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Julkaisut 2001
Publications 2001

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1 Bailey CJ et al. Transcranial magnetic stimulation as a tool for cognitive studies.
2 Jutila L et al. Neurobiology of epileptogenesis in the temporal lobe.
3 Jutila L et al. MR volumetry of the entorhinal, perirhinal, and temporopolar cortices in drug-refractory temporal lobe epilepsy.
4 Kuikka JT et al. Reduced serotonin transporter binding in binge eating women.
5 Kähkönen S et al. Ethanol modulates cortical activity: direct evidence with combined TMS and EEG.
6 Lamusuo S et al. [18F] FDG-PET reveals temporal hypometabolism in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy even when quantitative MRI and histopathological analysis show only mild hippocampal damage.
7 Mervaala E et al. SPECT and neuropsychological performance in severe depression treated with ECT.
8 Mäntyjärvi M et al. Clinical features and follow-up study in a family with X-linked progressive cone-rod dystrophy.
9 Paloneva J et al. CNS manifestations of Nasu-Hakola disease. A frontal dementia with bone cysts.
10 Purhonen M et al. Effects of maternity on auditory event-related potentials to human sound.
11 Purhonen M et al. Dynamic behavior of the auditory N100 elicited by a baby`s cry.
12 Savolainen S et al. Auditory event-related potentials differentiate patients with normal pressure hydocephalus and patients with concomitant Alzheimer´s disease verified by brain biopsy.
13 Soininen H, Partanen J. Kliinis-neurofysiologiset tutkimukset.
14 Tarkka IM et al. Altered frontal lobe function suggested by source analysis of event-related potentials in impulsive violent alcoholics.
15 Tarvainen MP et al. Analysis of galvanic skin responses with principal components and clustering techniques.
16 Valkonen-Korhonen M et al. Loss of time-organized sympathetic skin responses in acute psychosis.

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