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Julkaisut 1999
Publications 1999

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1 Aaltomaa S et al. Expression of cyclin A and D proteins in prostate cancer and their relation to clinopathological variables and patient survival.
2 Aaltomaa S et al. Alfa-catenin expression has prognostic value in local and locally advanced prostate cancer.
3 Aaltomaa S et al. Expression of cyclins A and D and p21 (waf1/cip1) proteins in renal cell cancer and their relation to clinicopathological variables and patient survival .
4 Aaltomaa S et al. Prognostic value and expression of p21 (waf1/cip 1) protein in prostate cancer.
5 Ackermann L et al. Mast cells of psoriatic skin are strongly positive for interferon-gamma.
6 Ackermann L et al. Mast cells in psoriatic skin are strongly positive for interferon-gamma.
7 Agrawal RS et al. Complement and anti-alpha-galactosyl natural antibody-mediated inactivation of murine retrovirus occurs in adult serum but not in umbilical cord serum.
8 Ahlmark M et al. Bisphosphonate prodrugs: synthesis and in vitro evaluation of novel clodronic acid dianhydrides as bioreversible prodrugs of clodronate.
9 Ahonen R. Apteekkioikeus Kuopion yliopistolle.
10 Ahonen R, Sepponen K. Lapset lääkkeiden käyttäjinä.
11 Ahto M et al. Cognitive impairment among elderly coronary heart disease patients.
12 Airaksinen AJ et al. Nuclear magnetic resonance and molecular orbital study of some cocaine analogues.
13 Airaksinen M. Pharmaceutical care in primary care in Finland. Professional services development within 10 years.
14 Airaksinen O. Rintarankaperäiset rintakivun syyt.
15 Airaksinen O. Selkäkipupotilaan lääkehoito.
16 Airaksinen O et al. Lanneselkäkivun tutkimuksen ja hoidon päälinjat.
17 Airaksinen O, Lindgren K-A. Selkäpotilaan tutkiminen vastaanotolla.
18 Al-Mogrin SM. Ultraviolet Disinfection of Filtered Effluents for Reuse in Irrigation. A Possibility to Increase Water Resources in Saudi Arabia.
19 Alafuzoff I et al. Rapidly progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy with substantial cell-mediated inflammatory response and with cognitive decline of non-Alzheimer type in a 75-year-old female patient.
20 Alafuzoff I et al. Beta-amyloid load is not influenced by the severity of cardiovascular disease in aged and demented patients.
21 Alafuzoff I et al. Beta-amyloid load, astroglia and microglia in Alzheimer´s disease: association with apoE genotype.
22 Alajoutsijärvi K et al. Productization as a global growth strategy for small software firms.
23 Alajoutsijärvi K et al. Understanding an industry. The industry recipe and dominant firm strategies in the Finish sawmill industry [CD-ROM].
24 Alaluusua S et al. Developing teeth as biomarker of dioxin exposure.
25 Alander M et al. Persistence of colonization of human colonic mucosa by a probiotic strain, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, after oral consumption.
26 Alanen E et al. Penetration of electromagnetic fields of an open-ended coaxial probe between 1 MHz and 1 GHz in dielectric skin measurements.
27 Alhava E. Gastroenterologisen syövän seuranta leikkaushoidon jälkeen.
28 Alhonen L et al. Transgenic mice with activated polyamine catabolism due to overexpression of spermidine/spermine N1-acetyltransferase show enhanced sensitivity to the polyamine analog, N1, N11-diethylnorspermine.
29 Alm J et al. Winter CO2, CH4 and N20 fluxes on some natural and drained boreal peatlands.
30 Alm J et al. Carbon balance of a boreal bog during a year with an exceptionally dry summer.
31 Almqvist F et al. Design and subjects of a Finnish epidemiological study on psychiatric disorders in childhood.
32 Almqvist F et al. Behavioural and emotional symptoms in 8-9-year-old children.
33 Almqvist F et al. Psychiatric disorders in 8-9-year-old children based on a diagnostic interview with the parents.
34 Aminoff T et al. Physiological strain during kitchen work in relation to maximal and task-specific peak values.
35 Andersson PL et al. Assessment of PCBs and hydroxylated PCBs as potential xenoestrogens: in vitro studies based on MCF-7 cell proliferation and induction of vitellogenin in primary culture of rainbow trout hepatocytes.
