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Julkaisut 1999
Publications 1999

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1 Alanen E et al. Penetration of electromagnetic fields of an open-ended coaxial probe between 1 MHz and 1 GHz in dielectric skin measurements.
2 Anttila A et al. Superiority of diamondlike carbon coating on articulating surfaces of artificial hip joints.
3 Arikoski P et al. Reduced bone density at completion of chemotherapy for a malignancy.
4 Arikoski P et al. Impaired development of bone mineral density during chemotherapy: a prospective analysis of 46 children newly diagnosed with cancer.
5 Arokoski JP et al. Biomechanical and structural characteristics of canine femoral and tibial cartilage.
6 Heikkinen JO. External Quality Assurance of Nuclear Medicine Imaging.
7 Hienola J et al. Influence of nitric acid vapor on cloud particle formation at low temperatures in troposphere.
8 Hiltunen JK et al. Estimation of the dynamics of event-related desynchronisation changes in electroencephalograms.
9 Hämeri K et al. Hygroscopic properties of ultrafine inorganic salt particles.
10 Juntunen M. Direct Stabilization of Autoregressive Models.
11 Juntunen M, Kaipio JP. A strategy for selecting measurement points in the determination of depth-dose curves and dose profiles.
12 Juntunen M et al. Stabilization of Subba Rao-Liporace models.
13 Kaipio J, Somersalo E. Nonstationary inverse problems and state estimation.
14 Kaipio JP et al. State estimation in time-varying electrical impedance tomography.
15 Kaipio JP et al. Inverse problems with structural prior information.
16 Karjalainen PA et al. Subspace regularization method for the single-trial estimation of evoked potentials.
17 Karjalainen PA et al. Regularization approach to the single trial estimation of multi channel evoked potentials.
18 Kemppainen T et al. Osteoporosis in adult patients with celiac disease.
19 Kemppainen T et al. Bone recovery after a gluten-free diet: a 5-year follow-up study.
20 Kolehmainen E et al. NMR spectroscopy in environmental chemistry:1H and 13C NMR chemical shift assignments of chlorinated dibenzothiophenes based on two-dimensional NMR techniques and ab initio MO and DFT/GIAO calculations.
21 Kolehmainen V et al. Recovery of organ boundaries in optical tomography.
22 Kolehmainen V et al. Recovery of region boundaries of piecewise constant coefficients of an elliptic PDE from boundary data.
23 Komulainen M et al. Prevention of femoral and lumbar bone loss with hormone replacement therapy and vitamin D3 in early postmenopausal women: a population-based 5-year randomized trial .
24 Korhonen P et al. Ternary nucleation of H2SO4, NH3, and H2O in the atmosphere.
25 Laaksonen A et al. Liquid-drop formalism and free-energy surfaces in binary homogeneous nucleation theory.
26 Lahtinen T et al. Quantitative assessment of protein content in irradiated human skin.
27 Lyyra T et al. Experimental validation of arthroscopic cartilage stiffness measurement using enzymatically degraded cartilage samples.
28 Lyyra T et al. In vivo characterization of indentation stiffness of articular cartilage in the normal human knee.
29 Lyyra-Laitinen T et al. Optimization of the arthroscopic indentation instrument for the measurement of thin cartilage stiffness.
30 Napari I, Laaksonen A. Gas-liquid nucleation in partially miscible systems: free-energy surfaces and structures of nuclei from density functional calculations.
31 Napari I, Laaksonen A. A density functional approach to nucleation in partially miscible binary mixtures.
32 Napari I et al. A density functional study of liquid-liquid interfaces in partially miscible systems .
33 Olkkonen H et al. Gain optimized cosine trasform domain LMS algorithm for adaptive filtering of EEG.
34 Ollikainen JO et al. Effects of local skull inhomogeneities on EEG source estimation.
35 Ostapczuk A et al. Preliminary test in decomposition of styrene by electron beam treatment.
36 Petersen D et al. Applicability and limitations of the capillarity approximation for modeling heterogeneous nucleation in binary vapor mixtures .
37 Pirjola L et al. Potential of upper tropospheric SO2 conversion into sulphuric acid aerosols and cloud condensation nuclei.
38 Santavirta SS et al. The counterface, surface smoothness, tolerances, and coatings in total joint prostheses.
39 Tervo J et al. A finite-element model of electron transport in radiation therapy and a related inverse problem.
40 Tiitta M et al. Using spatial averaging and relative measurement techniques to improve acousto-ultrasonic decay detection efficiency.
41 Tiitta M et al. Wood moisture gradient analysis by electrical impedance spectroscopy.
42 Töyräs J et al. Bone properties as estimated by mineral density, ultrasound attenuation, and velocity.
43 Töyräs J et al. Characterization of enzymatically induced degradation of articular cartilage using high frequency ultrasound.
44 Vauhkonen PJ et al. Static three-dimensional electrical impedance tomography.
45 Vauhkonen PJ et al. Three-dimensional electrical impedance tomography based on the complete electrode model.
46 Voutilainen A et al. A new data inversion algorithm for DMPS and TDMA measurements.
47 Yang J. A Single Isotope Method for Simultaneous Emission and Transmission Scatter Correction in SPECT.
48 Yang J et al. Evaluation of scatter correction using a single isotope for simultaneous emission and transmission data: phantom and clinical patient studies .

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