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Julkaisut 2000
Publications 2000

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1 Hjalmarson Å et al. Effects of controlled-release metoprolol on total mortality, hospitalizations, adn well-being in patients with heart failure. The Metoprolol CR/XL Randomized Intervention trial in Congestive Heart failure (MERIT-HF).
2 Böhm J et al. Expression and prognostic value of alfa-, beta- and gamma-catenins in differentiated thyroid carcinoma.
3 Böhm JP et al. Reduced CD44 standard expression is associated with tumour recurrence and unfavourable outcome in differentiated thyroid carcinoma.
4 Collin H-L et al. Oral symptoms and signs in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. A focus on diabetic neuropathy.
5 Collin H-L et al. Salivary matrix metalloproteinase (MMP-8) levels and gelatinase (MMP-9) activities in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
6 Ebeling F et al. Leukocyte interferon-alfa in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C in Finland.
7 Erkkilä AT et al. Autoantibodies against oxidized low-density lipoprotein and cardiolipin in patients with coronary heart disease.
8 Halinen MO, Lassila R. Tekoläppäpotilaan antikoagulanttihoito.
9 Hedman M, Ylä-Herttuala S. Gene therapy for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease and coronary artery disease.
10 Heikkinen AM et al. Does apolipoprotein E genotype relate to BMD and bone markers in postmenopausal women?
11 Heikkinen M et al. GPs' ability to diagnose dyspepsia based only on physical examination and patient history.
12 Heikkinen S et al. Mouse hexokinase II gene: structure, cDNA, promoter analysis, and expression pattern.
13 Heino A et al. Effects of dobutamine on splanchnic tissue perfusion during partial superior mesenteric artery occlusion.
14 Hiltunen MO et al. Intravascular adenovirus-mediated VEGF-C gene transfer reduces noeintima formation in balloon-denuded rabbit aorta.
15 Hiltunen MO et al. Insights into the molecular pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and therapeutic strategies using gene transfer.
16 Hiltunen MO et al. Biodistribution of adenoviral vector to nontarget tissues after local in vivo gene transfer to arterial wall using intravastular and periadventitial gene delivery methods.
17 Hintikka J et al. Increase in the prevalence of common mental disorders during an upswing in the national economy.
18 Home PD et al. Insulin aspart vs. human insulin in the management of long-term blood glucose control in type 1 diabetes mellitus: a randomized controlled trial.
19 Huopio H et al. Dominantly inherited hyperinsulinism caused by a mutation in the sulfonylurea receptor type 1.
20 Ikonen AEJ et al. Repeated 3D coronary MR angiography with navigator echo gating: technical quality and consistency of image interpretation.
21 Janatuinen EK et al. Lack of cellular and humoral immunological responses to oats in adults with coeliac disease.
22 Julkunen R. Ripuli.
23 Julkunen R. Ärtyvä suoli.
24 Julkunen R. Diagnostiikka ja tutkimusmentelmät.
25 Kekäläinen P et al. Long-term association of cardiovascular risk factors with impaired insulin secretion and insulin resistance.
26 Koivisto AM et al. Apolipoprotein E phenotype alone does not influence survival in Alzheimer's disease: a population-based longitudinal study.
27 Kossila M et al. Gene encoding the catalytic subunit p110beta of human phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase. Cloning, genomic structure, and screening for variants in patients with type 2 diabetes.
28 Kuulasmaa K et al. Estimation of contribution of changes in classic risk factors to trends in coronary-event rates across the WHO MONICA Project populations.
29 Kuusisto J. Hypertrofinen kardiomyopatia.
30 Laakso M. Hyperglycemia and cardiovascular disease in patients with type 2 diabetes.
31 Laakso M. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus.
32 Laakso M. Aikuistyypin diabetes ja sydänsairaudet - ehkäisyn ja hoidon haasteet.
33 Laakso M. Hyperglycaemia as a cardiovascular risk factor.
34 Laaksonen DE et al. Aerobic exercise and the lipid profile in type 1 diabetic men: a randomized controlled trial.
35 Laitinen M et al. Catheter-mediated vascular endothelial growth factor gene transfer to human coronary arteries after angioplasty.
36 Lehto S et al. Depression after coronary heart disease events.
37 Lehto S et al. Cardiovascular risk factors clustering with endogenous hyperinsulinaemia predict death from coronary heart disease in patients with type II diabetes.
38 Lundell L et al. Long-term management of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease with omeprazole or open antireflux surgery: results of a prospective, randomized clinical trial.
39 Mather K et al. Evidence for physiological coupling of insulin-mediated glucose metabolism and limb blood flow.
40 Montaye M et al. Overweight and obesity: a major challenge for coronary heart disease secondary prevention in clinical practice in Europe.
41 Morin-Papunen LC et al. Endocrine and metabolic effects of metformin versus ethinyt estradiol-cyproterone acetate in obese women with polycytic ovary syndrome: a randomized study.
42 Morin-Papunen LC et al. Insulin sensitivity, insulin secretion, and metabolic and hormonal parameters in healthy women and women with polycystic ovarian syndrome.
43 Natali A et al. Determinants of postabsorptive endogenous glucose output in non-diabetic subjects.
44 Niskanen L et al. Leucine 7 to proline 7 polymorphism in the neuropeptide Y gene is associated with enhanced carotid atherosclerosis in elderly patients with type 2 diabetes and control subjects.
45 Niskanen L et al. Leucine 7 to proline 7 polymorphism in the neuropeptide y gene is associated with retinopathy in Type 2 diabetes .
46 Pajukanta P et al. Two loci on chromosomes 2 and X for premature coronary heart disease identified in early- and late-settlement populations of Finland.
