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Julkaisut 2001
Publications 2001

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1 Arokoski JPA, Lammi MJ. Glukosamiinisulfaatti nivelrikon hoidossa.
2 Arokoski JPA et al. Nivelrikon etiopatogeneesi.
3 Ceponis A et al. Effects of low-dose, noncytotoxic, intraarticular liposomal clodronate on development of erosions and proteoglycan loss in established antigen-induced arthritis in rabbits.
4 Espanha MM et al. Extracellular matrix composition of full-thickness defect repair tissue is little influenced by exercise in rat articular cartilage.
5 Felszeghy S et al. The distribution pattern of the hyaluronan receptor CD44 during human tooth development.
6 Haapala J et al. Decline after immobilisation and recovery after remobilisation of synovial fluid il1, timp, and chondroitin sulphate levels in young beagle dogs.
7 Helminen HJ et al. Polven ja lonkan nivelrikon ehkäisy - haavettako vain?
8 Huttunen M et al. Inhibition of keratinocyte growth in cell culture and whole skin culture by mast cell mediators.
9 Hyttinen MM et al. Age matters: collagen birefringeance of superficial articular cartilage is increased in young guinea-pigs but descreased in older animals after idential physiological type of joint loading.
10 Hyttinen MM et al. Inactivation of one allele of the type II collagen gene alters the collagen network in murine articular cartilage and makes cartilage softer.
11 Johansson A-K et al. Dental erosion in deciduous teeth - an in vivo and in vitro study.
12 Kaarniranta K et al. Primary chondrocytes resist hydrostatic pressure-induced stress while primary synovial cells and fibroblasts show modified Hsp70 response.
13 Kaarniranta K et al. Solustressin tutkimuksesta kliinisiin läpimurtoihin?
14 Konttinen YT et al. Hyaluronan synthases, hyaluronan, and its CD44 receptor in tissue around loosened total hip prostheses.
15 Lammi MJ et al. Responses of mammalian cells to mechanical forces.
16 Lammi PE et al. Strong hyaluronan expression in the full-tickness rat articular cartilage repair tissue.
17 Lapveteläinen T et al. More knee joint osteoarthritis (OA) in mice after inactivation of one allele of type II procollagen gene but less OA after lifelong voluntary wheel running excercise.
18 Li S-W et al. Transgenic mice with inactive alleles for procollagen N-proteinase (ADAMTS-2) develop fragile skin and male sterility.
19 Lipponen P et al. High stromal hyaluronan level is associated with poor differentiation and metastasis in prostate cancer.
20 Lyyra-Laitinen T et al. Development of arthroscopic indentation technique for the diagnosis of cartilage degeneration.
21 Nieminen MT et al. T2 Relaxation reveals spatial collagen architecture in articular cartilage: a comparative quantitative MRI and polarized light microscopic study.
22 Pasonen-Seppänen S et al. Formation of permeability barrier in epidermal organotypic culture for studies on drug transport.
23 Pasonen-Seppänen S et al. Vitamin C enhances differentation of a continuous keratinocyte cell line (REK) into epidermis with normal stratum corneum ultrastructure and functional permeability barrier.
24 Pienimäki J-P et al. Epidermal growth factor activates hyaluronan synthase 2 in epidermal keratinocytes and increases pericellular and intracellular hyaluronan.
25 Pirinen R et al. Prognostic value of hyaluronan expression in non-small-cell lung cancer: Increased stromal expression indicates unfavorable outcome in patients with adenocarsinoma.
26 Ruponen M et al. Extracellular glycosaminoglycans modify cellular trafficking of lipoplexes and polyplexes.
27 Sahlman J et al. Premature vertebral endplate ossification and mild disc degeneration in mice after inactivation of one allele belonging to the Col2a1 gene for Type II collagen.
28 Setälä L et al. Expression of CD44 and its variant isoform v3 has no prognostic value in gastric cancer.
29 Suominen MM et al. Effects of intra-articular injections of bufexamac suspension in healthy horses.
30 Tammi R et al. Hyaluronan enters keratinocytes by a novel endocytic route for catabolism.
31 Töyräs J. Mechano-Acoustic Characterization of Articular Cartilage and Trabecular Bone.
32 Töyräs J et al. Estimation of the Young's modulus of articular cartilage using an arthroscopic indentation instrument and ultrasonic measurement of tissue thickness.

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