36 Annunen S et al. An allele of COL9A2 associated with intervertebral disc disease.
37 Antikainen R et al. Masennuspotilaan muistihäiriö: psykiatrinen oire vai kognitiivinen suoritushäiriö.
38 Antila S et al. Site dependent bioavailability and metabolism of levosimendan in dogs.
39 Antopolsky M, Azhayev A. Stepwise solid-phase synthesis of peptide-oligonucleotide conjugates on new solid supports.
40 Antopolsky M et al. Peptide-oligonucleotide phosphorothioate conjugates with membrane translocation and nuclear localization properties.
41 Antopolsky M et al. General method to synthesize disulfide cross-linked peptide-oligonucleotide phosphorothioate conjugates.
42 Anttila A et al. Superiority of diamondlike carbon coating on articulating surfaces of artificial hip joints.
43 Anttila M et al. Failure to demonstrate human papillomavirus DNA in epithelial ovarian cancer by general primer PCR.
44 Anttila MA et al. The prognostic significance of p53 expression quantitated by computerized image analysis in epithelial ovarian cancer.
45 Anttila MA et al. p21/WAF1 expression as related to p53, cell proliferation and prognosis in epithelial ovarian cancer.
46 Arikoski P. Metabolic Bone Disease in Children with Cancer.
47 Arikoski P et al. Reduced bone density at completion of chemotherapy for a malignancy.
48 Arikoski P et al. Impaired development of bone mineral density during chemotherapy: a prospective analysis of 46 children newly diagnosed with cancer.
49 Arikoski P et al. Alterations in bone turnover and impaired development of bone mineral density in newly diagnosed children with cancer: a 1-year prospective study.
50 Arikoski P et al. Disturbance in bone turnover in children with a malignancy at completion of chemotherapy.
51 Arokoski JP et al. Biomechanical and structural characteristics of canine femoral and tibial cartilage.
52 Arokoski JPA et al. Back and hip extensor muscle function during therapeutic exercises.
53 Aronen HJ et al. Clinical applications of functional magnetic resonance imaging.
54 Aronen HJ et al. 3D spin-lock imaging of human gliomas.
55 Arvola T et al. Prophylactic Lactobacillus GG reduces antibiotic-associated diarrhea in children with respiratory infections: a randomized study.
56 Ashammakhi N et al. Osteogenic potential of self-reinforced polyglycolide membrane: preliminary report .
57 Asikainen H et al. Viihtyminen, palvelujen käyttö ja koettu palvelujen laatu Neulamäessä.
58 Atalay M, Sen CK. Physical exercise and antioxidant defenses in the heart.
59 Aura J, Riekkinen P Jr. Blockade of NMDA receptors located at the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex impairs spatial working memory in rats.
60 Auriola S et al. Analysis of adenine nucleotide containing metabolite of clodronate using ion pair HPLC-ESI-MS.
61 Azhayev A. Universal solid supports for oligonucleotide synthesis.
62 Azhayev AV. A new universal solid support for oligonucleotide synthesis.
63 Balkau B et al. Fasting blood glucose and risk of cardiovascular disease.
64 Banerji S et al. LYVE-1, a new homologue of the CD44 glycoprotein, is a lymph-specific receptor for hyaluronan.
65 Bayer TA et al. Neural expression profile of alpha-synuclein in developing human cortex.
66 Bayer TA et al. Alpha-synuclein accumulates in Lewy bodies in Parkinson´s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies but not in Alzheimer´s disease beta-amyloid plaque cores.
67 Bendel S et al. Similar effect of revascularization on technetium-99m sestamibi and 15-(p-iodophenyl)pentadecanoic acid uptake in myocardial infarction patients.
68 Benford HL et al. Farnesol and geranylgeraniol prevent activation of caspases by aminobisphosphonates: biochemical evidence for two distinct pharmacological classes of bisphosphonate drugs.
69 Bergström K et al. Radiolääkekehitys avaa uusia ikkunoita aivoihin.
70 Bergström KA et al. Iodine-123 labelled Z-(R,R)-IQNP: a potential radioligand for visualization of M1 and M2 muscarinic acetylcholine receptors in Alzheimer's disease.
71 Bergström KA et al. First evaluation in humans of (123I)PE2I: a selective radioligand for visualization of the striatal dopamine transporter density.
