanen A et al. Fish consumption, depression, and suicidality in a general population.
34 Tanskanen A et al. Fish consumption and depressive symptoms in the general population in Finland.
35 Tanskanen A et al. Nightmares as predictors of suicide.
36 Tanskanen A, Viinamäki H. Drs. Tanskanen and Viinamäki reply.
37 Tarvainen MP et al. Analysis of galvanic skin responses with principal components and clustering techniques.
38 Timonen M et al. Association between atopic disorders and depression: findings from the Northern Finland 1966 birth cohort study.
39 Valkamo M et al. Alexithymia in patients with coronary heart disease.
40 Valkamo M et al. Depression and associated factors in coronary heart disease.
41 Valkamo M et al. Psychiatric morbidity and the presence and absence of angiographic coronary disease in patients with chest pain.
42 Valkonen-Korhonen M et al. Loss of time-organized sympathetic skin responses in acute psychosis.
43 Viinamäki H et al. Masennuspotilaat psykiatrisessa osastohoidossa.
44 Viinamäki H et al. Pitkäaikaiseen masentuneisuuteen liittyvät tekijät yleisväestössä.

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