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Julkaisut 2000
Publications 2000

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1 Arokoski JPA et al. Normal and pathological adaptations of articular cartilage to joint loading.
2 Haapala J et al. Incomplete restoration of immobilization induced softening of young beagle knee articular cartilage after 50-week remobilization.
3 Helminen HJ et al. Regular joint loading in youth assists in the establishment and strengthening of the collagen network of articular cartilage and contributes to the prevention of osteoarthritis later in life: a hypothesis.
4 Hienola J et al. Model studies on the effect of nitric acid vapour on cirrus cloud formation.
5 Huuskonen J et al. Determinants of bone mineral density in middle aged men: a population-based study.
6 Hämeri K et al. Biogenic aerosol formation in the boreal forest.
7 Hämeri K et al. Hygroscopic growth of ultrafine ammonium sulphate aerosol measured using an ultrafine tandem differential mobility analyzer.
8 Jakob SM et al. IBIS Data Library: clinical description of the Finnish database.
9 Jerbi K et al. Sensitivity matrix and reconstruction algorithm for EIT assuming axial uniformity.
10 Joutsensaari J et al. Organic tandem differential mobility analyzer.
11 Juntunen M, Kaipio JP. Stabilization of smoothness priors time-varying autoregressive models.
12 Jurvelin JS et al. Topographical variation of the elastic properties of articular cartilage in the canine knee.
13 Kaipio JP et al. Perturbation expansions in polynomial root tracking.
14 Kaipio JP et al. Statistical inversion and Monte Carlo sampling methods in electrical impedance tomography.
15 Karjalainen PA, Lappalainen T. Optimization of illumination profiles in line-scan camera systems.
16 Kirkby J, Laaksonen A. Solar variability and clouds.
17 Kiviranta I et al. Rustosolusiirteet nivelvaurion hoidossa, 14 potilaan yksivuotistulokset.
18 Kolehmainen V et al. Simultaneous reconstruction of internal tissue region boundaries and coefficients in optical diffusion tomography.
19 Kolehmainen V et al. Recovery of piecewise constant coefficients in optical diffusion tomography [online].
20 Kolmonen P et al. Direct computation of the "step-and-shoot" IMRT plan.
21 Kulmala M et al. Biogenic aerosol formation in the boreal forest.
22 Kulmala M et al. Ternary nucleation of H2SO4, NH3 and H2O.
23 Kulmala M et al. The homogeneous heteromolecular nucleation of sulphuric acid, water and ammonia in the coastal environment.
24 Kulmala M et al. Physical chemistry of aerosol formation.
25 Laaksonen A. Application of nucleation theories to atmospheric aerosol formation.
26 Laaksonen A et al. Upper tropospheric SO2 conversion into sulfuric acid aerosols and cloud condensation nuclei.
27 Laasonen K et al. Molecular dynamics simulations of gas-liquid nucleation of Lennard-Jones fluid.
28 Lahtinen T et al. Dielectric properties of skin.
29 Lozeva V et al. Effects of the histamine H1 receptor blocker, pyrilamine, on spontaneous locomotor activity of rats with long-term portacaval anastomosis.
30 Lyyra-Laitinen T et al. Miten nivel kuormittuu? Laskennalliset menetelmät tuki- ja liikuntaelinten biomekaniikan tutkimuksessa.
31 Mattila T et al. Enhancement of CCN concentration due to aqueous phase sulfate production in polluted air.
32 Mäkelä JM et al. Characteristics of the three years continuous data on new particle formation events observed at a boreal forest site.
33 Mäkelä JM et al. Characteristics of the atmospheric particle formation events observed at a borel forest site in Southern Finland.
34 Nadykto AB et al. On evaporation and condensational growth of a non-spherical particle.
35 Nadykto AB et al. Evaporation and condensation rates of a multicomponent droplet in a non-isothermal gas mixture.
36 Napari I, Laaksonen A. Surfactant effects and an order-disorder transition in binary gas-liquid nucleation.
37 Napari I, Laaksonen A. Mutual nucleation enhancement in phase-separating amphiphilic systems.
38 Napari I et al. Density-functional studies of amphiphilic binary mixtures: II. Gas-liquid nucleation.
39 Napari I et al. Density-functional studies of amphiphilic binary mixtures: I. Phase behavior.
40 Nieminen MT et al. Quantitative MR microscopy of enzymatically degraded articular cartilage.
41 Nuutinen J et al. Radiobiological depth of subcutaneous induration.
42 Ollikainen JO et al. Effects of electrode properties on EEG measurements and a related inverse problem.
43 Partanen J et al. Antidromic corticospinal tract potential of the brain.
44 Petersen D et al. The influence of particle solubility on heterogeneous nucleation in binary vapor mixtures.
45 Ranta-aho PO et al. Comparison of amplitude estimates in the single trial estimation of evoked potentials.
46 Seppänen A et al. Effects of inaccuracies in fluid dynamical models in state estimation of process tomography.
47 Soininvaara T et al. Measurement of bone density around total knee arthroplasty using fan-beam dual energy x-ray absorptiometry.
48 Tarvainen MP et al. Principal component analysis of galvanic skin responses.
49 Tervo J. Osittaisdifferntiaaliyhtälöt. Johdatus teoriaan ja ratkaisumenetelmiin.
50 Tervo J, Kolmonen P. A model for the control of a multileaf collimator in radiation therapy treatment planning.
51 Tervo J et al. A three-dimensional finite element model for the control of certain non-linear bioreactors.
52 Tiitta M et al. Development of an electrical impedance spectrometer for the analysis of wood transverse moisture gradient.
53 Törmälä P et al. Ortopediassa käytettäville biomateriaaleille asetettavat vaatimukset.
54 Valjakka A et al. The relationship between audiogenic seizure (AGS) susceptibility and forebrain tone-responsiveness in genetically AGS-prone Wistar rats.
55 Vauhkonen M et al. A Matlab Toolbox for the EIDORS project to reconstruct two- and three-dimensional EIT images.
56 Vauhkonen PJ et al. Errors due to the truncation of the computational domain in static three-dimensional electrical impedance tomography.
57 Vauhkonen PJ et al. Dynamic electrical impedance tomography - phantom studies.
58 Vehkamäki H et al. Parametrisation of sulphuric acid-water nucleation rates for upper tropospheric and stratospheric conditions.
59 Venesmaa P et al. Bone loss around failed femoral implant measured by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry.
60 Voutilainen A, Kaipio JP. Dynamical estimation of aerosol size distributions.
61 Voutilainen A et al. Statistical inversion of aerosol size distribution data.
62 Voutilainen A et al. A non-homogeneous regularization method for the estimation of narrow aerosol size distributions.
63 Waris V et al. Biomateriaalien käyttö lonkan tekonivelissä - komponenttien materiaalit: osa 1.
64 Waris V et al. Biomateriaalien käyttö lonkan tekonivelissä - komponenttien kiinnitysmateriaalit: osa 2.
65 Wong M et al. Volumetric changes of articular cartilage during stress relaxation in unconfined compression.

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