72 Björk EA. Startle, annoyance and psychophysiological responses to repeated sound bursts.
73 Björklund M et al. Alpha2C-adrenoceptor overexpression disrupts execution of spatial and non-spatial search patterns.
74 Blom-Lange M. Vaikuttavuuden mittaamisesta erikoissairaanhoidossa.
75 Blom-Lange M. Päijät-Hämeessä tutkitaan hoidon vaikuttavuutta elämänlaatuun.
76 Boisson J et al. Immobilization of trace metals and arsenic by different soil additives: evaluation by means of chemical extractions.
77 Budygin EA et al. Effect of tolcapone, a catechol-O-methyltransferase inhibitor, on striatal dopaminergic transmission during blockade of dopamine uptake.
78 Byers MR, Närhi MVO. Dental injury models: experimental tools for understanding neuroinflammatory interactions and polymodal nociceptor functions.
79 Böhm J et al. Non-suppressed thyrotropin and elevated thyroglobulin are independent predictors of recurrence in differentiated thyroid carcinoma.
80 Callaway JC. Phytochemistry and neuropharmacology of ayahuasca.
81 Callaway JC et al. Pharmacokinetics of hoasca alkaloids in healthy humans.
82 Camastra S et al. Effect of obesity and insulin resistance on resting and glucose-induced thermogenesis in man.
83 Castrén E, Lindholm D. Hermoston regeneraatio - lentääkö Teräsmies jälleen?
84 Certal AC et al. S-RNases in apple are expressed in the pistil along the pollen tube growth path.
85 Chadwick D, for the Vigabatrin European Monotherapy Study Group. Safety and efficscy of vigabatrin and carbamazepine in newly diagnosed epilepsy: a multicentre randomised double-blind study.
86 Ciftcioglu N et al. Nanobacteria: an infectious cause for kidney stone formation.
87 Ciftcioglu N, Kajander EO. Growth factors for Nanobacteria.
88 Cohen H et al. Synthesis and preclinical pharmacology of 2-(2-aminopyrimidinio) ethylidene-1,1-bisphosphonic acid betaine (ISA-13-1)-a novel bisphosphonate.
89 Culvenor JG et al. Non-Abeta component of Alzheimer´s disease amyloid (NAC) revisited: NAC and alpha-synuclein are not associted with Abeta amyloid.
90 de Villiers E-M et al. An interlaboratory study to determine the presence of human papillomavirus DNA in esophageal carcinoma from China.
91 Dickstein K et al. Comparison of the effects of Losartan and Captopril on mortality in patients after acute myocardial infarction: The OPTIMAAL Trial Design.
92 Dua SK et al. Hygroscopicity of diesel aerosols.
93 Ebeling H et al. Smoking and drinking habits in adolescence - links with psychiatric disturbance at the age of 8 years.
94 Eichenbaum H et al. The hippocampus, memory, and place cells: is it spatial memory or a memory space?
95 Eloniemi-Sulkava U et al. Support program for demented patients and their carers: the role of dementia family care coordinator is crucial.
96 Elovaara I et al. Upregulated expression of Fas and Fas ligand in brain through the spectrum of HIV-1 infection.
97 Enlund H. 10th Social Pharmacy Workshop, Leuven, Belgien, August 25-28, 1998 "Information transfer".
98 Ensinger H et al. Effect of dobutamine on splanchnic carbohydrate metabolism and amino acid balance after cardiac surgery.
99 Eriksson J et al. Prevention of type II diabetes in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance:the Diabetes Prevention Study (DPS) in Finland: study design and 1-year interim report on the feasibility of the lifestyle intervention programme.
100 Eriksson J et al. Leptin concentrations and their relation to body fat distribution and weight loss - a prospective study in individuals with impaired glucose tolerance.
101 Eriksson L et al. Is histamine involved in milk ejection in goats?
102 Erkinjuntti-Pekkanen R et al. IgG antibodies, chronic bronchitis, and pulmonary function values in farmer's lung patients and matched controls.
103 Erkintalo M et al. Kuvantaminen selkävaivoissa.
104 Erkkilä AT et al. Dietary associates of serum total, LDL, and HDL cholesterol and triglycerides in patients with coronary heart disease.
105 Erkkilä AT et al. Diet in relation to socioeconomic status in patients with coronary heart disease.
106 Eronen M, Henriksson M. Persoonallisuushäiriöt: käyttäytymisen häiriöt.
107 Eskelinen H, Lautanen T. Pienet ja keskisuuret teollisuusyritykset erilaisissa toimintaympäristöissä. 1990-luvun kokemuksia.
