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Julkaisut 1999
Publications 1999

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1 Ackermann L et al. Mast cells in psoriatic skin are strongly positive for interferon-gamma.
2 Harvima IT et al. Decreased chymase activity is associated with increased levels of protease inhibitors in mast cells of psoriatic lesions.
3 Harvima IT et al. Cultured allogeneic skin cells are effective in the treatment of chronic diabetic leg and foot ulcers.
4 Harvima R. Histone-Hydrolyzing Proteinases in the Skin with Special Reference to the Mast Cell Tryptase Upregulated in Psoriasis.
5 Harvima RJ et al. Identification and characterization of multiple forms of tryptase from human mast cells.
6 Harvima RJ et al. Pyoderma gangraenosumin paikallishoito kromoglikaattiliuoksella.
7 Kaminska R et al. Focal dermal-epidermal separation and fibronectin cleavage in basement membrane by human mast cell tryptase.
8 Kaminska R et al. Mast cells in developing subepidermal bullous diseases: emphasis on tryptase, chymase and protease inhibitors.
9 Kaminska R et al. Suction blister formation in skin after acute and repeated mast cell degranulation.
10 Kivinen PK et al. Quantitative digital image analysis applied to demonstrate the stratified distribution of involucrin in organ cultured human skin.
11 Räsänen L et al. Hypersensitivity to gold in gold sodium thiomalate-induced dermatosis.
12 Vaahtoranta-Lehtonen HH et al. Papillary hypertrophy of the upper tarsal conjunctiva during contact lens wear: a 4-month study with ethyl-6-O-decanoyl-glucoside.

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