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Julkaisut 2001
Publications 2001

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1 Coombers JS et al. Effects of vitamin E and alpha-lipoic acid on skseletal muscle contractile properties.
2 Gul HI et al. Antifungal activity of some mono, bis and quaternary Mannich bases derived from acetophenone.
3 Gul M et al. Effect of acetophenone derived Mannich bases on cellular glutathione level in Jurkat cells.
4 Hoffrén-Larsson R et al. Hormonella reaktioner och behandlingseffecter av zonterapi.
5 Hu G. Physical Activity during Commuting and Recreation Associated with Carsiovascular Risk Factors in China, wih Reference to Finland.
6 Hu G et al. Relation between communiting, leisure time physical activity and serum lipids in a Chinese urban population.
7 Huuskonen H et al. Effects of low-frequency magnetic fields on implantation in rats.
8 Huuskonen J et al. Regular physical exercise and bone mineral density: a four-year controlled randomized trial in middle-aged men. The DNASCO study.
9 Hänninen O. Lääketieteen kehityksen myllytys.
10 Klinger W et al. Cytochrome P450 (P450) isoforms expression, P450 concentration, monooxygenase activities, reactive oxygen species formation, lipid peroxidation, and glutathione content in wild catch carp and tench liver - influence of a two weeks exposure to pheno...
11 Kolmakow SV et al. Experimental investigation on influence of conciousness to the process of material worold (in russian).
12 Koponen K et al. Histopathology of feral fish from a PCB-contaminated freshwater lake.
13 Kruk B et al. Effects of coffee ingestion on metabolic and temperature responses to graded, incremental exercise at 4 and 24C.
14 Kurl S et al. Systolic blood pressure response to exercise stress test and risk of stroke.
15 Laine K et al. Effects of topical anandamide-transport inhibitors, AM404 and olvanil, on intraocular pressure in normotensive rabbits.
16 Laitinen JT et al. [35S]GTPgammaS autoradiography reveals a wide distribution of Gi/o-linked ADP receptors in the nervous system: close similarities with theplatelet P2Y ADP receptor.
17 Lakka TA et al. Cardiorespiratory fitness and the progression of carotid atherosclerosis in middle-aged men.
18 Laukkanen JA et al. Exercise-induced silent myocardial ischemia and coronary morbidity and mortality in middle-aged men.
19 Laukkanen JA et al. Cardiovascular fitness as a predictor of mortality in men.
20 Leinonen V et al. Disc herniation-related back pain impairs feed-forward control of paraspinal muscles.
21 Lindström-Seppä P et al. Biochemical responses in aquatic plants as markers of environmental contamination.
22 Lintula M et al. Ergorest(R) arm support and muscle strain in work with visual display units: a work site intervention.
23 Lumiaho A et al. Mitral valve prolapse and mitral regurgitation are common in patients with polycystic kidney disease type 1.
24 Mikkonen TP et al. Flavonol content varies among black currant cultivars.
25 Määttä K et al. Phenolic compounds in berries of black, red, green, and white currants (Ripes sp.).
26 Nevala-Puranen N. Ergonomics and usability of electrically adjustable promo (R) desk.
27 Nevala-Puranen N. Verenkiertoelimistön toimintakyvyn mittaaminen.
28 Nevala-Puranen N et al. Esteetön työympäristö liikuntavammaisille.
29 Nevala-Puranen N, Lintula M. Ergonomics and usability of Finnpipettes.
30 Nevala-Puranen N et al. Need for ergonomic measures among workwrs with permanent physical disabilities.
31 Nienstedt W et al. Inimese füsioloogia ja anatoomia [käännös suomenkielisestä teoksesta: Ihmisen fysiologia ja anatomia. 12. p., 1999].
32 Nuikka M-L et al. The nurse's workload in care situations.
33 Rankinen T et al. The human gene map for performance and health-related fitness phenotypes.
34 Rauramaa R, Lakka TA. Liikuntaa sepelvaltimotaudin ehkäisyyn ja hoitoon.
35 Rauramaa R et al. Dose-response and coagulation and hemostatic factors.
36 Savinainen JR et al. Despite substantial degradation, 2-arachidonoylglycerol is a potent full efficacy agonist mediating CB1 receptor-dependent G-protein activation in rat cerebellar membranes.
37 Schmidt-Trucksäss A et al. Computerized analysing system using the active contour in ultrasound measurement of carotid artery intima-media thickness.
38 Sen CK. Antioxidant and redox regulation of cellular signaling: introduction.
39 Sen CK, Bagchi D. Regulation of inducible adhesion molecule expression in human endothelial cells by grape seed proanthocyanidin extract.
40 Sen CK, Roy S. Antioxidant regulation of cell adhesion.
41 Takala E-P, Nevala-Puranen N. Liikuntaelinten kuormitus ja sen arviointi työssä.
42 Tompuri T, Hänninen O. Liikunnan ja ravinnon vaikutukset antioksidatiiviseen järjestelmään.
43 Tuovinen K et al. Determination and indentification of pesticides from liquid matrices using ion mobility spectrometry.
44 Tuovinen K et al. Determination of soman and VX degradation products by an aspiration ion mobility spectrometry.
45 Tuovinen K et al. Ion mobility spectrometric monitoring of Phosdrin from foliage in greenhouse.
46 Vider J et al. Physical exercise induces activation of NF-kappaB in human peripheral blood lymphocytes.
47 Ågren JJ et al. Divergent changes in serum sterols during a strict uncooked vegan diet in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
48 Ågren JJ et al. Postprandial responses of individual fatty acids in subjects homozygous for the threonine- or alanine-encoding allele in codon 54 of the intestinal fatty acid binding protein 2 gene 1,2.

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