108 Eskelinen L et al. ESCP:n 1. kongressi äidin ja lapsen terveydestä Budabestissa 22.-24.4.1998.
109 Eskelinen M, Haglund U. Developments in serologic detection of human pancreatic adenocarcinoma.
110 Eskelinen M et al. Receiver-operating characteristics (ROC) curve analysis of cathepsin D and pS2 in breast disease; results from a prospective study.
111 Eskelinen MJ, Haglund UH. Prognosis of human pancreatic adenocarcinoma: review of clinical and histopathological variables and possible uses of new molecular methods.
112 Eskelinen T. Sähkömagneettista yhteistyötä.
113 Eskola J. Ainahan on maksettava eikös juu. Raha ja (juniori)jääkiekkoilu.
114 Eskola J. Puhuisimmeko vaihteeksi yliopisto-opiskelun laadusta?
115 Eskola J, toim. Hegelistä Harréen, narratiivista Nudistiin.
116 Eskola J. Sosiaalipsykologia 2000-luvulla - pelkkää puhettako?
117 Eskola J. Kymmenen tarinaa ja kymmenen vuotta sosiaalipsykologiaa.
118 Eskola J. Neljä kierrosta sosiaalipsykologiaa - kohtalona kansanomaiset yliopistot.
119 Eskola J. Tätä kehtoo tutkia. Sosiaalitieteitä savolaisittain.
120 Eskola J. Esipuhe eli sosiaalitieteitä savolaisittain.
121 Eskola J. Sosiaalipsykologiaa Kuopiossa.
122 Eskola J. Kaksi- vai neliloikkaa? Fragmentteja ja kommentteja tutkimuksen tekemisestä.
123 Eskola J et al. Internet ja kyselylomake: kokemuksia.
124 Eskola J, Melin H. Urheilevien lasten vanhempien monet roolit.
125 Eskola S, Kaliste-Korhonen E. Aspen wood-wool is preferred as a resting place, but does not affect intracage fighting of male BALB/c and C57BL/6J mice.
126 Eskola S, Kaliste-Korhonen E. Nesting material and number of females per cage: effects on mice productivity in BALB/c, C57BL/6J, DBA/2 and NIH/S mice.
127 Eskola S et al. Environmental enrichment may alter the number of rats needed to achieve statistical significance.
128 Eskola S et al. The use of aspen block and tubes to enrich the cage environment of laboratory rats.
129 Everson SA et al. Anger expression and incident stroke: prospective evidence from the Kuopio Ischemic Heart Disease Study.
130 FELASA Working Group on Education of Specialists: et al. FELASA guidelines for education of spec ialists in laboratory animal science (category D). Report of the Federation of Laboratory Animal Science Association working group on education of specialists (category D) accepted by the FELASA Board of Management.
131 Ferguson GG et al. The North American Symptomatic Carotid Endarterectomy Trial surgical results in 1415 patients.
132 Fogelholm M et al. Parent - child relationship of physical activity patterns and obesity.
133 Fogelholm M, Uusitupa M. Kehon koostumuksen arviointi.
134 Fogelholm M, Uusitupa M. Liikunta, energiankulutus ja ravitsemus.
135 Folláth F et al. Dose-ranging and safety with intravenous levosimendan in low-output heart failure: experience in three pilot studies and outline of the levosimendan infusion versus dobutamine (LIDO) trial.
136 Fredholt K et al. Alfa-chymotrypsin-catalyzed degradation of desmopressin (dDAVP): influence of pH, concentration and various cyclodextrins.
137 Fridlund B. Consequences and rehabilitation needs in women after the first myocardial infarction.
138 Frisoni GB et al. Hippocampal and entorhinal cortex atrophy in frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer´s disease.
139 Geroldi C et al. APOE-epsilon4 is associated with less frontal and more medial temporal lobe atrophy in AD.
140 Gough PJ et al. Analysis of macrophage scavenger receptor (SR-A) expression in human aortic atherosclerotic lesions.
141 Gröhn OHJ et al. Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging assessment of cerebral ischemia in rat using on-resonance T1 in the rotating frame.
142 Grönfors M. Romanit - alistettuna marginaalissa.
143 Grönfors M. Men, masculinity and violence.
144 Grönfors M. Sosiologian opetus ja tutkimus Kuopion yliopistossa.
145 Grönfors M. Violence, masculinity and men in Sri Lanka.
146 Grönfors M. Machismo in Sri Lankan society.
147 Grönfors M. Miehen arin alue. Maskuliinisuus, seksuaalisuus ja väkivalta.
148 Grönlund M-M et al. Development of intestinal bacterial enzymes in infants - relationship to mode of delivery and type of feeding.
