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Julkaisut 2001
Publications 2001

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1 Aaltomaa S, Ala-Opas M. The effects of transurethral needle ablation on symptoms of chronic pelvic pain syndrome.
2 Aaltomaa S et al. Brakyhoidolla sisäistä säteilyä eturauhaseen.
3 Aaltomaa S et al. Expression and prognostic value of CD44 standard and variant v3 and v6 isoforms in prostate cancer.
4 Aaltomaa SH et al. Inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) expression and its prognostic value in prostate cancer.
5 Ahonen K et al. Varhaiskokemukset Integral-varresta (BiometR) Femurin reartroplastioissa.
6 Airaksinen O. Tulehduskipulääkkeiden tulevaisuus.
7 Airaksinen O. Selkävaivan hoitoperiaatteet.
8 Airaksinen O. Hieronnan vaikutukset.
9 Airaksinen O, Kouri JP. Akupunktuuri kivunhoitomenetelmänä.
10 Airaksinen O et al. Monitoring of muscle fatigue during isokinetic exercise.
11 Alhava E, Viikari J. Luissa on muitakin sairauksia kuin osteoporoosi.
12 Arnala I et al. Bone histomorphometry in celiac disease.
13 Arokoski JP et al. Back and abdominal muscle function during stabilization exercises.
14 Arokoski JPA, Lammi MJ. Glukosamiinisulfaatti nivelrikon hoidossa.
15 Arokoski JPA et al. Nivelrikon etiopatogeneesi.
16 Arokoski JPA et al. Osteoporoosin lääkkeetön ehkäisy ja hoito. Oikea ravitsemus ja liikunta elämäntavaksi.
17 Arponen R, Airaksinen O. Hoitava hieronta.
18 Arponen R, Airaksinen O. Asiakaslähtöinen hierontatyö.
19 Arponen R, Airaksinen O. Fysikaaliset hoidot.
20 Arponen R et al. Hieronnan käyttömahdollisuudet ja soveltaminen.
21 Böhm J. Prognosis of Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma. Relation to Clinical Factors and Cell Adhesion.
22 Grönlund-Pakkanen S et al. Effect of photodynamic therapy on urinary bladder function: an experimental study with rats.
23 Haapala J et al. Decline after immobilisation and recovery after remobilisation of synovial fluid il1, timp, and chondroitin sulphate levels in young beagle dogs.
24 Heiskanen JT et al. Bone mineral metabolism after total gastrectomy.
25 Helminen HJ et al. Polven ja lonkan nivelrikon ehkäisy - haavettako vain?
26 Hirvonen A et al. Polymorphic GSTs and cancer predisposition.
27 Honkanen R et al. Effect of calcium on bone loss and fractures according to estrogen repletion status.
28 Huuskonen J. Osteoporosis in Men.
29 Huuskonen J et al. Pamidronate increases trabecular bone mineral density in immobilization osteopenia in male rats.
30 Huuskonen J et al. Alendronate influences bending force of femoral diaphysis after orchidectomy in rats.
31 Huuskonen J et al. Regular physical exercise and bone mineral density: a four-year controlled randomized trial in middle-aged men. The DNASCO study.
32 Hyttinen MM et al. Age matters: collagen birefringeance of superficial articular cartilage is increased in young guinea-pigs but descreased in older animals after idential physiological type of joint loading.
33 Jakob SM et al. Effects of systemic arterial hypoperfusion on splanchnic hemodynamics and hepatic arterial buffer response in pigs.
34 Jokinen JJ et al. Pitkäaikaisennuste ja elämänlaatu sepelvaltimoiden ohitusleikkauksen jälkeen.
35 Kettunen J et al. The fixation properties of carbon fiber-reinforced liquid crystalline polymer implant in bone: An experimental study in rabbits.