47 Pakkanen TM et al. Periadventitial lacZ gene transfer to pig carotid arteries using a biodegradable collagen collar or a wrap of collagen sheet with adenoviruses and plasmid-liposome complexes.
48 Pedersen TR et al. Follow-up study of patients randomized in the Scandinavian Simvastatin Survival Study (4S) of cholesterol lowering.
49 Peuhkurinen K, Hassinen I. Sydänlihaksen metabolian erityispiirteet.
50 Peuhkurinen K, Kupari M. Laajentava kardiomyopatia.
51 Peuhkurinen K et al. Effectiveness of Amiodarone as a single oral dose for recent-onset atrial fibrillation.
52 Peuhkurinen KJ. Ischemic heart disease at the cellular level.
53 Pihlajamäki J et al. Impaired free fatty acid suppression during hyperinsulinemia is a characteristic finding in familial combined hyperlipidemia, but insulin resistance is observed only in hypertriglyceridemic paitients.
54 Pihlajamäki J et al. G-250A substitution in promoter of hepatic lipase gene is associated with dyslipidemia and insulin resistance in healthy control subjects and in members of families with familial combined hyperlipidemia.
55 Pihlajamäki J et al. The Pro12Ala substitution in the peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma 2 is associated with an insulin-sensitive phenotype in families with familial combined hyperlipidemia and in nondiabetic elderly subjects with d...
56 Pulkkinen A. Candidate Genes for Coronary Heart Disease in Patients wtih Type 2 Diabets: Studies on the Fatty Acid-Binding Protein 2, Beta-Adrenergic Receptor, Receptor for Advanced Glycation end, Apolioprotein A1 and Endothelial Nitric Ox...
57 Pulkkinen A et al. Gly82Ser polymorphism of the receptor of advanced glycation end product gene is not associated with coronary heart disease in Finnish nondiabetic subjects or in patients with type 2 diabetes.
58 Pulkkinen A et al. Mspl polymorphism at +83 bp in intron 1 of the human apolipoprotein A1 gene is associated with elevated levels of hdl cholesterol and apolipoprotein A1 in nondiabetic subjects but not in type 2 diabetic patients with coronary... .
59 Pulkkinen A et al. Intron 4 polymorphism of the endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene is associated with elevated blood pressure in type 2 diabetic patients with coronary heart disease.
60 Pyörälä K. Assessment of coronary heart disease risk in populations with different levels of risk.
61 Pyörälä K. Uudet merkkiaineet tarkentavat sydäninfarktin diagnostiikkaa.
62 Pyörälä K. Hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance as predictors of cardiovascular risk.
63 Pyörälä M et al. Insulin resistance syndrome predicts the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke in healthy middle-aged men: the 22-year follow-up results of the Helsinki Policeman Study.
64 Pyörälä M et al. Plasma insulin and all-cause, cardiovascular, and noncardiovascular mortality.
65 Rissanen J et al. Sulfonylurea receptor 1 gene variants are associated with gestational diabetes and type 2 diabetes but not with altered secretion of insulin.
66 Rissanen J et al. Variants in the hepatocyte nuclear factor-1alfa and -4alfa genes in Finnish and Chinese subjects with late-onset type 2 diabetes.
67 Ristikankare M. Patient Tolerance, Technical Performance and Cardiorespiratory Safety During Colonoscopy with Special Reference to Sedative Premedication.
68 Ristikankare M et al. Effect of conscious sedation on cardiac autonomic regulation during colonoscopy.
69 Ristikankare M et al. Conscious sedation and cardiorespiratory safety during colonoscopy.
70 Salomaa V et al. Relationship of socioeconomic status to the incidence and prehospital, 28-day, 1-year mortality rates of acute coronary events in the FINMONICA myocardial infarction register study.
71 Salovaara R et al. Population-based molecular detection of hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer.
72 Simula S et al. Cardiac adrenergic innervation within the first 3 months after acute myocardial infarction.
73 Simula S et al. Cardiac adrenergic denervation in patients with non-Q-wave versus Q-wave myocardial infarction.
74 Sivenius K et al. Synergistic effect of polymorphisms in uncoupling protein 1 and beta3-adrenergic receptor genes on long-term body weight chance in Finnish type 2 diabetic and non-diabetic control subjects.
75 Suomen Kardiologisen Seuran suositustyöryhmä et al. Sydäninfarktin diagnostiikka.
76 The SYMPHONY Investigators. Comparison of sibrafiban with aspirin for prevention of cardiovascular events after acute coronary syndromes: a randomised trial.
77 Tunstall-Pedoe H et al. Estimation of contribution of changes in coronary care to improving survival, event rates, and coronary heart disease mortality across the WHO MONICA Project populations.
78 Vanuzzo D et al. Potential for cholesterol lowering in secondary prevention of coronary heart disease in Europe: findings from EUROASPIRE study.
79 Vauhkonen I et al. Impaired insulin secretion in non-diabetic offspring of probands with latent autoimmune diabetes mellitus in adults.
80 Vauhkonen IKJ et al. Hyperproinsulinemia is not a charascteristic feature in the offspring of patients with different phenotypes of type II diabetes.
81 Viinamäki H et al. Mental health at population level during an economic recession in Finland.
82 Voutilainen-Kaunisto RM et al. Age-related macular degeneration in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic patients and control subjects.
83 Ylitalo K, Peuhkurinen K. Adaptation to myocardial ischemia during repeated ventricular pacing in patients with coronary artery disease.
84 Ylitalo KV et al. Intracellular free calcium and and mitochondrial membrane potential in ischemia/reperfusion and preconditioning.

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