149 Guzaev A et al., inventor. Chemical phosphorylation of oligonucleotides and reactants used therefor.
150 Gynther J, Järvinen T. Kuopion yliopistossa kehitetään uusia lääkeaineita.
151 Haapala J et al. Remobilization does not fully restore immobilization induced articular cartilage atrophy.
152 Haapalinna A et al. Comparison of the effects of acute and subchronic administration of atipamezole on reaction to novelty and active avoidance learning in rats.
153 Haapasalo A et al. Expression of the naturally occurring truncated trkB neurotrophin receptor induces outgrowth of filopodia and processes in neuroblastoma cells.
154 Haataja S et al. Determination of the cell adhesion specificity of Streptococcus suis with the complete set of monodeoxy analogues of globotriose.
155 Haffner SM et al. Reduced coronary events in simvastatin-treated patients with coronary heart disease and diabetes of impaired fasting glucose levels: subgroup analyses in the Scandinavian Simvastatin Survival Study.
156 Haffner SM et al. Is leptin concentration associated with the insulin resistance syndrome in nondiabetic men?
157 Hakala K et al. Mass spectrometric (HPLC/ESI-MS/MS) quantification of pyrimido[1,2-a]purin-10(3H)-one, a guanine adduct formed by reaction of malondialdehyde with DNA.
158 Hakko H et al. Reply (to Cosinor modelling of suicides in Finland).
159 Hakulinen T et al. Relationships between family dynamics of Finnish child-rearing families, factors causing strain and received support.
160 Hakumäki J. Characterization of Tissue Response in Cerebral Ischemia and Tumor Apoptosis. A Quantitative 1H NMR Spectroscopy Study.
161 Hakumäki JM et al. 1H MRS detects polyunsaturated fatty acid accumulation during gene therapy of glioma: implications for the in vivo detection of apoptosis.
162 Hallikainen E et al. Kipupoliklinikan hoidoista voi hyötyä.
163 Hallikainen MA et al. Effects of low-fat stanol ester enriched margarines on concentrations of serum carotenoids in subjects with elevated serum cholesterol concentrations.
164 Hallikainen MA, Uusitupa MIJ. Effects of 2 low-fat stanol ester-containing margarines on serum cholesterol concentrations as a part of a low-fat diet in hypercholesterolemic subjects .
165 Hallikainen T et al. Association between low activity serotonin transporter promoter genotype and early onset alcoholism with habitual impulsive violent behavior.
166 Halonen R et al. Transport of microbes via supply ventilation ducts.
167 Halonen T et al. Neuroprotective effect of remacemide hydrochloride in a perforant pathway stimulation model of status epilepticus in the rat.
168 Hansson L et al. Effect of angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibition compared with conventional therapy on cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in hypertension: the Captopril Prevention Project (CAPPP) randomised trial.
169 Harjola V-P et al. Oral levosimendan improves cardiac function and hemodynamics in patients with severe congestive heart failure.
170 Harri M et al. Effect of access to a running wheel on behavior of C57BL/6J mice.
171 Harri M et al. Comparison of two breeding systems for timing of whelpings in farmed silver foxes.
172 Harri M et al. Welfare of farm foxes: a focus of recent research in Finland.
173 Harri M et al. Preferences of farmed silver foxes (Vulpes vulpes ) for four different floor types.
174 Harvima IT et al. Decreased chymase activity is associated with increased levels of protease inhibitors in mast cells of psoriatic lesions.
175 Harvima IT et al. Cultured allogeneic skin cells are effective in the treatment of chronic diabetic leg and foot ulcers.
176 Harvima R. Histone-Hydrolyzing Proteinases in the Skin with Special Reference to the Mast Cell Tryptase Upregulated in Psoriasis.
177 Harvima RJ et al. Identification and characterization of multiple forms of tryptase from human mast cells.
178 Harvima RJ et al. Pyoderma gangraenosumin paikallishoito kromoglikaattiliuoksella.
179 Harvima RJ et al. Käsien työperäisen urtikarian syy.
180 Harvima RJ et al. Repeated hand urticaria due to contact with fishfood.
181 Hassan IA, Anttonen S. Changes in nitrogen metabolism in leaves of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. Giza 6) in response to ozone.
