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Julkaisut 2000
Publications 2000

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1 Bergström KA et al. Metabolism of (123I)epidepride may affect brain dopamine D2 receptor imaging with single-photon emission tomography.
2 Dunder U et al. Enzyme replacement therapy in a mouse model of aspartylglycosaminuria.
3 Huuskonen J et al. Determinants of bone mineral density in middle aged men: a population-based study.
4 Juutilainen J et al. Do pulse-modulated or continuous 900 MHz rf fields enhance the carcinogenic effect of ionising radiation in mice?
5 Kiviniemi M et al. Cell cycle regulators p27 and pRb in lymphomas - correlation with histology and proliferative activity.
6 Nissinen J et al. A new model of chronic temporal lobe epilepsy induced by electrical stimulation of the amygdala in rat.
7 Penttilä I. Pikakokeet rintakipuisen potilaan diagnostiikassa.
8 Penttilä I et al. Laboratory diagnosis of patients with acute chest pain.
9 Punnonen K et al. Evaluation of iron status in anemic patients with rheumatoid arthritis using an automated immunoturbidimetric assay for transferrin receptor.
10 Punnonen K et al. Clinical use of soluble transferrin receptor.
11 Rankinen T et al. Relationship between lipid peroxidation and plasma fibrinogen in middle-aged men.
12 Rantonen PJF et al. Growth hormone and cortisol in human serum and saliva.
13 Rauramaa R et al. The Rsal polymorphism in the alpha-fibrinogen gene and response of plasma fibrinogen to physical training. A controlled randomised clinical trial in men .
14 Rauramaa R et al. Stromelysin-1 and interleukin-6 gene promoter polymorphisms are determinants of asymptomatic carotid artery atherosclerosis.
15 Rinne T et al. Adenosine with cold blood cardioplegia during coronary revascularization.
16 Romppanen E-L. Oligonucleotide Ligation Assay. Application to Molecular Diagnosis of Inherited Disorders.
17 Romppanen E-L, Mononen I. Detection of the Finnish-type congenital nephrotic syndrome by restriction fragment length polymorphism and dual-color oligonucleotide ligation assays.
18 Romppanen E-L et al. Optimal use of the fluorescent PicoGreen dye for quantitative analysis of amplified polymerase chain reaction products on microplate.
19 Saareks V et al. Clinical pharmacology of eicosanoids, nicotine induced changes in man.
20 Saarinen K et al. Time-resolved fluorometric assay for leukocyte adhesion using a fluorescence enhancing ligand.
21 Sauroja I et al. Analysis of G(1)/S checkpoint regulators in metastatic melanoma.
22 Vänttinen T et al. Regulation of immunoreactive inhibin A and B secretion in cultured human granulosa-luteal cells by gonadotropins, activin A and insulin-like growth factor type-1 receptor.
23 Ylikangas P, Mononen I. A fluorometric assay for L-asparaginase activity and monitoring of L-asparaginase therapy.

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