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Julkaisut 2001
Publications 2001

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1 Hukkanen J et al. Expression of xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes in human pulmonary tissue: possible role in susceptibility for ILD.
2 Huotari M et al. Effect of intracerebral 6-nitronoradrenaline, an endogenous catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) inhibitor, on striatal dopamine metabolism in anaesthetised rats.
3 Keinonen T et al. Acceptability and profile of the clinical drug trials underway in Finnish university hospitals in the 1990s: Applications reviewed by ethic committees.
4 Keski-Hynnilä H et al. Quantitation of entacapone glucuronide in rat plasma by on-line coupled restricted access media column and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.
5 Komulainen H. Mutageenisuus, karsinogeenisuus ja teratogeenisuus.
6 Komulainen H, Tuomisto J. Yleistoksikologiaa.
7 Komulainen H, Tuomisto J. Elintoksikologian perusteita.
8 Komulainen H, Tuomisto J. Toksisuuden tutkiminen ja arviointi.
9 Komulainen H, Tuomisto J. Metallit ja metalloidit.
10 Köks S et al. Cholecystokinin2 receptor-deficient mice display altered function of brain dopaminergic system.
11 Laitinen KSM et al. Brain prolyl oligopeptidase activity is associated with neuronal damage rather than beta-amyloid accumulation.
12 Lampela P et al. Efficient transfection of novel bovine papillomavirus 1 expression plasmids.
13 Lensu S et al. Auditory evoked potentials in rats: effect of anticonvulsants and thioperamide.
14 Leppänen J et al. Synthesis and in-vitro/in-vivo evaluation of orally administered entacapone prodrugs.
15 Liesivuori J, Savolainen H. Johdanto työtoksikologiaan.
16 Lintunen M et al. Increased brain histamine in an alcohol-preferring rat line and modulation of ethanol consumption by H3 receptor mechanisms.
17 Lozeva V et al. Changes in brain histamine H1 receptors in chronic hepatic encephalopathy.
18 Lozeva V et al. Increased density of brain histamine H1 receptors in rats with portacaval anastomosis and in cirrhotic patients with chronic hepatic encephalopathy.
19 MacDonald E, Airaksinen M. MDMA: ekstaasi nyt - kurjuus myöhemmin?
20 Myllynen P et al. Transplacental passage of oxcarbazepine and its metabolites in vivo.
21 Männistö PT. Alkueläimiin vaikuttavat lääkeaineet.
22 Männistö PT, Tuominen RK. Soluseinämää heikentävät bakteerilääkkeet.
23 Männistö PT, Tuominen RK. Virustautien hoitoon tarkoitetut mikrobilääkkeet.
24 Männistö PT, Tuominen RK. Yleistä mikrobilääkkeistä.
25 Naveilhan P et al. Neuropeptide Y alters sedation through a hypothalamic Y1-mediated mechanism.
26 Odlind C et al. The role of dopamine-metabolizing enzymes in the regulation of renal sodium excretion in the rat.
27 Poso A et al. A comparative molecular field analysis of cytochrome P450 2A5 and 2A6 inhibitors.
28 Raasmaja A, Männistö PT. Aivolisäkkeen ja hypotalamuksen hormonit.
29 Raasmaja A, Männistö PT. Kilpirauhashormonit ja tyreostaatit.
30 Raasmaja A, Männistö PT. Antiseptit ja desinfektioaineet.
31 Raasmaja A et al. Tyrosine hydroxylase gene transfer to rat striatum using Bovine Papilloma Virus-1 expression plasmids in the experimental model of Parkinsons's disease.
32 Raasmaja A et al., keksijä. Plasmidi tyrosiinihydroksylaasigeenin ilmentämiseksi aivoissa.
33 Raunio H. Vierasainemetabolia.
34 Raunio H. Lääkkeiden yhteisvaikutuksista.
35 Raunio H et al. Polymorphisms of CYP2A6 and its practical consequences.
36 Reenilä I, Männistö PT. Catecholamine metabolism in the brain by membrane-bound and soluble catechol-o-methyltransferase (COMT) estimated by enzyme kinetic values.
37 Taavitsainen P et al. In vitro inhibition of cytochrome P450 enzymes in human liver microsomes by a potent CYP2A6 inhibitor, trans-2-phenylcyclopropylamine (tranylcypromine), and its nonamine analog, cyclopropylbenzene.
38 Tacke U, Tuomisto J. Riippuvuus ja väärinkäyttö.
39 Tiihonen J et al. Free L-tryptophan plasma levels in antisocial violent offenders.
40 Tuominen RK, Männistö P. Nukleiinihappoihin vaikuttavat mikrobilääkkeet.
41 Tuominen RK, Männistö PT. Proteiinisynteesiä estävät mikrobilääkkeet.
42 Tuominen RK, Männistö PT. Sieni-infektioiden hoitoon tarkoitetut lääkeaineet.
43 Tuomisto L. Histamiini ja histamiiniantagonistit.
44 Tuomisto L. Epilepsialääkkeet.
45 Tuomisto L et al. Changes in circadian rhythmicity and melatonin balance in rats with portacaval anastomosis (PCA) - relation with histamine.
46 Tuomisto L et al. Modifying effects of histamine on circadian rhythms and neuronal excitability.
47 Tupala E et al. Dopamine D2/D3-receptor and transporter densities in nucleus accumbens and amygdala of type 1 and 2 alcoholics.
48 Tupala E et al. Measurement of the striatal dopamine transporter density and heterogeneity in type 1 alcoholics using human whole hemisphere autoradiography.
49 Viitala P et al. cAMP mediated upregulation of CYP2A5 in mouse hepatocytes.
50 Vähäkangas K. Ethical implications of genetic analysis of individual susceptibility to diseases.
51 Vähäkangas KH et al. p53 and K-ras mutations in lung cancers from former and never-smoking women.

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