182 Hedman AE, Hartikainen JEK. Has non-linear analysis of heart rate variability any practical value?
183 Heikinheimo AK et al. Bone morphogenetic protein-6 is a marker of serous acinar cell differentiation in normal and neoplastic human salivary gland.
184 Heikkinen A et al. Older versus younger pipe and rail fitters: physical work load, strain, fitness and work ability.
185 Heikkinen A-M et al. Is the response of serum lipids and lipoproteins to postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy modified by ApoE genotype?
186 Heikkinen J et al. Quality of myocardial perfusion single-photon emission tomography imaging: multicentre evaluation with a cardiac phantom.
187 Heikkinen JO. External Quality Assurance of Nuclear Medicine Imaging.
188 Heikkinen P, Juutilainen J. Cancer-related animal studies.
189 Heikkinen P et al. Chronic exposure to 50-Hz magnetic fields or 900-MHz electromagnetic fields does not alter nocturnal 6-hydroxymelatonin sulfate secretion in CBA/S mice.
190 Heikkinen S et al. Hexokinase II-deficient mice: prenatal death of homozygotes without disturbances in glucose tolerance in heterozygotes.
191 Heino A et al. BTA test is superior to voided urine cytology in detecting malignant bladder tumours.
192 Heino A et al. Application of a self-reinforced polyglycolic acid (SR-PGA) membrane to the closure of an abdominal fascial defect in rats.
193 Heinonen K et al. Acquired X-chromosome aneuploidy in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
194 Heinonen P et al. Identification of a three-amino acid deletion in the alfa2B-adrenergic receptor that is associated with reduced basal metabolic rate in obese subjects.
195 Heinonen S et al. Unexplained elevated serum hCG is associated with raised amniotic fluid erythropoietin levels in second-trimester pregnancies.
196 Heinonen S, Kirkinen P. Pregnancy outcome with intrahepatic cholestasis.
197 Heinonen S et al. The effects on fetal development of high alfa-fetoprotein and maternal smoking.
198 Heinonen S et al. Detection of trisomy 18by double screening in a low-risk pregnant population.
199 Heinonen-Tanski H. Listeria on hankala elintarvikeketjussa.
200 Heinonen-Tanski H. Listeriaa ja muita suolistotauteja voidaan torjua lietelannasta.
201 Heinonen-Tanski H. Aeration of cattle slurry at low or high temperature in Finnish climate.
202 Heinonen-Tanski H, Malkki S. Modern, hygienic water saving toilet systems according to Finnish and Swedish experiences.
203 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. Needs for more hygienic treatment of faecal matter in Finnish rural area.
204 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. Uhkaavatko lietelannan mikrobit vesistöjä?
205 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. Juomaveden laatu ei saa heiketä.
206 Heiskanen-Kosma T, Korppi M. Keuhkokuume.
207 Heiskanen-Kosma T, Korppi M. Märkäinen meningiitti.
208 Heiskanen-Kosma T et al. Chlamydia pneumoniae is an important cause of community-acquired pneumonia in school-aged children: serological results of a prospective, population-based study.
209 Heitzer T et al. Effect of vitamin E on endothelial vasodilator function in patients with hypercholesterolemia, chronic smoking or both.
210 Helenius M et al. Attenuation of NF-kappaB signaling response to UVB light during cellular senescence.
211 Helin H-L et al. Perioperative ultrasonography of lymph nodes in patients with gynaecological malignancy.
212 Helisalmi S et al. Promoter polymorphism (-491A/T) in the APOE gene of Finnish Alzheimer´s disease patients and control individuals.
213 Helminen A et al. Positive and negative life changes and LDL cholesterol.
214 Hendolin H. Postoperatiivisen kivun hoito.
215 Hendolin H, Hirvonen E. Vatsaleikkauspotilaan anestesia.
216 Henttonen P, Huner JV. The introduction of alien species of crayfish in Europe: a historical introduction.
217 Herman WH et al. Effect of simvastatin treatment on cardiovascular resource utilization in impaired fasting glucose and diabetes: findings from the Scandinavian Simvastatin Survival Study.
218 Herno A et al. Computed tomography findings 4 years after surgical management of lumbar spinal stenosis.
219 Herno A et al. Long-term clinical and magnetic resonance imaging follow-up assessment of patients with lumbar spinal stenosis after laminectomy.
