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Julkaisut 2000
Publications 2000

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1 Hietikko Esa. Virtual Teams in Distributed Concurrent Engineering Network of Smaal and Medium Sized Companies.
2 Laukkanen M. Lay theories of entrepreneurship in rural development: cause maps of municipality directors´ belief patterns.
3 Laukkanen M. Cognitive maps of entrepreneurship: describing policy makers´ subjective models of local development.
4 Laukkanen Mauri, Niittykangas Hannu. Taking over Entrepreneurial Functions Temporaily. Understanding Local Development on Difficult Surroundings.
5 Pasanen M. Towards Understanding the Survival of SMEs.
6 Pasanen M et al. A Taxonomy of Successful SMEs: The Case of Eastern Finland.

Kauppatieteiden laitos Department of Business and Management
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