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Julkaisut 2000
Publications 2000

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1 Airaksinen EM et al. A population-based study on epilepsy in mentally retarded children.
2 Danner R et al. Questionnaire test-retest reliability: outcome measure of a vocational rehabilitation programme.
3 Korpela M et al. Transforming legacy systems into a valuable heritage: the case of the FixIT migration tools in Finland.
4 Korpela M et al. Activity analysis as a method for information systems development: general introduction and experiments from Nigeria and Finland.
5 Korpela M et al. Made-in-Nigeria systems development methodologies: an action research project in the health sector.
6 Laukkanen E et al. Construct validity of the Offer Self-Image Questionnaire in Finnish 13-year-old adolescents: Differences in the self-imeges of boys and girls.
7 Mursu A et al. Information system development in a developing country: theoretical analysis of special requirements in Nigeria and Africa [full text on CD-ROM].
8 Pyörälä M et al. Insulin resistance syndrome predicts the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke in healthy middle-aged men: the 22-year follow-up results of the Helsinki Policeman Study.
9 Rahkonen T et al. Delirium in elderly people without severe predisposing disorders: Etiology and 1-year prognosis after disharge.
10 Ryynänen O-P et al. Prioritization attitudes among doctors and nurses examined by a scenario method.
11 Soriyan HA et al. Information system development methodologies: gender issues in a developing economy.
12 Soriyan HA et al. Information systems development in Nigerian software companies: Methodological issues and empirical findings.
13 Tenhola S et al. Serum lipid concentrations and growth characteristics in 12-year-old children born small for gestational age.

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