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Julkaisut 2001
Publications 2001

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1 Eray M et al. Flow cytometric analysis of apoptotic subpopulatios with a combination of Annexin V-FITC, propidium iodide, and SYTO 17.
2 Huttunen K et al. Comparison of mycobacteria-induced cytotoxicity and inflammatory responses in human and mouse cell lines.
3 Jussila J et al. Inflammatory responses in mice after intratracheal instillation of spores of streptomyces californicus isolated from indoor air of a molby building.
4 Kauppinen J et al. PCR-based typing of Mycobacterium avium isolates in an epidemic among farmed lesser white-fronted geese (Anser erythropus).
5 Keskimäki M et al. EPEC, EAEC and STEC in stool specimens: Prevalence and molecular epidemiology of isolates.
6 Krüüner A et al. Tuberculosis as an occupational hazard for health care workers in Estonia.
7 Liippo J et al. Both normal and leukemic B lymphocytes express multiple isoforms of the human Aiolos gene.
8 Markkanen A et al. Effects of 50 Hz magnetic field on cell cycle kinetics and the colony forming ability of budding yeast exposed to ultraviolet radiation.
9 Nitschke L et al. Deletion of the DQ52 element within the Ig heavy chain locus leads to a selective reduction in VDJ recombination and altered D gene usage.
10 Pihlajamäki M et al. Macrolide-resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae and use of antimicrobial agents.
11 Raunio P et al. Preliminary description of antigenic components characteristic of Stachybotrys chartarum.
12 Rautiainen J et al. Two new variants of the lipocalin allergen Bos d 2.
13 Rouvinen J et al. Search for the determinants of allergenicity in proteins of the lipocalin family.
14 Ruoppi P et al. In vitro and in vivo responses to the recombinant bovine dander allergen Bos d 2 and its fragments.
15 Ruponen M et al. Extracellular glycosaminoglycans modify cellular trafficking of lipoplexes and polyplexes.
16 Suomalainen S et al. Pulmonary infection caused by an unusual, slowly growing nontuberculous Mycobacterium.
17 Torkko P et al. Characterization of Mycobacterium bohemicum isolated from human, veterinary and environmental sources.
18 Virtanen T. Lipocalin allergens.

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