36 Kolehmainen M et al. Sterol regulatory element binding protein 1c (SREBP-1c) expression in human obesity.
37 Kouri JP, Airaksinen O. Kivun käsitteet selviksi.
38 Kröger H. Osteoporoottisten murtumien sekundaaripreventio ortopedin kannalta.
39 Kyrölä K et al. Preoperatiivinen MRI-artrografia rotator cuff-kirurgiassa.
40 Lauritsalo L, Mustonen P. Rintarekonstruktio proteesilla kohentaa itsetuntoa ja elämänkalaatua.
41 Leinonen V et al. Disc herniation-related back pain impairs feed-forward control of paraspinal muscles.
42 Lipponen P et al. High stromal hyaluronan level is associated with poor differentiation and metastasis in prostate cancer.
43 Lozeva V et al. Changes in brain histamine H1 receptors in chronic hepatic encephalopathy.
44 Lozeva V et al. Increased density of brain histamine H1 receptors in rats with portacaval anastomosis and in cirrhotic patients with chronic hepatic encephalopathy.
45 Lunt M et al. A statistical method to minimize magnification errors in serial vertebral radiographs.
46 Lång M et al. Outcome and resource utilization in gastroenterological surgery.
47 Manninen P et al. Physical exercise and risk of severe knee osteoarthritis requiring arthroplasty.
48 Miettinen H. Lonkan ja polven tekonivelleikkaus 2000-luvulla.
49 Miettinen H, Kettunen J. Lonkan ja polven tekonivelleikkaus vuosituhannen vaihteessa.
50 Mitrunen K et al. Polymorphic catechol-O-methyltransferase gene and breast cancer risik.
51 Mitrunen K et al. Glutathione S-transferase M1, M3, P1, and T1 genetic polymorphisms and susceptibility to breast cancer.
52 Mitrunen K et al. Association between manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) gene polymorphism and breast cancer risk.
53 Mustonen P, Vanninen E. Vartijaimusolmukkeet rintasyövässä.
54 Paassilta P et al. Identification of a novel common genetic risk factor for lumbar disk disease.
55 Papp A et al. Palovammat KYS:n palovammakeskuksessa 1994-2000.
56 Pirinen E et al. Mahapantaleikkaus lihavuuden kirurgisena hoitona.
57 Pulkkanen KJ et al. HSV-tk gene therapy for human renal cell carcinoma in nude mice.
58 Puntila E et al. Leisure-time physical activity and rate of bone loss among peri- and postmenopausal women: a longitudinal study.
59 Raitanen MP et al. Human complement factor H related protein test for monitoring bladder cancer.
60 Randell KM et al. Hormone replacement therapy and risk of falling in early postmenopausal women-a population-based stydy.
61 Ropponen KM et al. Expression of transcription factor AP-2 in colorectal adenomas and adenocarcinomas; comparison of immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridisation.
62 Räsänen JV et al. Health-related quality of life before and after gastrointestinal surgery.
63 Salmén T et al. Estrogeenireseptori alfa-geenin polymorfia vaikuttaa hormonikorvaushoidon luustolle antamaan suojaan.
64 Serlo W et al. Use of self-reinforced polyactide osteosynthesis devices in craniofacial surgery: A long-term follow-up study.
65 Setälä L et al. Expression of CD44 and its variant isoform v3 has no prognostic value in gastric cancer.
66 Sudah M et al. MR urography in evalution of acute flank pain: T2-weighted sequences and gadolinium-enhanced three-dimensional FLASH compared with urography.
67 Tuhkanen K et al. Two-year follow-up results of a prospective randomized trial comparing hybrid laser prostatectomy with TURP in the treatment of big benign prostates.
68 Tuomisto L et al. Changes in circadian rhythmicity and melatonin balance in rats with portacaval anastomosis (PCA) - relation with histamine.
69 Vanamo T et al. Intra-familial child homicide in Finland 1970-1994: incidence, causes of death and demographic characteristics.
70 Venesmaa PK et al. Monitoring of periprosthetic BMD after uncemented total hip arthroplasty with dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry - a 3-year follow-up study.
71 Venesmaa PK et al. Alendronate reduces periprosthetic bone loss after uncemented primary total hip arthroplasty: A prospective randomized study.
72 Ylinen J et al. Kuntoutustarve lannerangan välilevytyräleikkauksen jälkeen.
73 Ylinen J et al. Kirjoittajien vastine edelliseen (Kuntoutustarve lannerangan välilevytyräleikkauksen jälkeen).

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