220 Herno A et al. The degree of decompressive relief and its relation to clinical outcome in patients undergoing surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis.
221 Herno et al. Leikkauksen jälkeisellä radiologisella löydöksellä ei ole vaikutusta lumbaalisen spinaalistenoosin leikkaushoidon kliiniseen tulokseen.
222 Herrgård E, Korppi M. Enkefaliitti.
223 Hienola J et al. Influence of nitric acid vapor on cloud particle formation at low temperatures in troposphere.
224 Hiltunen JK et al. Estimation of the dynamics of event-related desynchronisation changes in electroencephalograms.
225 Hiltunen M et al. Linkage disequilibrium in the 13q12 region in Finnish late onset Alzheimer`s disease patients.
226 Hiltunen MO et al. Functional genomics and DNA array techniques in atherosclerosis research.
227 Hinno S et al. Portfolio on jatkuva prosessi.
228 Hintikka J. Suicidal ideation in general population and among psychiatric patients - a review.
229 Hintikka J et al. Viekö velka terveyden?
230 Hintikka J et al. Men, women, and marriages: are there differences in relation to mental health?
231 Hintikka J et al. Gender differences in living skills and global assessment of functioning among outpatients with schizophrenia.
232 Hintikka J et al. Suicide mortality in Finland during an economic cycle, 1985-1995.
233 Hintikka J et al. Does regular attendance at sporting events promote mental health?
234 Hintikka V, Niemi K. Aseptic culture of slowly growing mycorrhizal Russula and Cortinarius species.
235 Hintikka V, Niemi K. Nitrite tolerance of different ectomycorrhizal and wood- and litter-decomposing fungi.
236 Hippeläinen M. Uudet läppäproteesit.
237 Hirvikoski P. A Clinicopathological Study on Survival in Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Proteins Related to Adhesion, Cell Proliferation and Apoptosis.
238 Hirvikoski P et al. K-ras and p53 mutations and overexpressions as prognostic factors in female rectal carcinoma.
239 Hirvikoski P et al. Downregulation of p21/WAF1 is related to advanced and dedifferentiated laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma.
240 Hirvikoski P et al. Enhanced apoptosis correlates with poor survival in patients with laryngeal cancer but not with cell proliferation, bcl-2 or p53 expression.
241 Hirvikoski P et al. Irregular expression of hyaluronan and its CD44 receptor is associated with metastatic phenotype in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma.
242 Hirvonen A. Advanced Oxidation of Chlorinated Pollutants in Groundwater.
243 Hirvonen M-R et al. Nitric oxide and proinflammatory cytokines in nasal lavage fluid associated with symptoms and exposure to moldy building microbes.
244 Holmberg M et al. Adrenergic alpha2C-receptors reside in rat striatal gabaergic projection neurons: comparison of radioligand binding and immunohistochemistry.
245 Holopainen J. Globaalimuutos tuo uusia kasvinsuojeluongelmia.
246 Holopainen R et al. Lonkan tekonivelleikkauspotilaita tutkittiin Kuopiossa.
247 Honkalampi K et al. Factors associated with alexithymia in patients suffering from depression.
248 Honkanen K et al. Validity of self-reports of fractures in perimenopausal women.
249 Honkatukia P. Gender, social identity and delinquent behaviour.
250 Honkatukia P. Seksuaalinen väkivalta tyttöjen elämässä.
251 Honkatukia P. Tytöt ja sukupuolispesifi sosiaalinen kontrolli.
252 Hopsu L et al. Effects of ergonomic and exercise intervention on stress and strain in professional cleaning.
253 Hosiokangas J et al. Effects of soil dust episodes and mixed fuel sources on source apportionment of PM10 particles in Kuopio, Finland.
254 Hosszúfalusi N et al. Hyperinsulinemia predicts coronary heart disease risk in healthy middle-aged men.
255 Hublin C et al. Ravitsemus ja hermosto.
256 Huikko E et al. Behavioural/emotional symptoms among 8-9-year-old children with somatic symptoms or illnesses as reported by their teacher.
257 Huotari M et al. Microdialysis studies on the action of tolcapone on pharmacologically-elevated extracellular dopamine levels in conscious rats.
258 Huuhtanen R. Oppimiskeskus - uusi oppimisympäristö.
259 Huusko T et al. Significant changes in the surgical methods and length of hospital stay of hip fracture patients occurring over 10 years in Central Finland.
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