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Julkaisut 1999
Publications 1999

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1 Boisson J et al. Immobilization of trace metals and arsenic by different soil additives: evaluation by means of chemical extractions.
2 Hassan IA, Anttonen S. Changes in nitrogen metabolism in leaves of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. Giza 6) in response to ozone.
3 Hintikka V, Niemi K. Aseptic culture of slowly growing mycorrhizal Russula and Cortinarius species.
4 Hintikka V, Niemi K. Nitrite tolerance of different ectomycorrhizal and wood- and litter-decomposing fungi.
5 Holopainen J. Globaalimuutos tuo uusia kasvinsuojeluongelmia.
6 Kasurinen A et al. The influence of elevated CO2 and O3 on fine roots and mycorrhizas of naturally growing young Scots pine trees during three exposure years.
7 Kärenlampi L. Small decrease of assimilation rate can result in considerable loss of yield-tentative long-term model calculations of the impact of ozone on silver birch plantation.
8 Manninen A-M. Susceptibility of Scots Pine Seedlings to Specialist and Generalist Insect Herbivores. Importance of Plant Defence and Mycorrhizal Status.
9 Manninen A-M et al. Performance of grey pine aphid, Schizolachnus pineti, on ectomycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal Scots pine seedlings at different levels of nitrogen availability.
10 Nissinen A, Holopainen J. Porkkanapellon ekologiaa: aikapako ja sahanpuru auttaa porkkanaa.
11 Nissinen A, Holopainen J. Ekologiset vuorovaikutukset - porkkanapelto kempin näkökulmasta.
12 Nissinen A et al. Onko hajusta porkkanakempille haitaksi vai houkuttimeksi?
13 Oksanen E, Saleem A. Ozone exposure results in various carry-over effects and prolonged reduction in biomass in birch (Betula pendula Roth).
14 Paasisalo S. Uusia makuja pihapihlajasta.
15 Palomäki V, Hietakangas T. Sopiva kasvualusta haussa luomukasvihuonevihanneksille.
16 Pääkkönen E et al. Ozone responses of well-watered and drought-stressed birch (Betula pendula roth) clones: A summary of high-stress chamber and low-stress open-field experiments.
17 Pääkkönen E et al. Ozone impact remains in birch (betula pendula roth) one and two seasons after exposure.
18 Sallas L et al. Effects of planting on concentrations of terpenes, resin acids and total phenolics in Pinus sylvestris L. seedlings.
19 Tarhanen S et al. Membrane permeability response of lichen Bryoria fuscescens to wet deposited heavy metals and acid rain.
20 Utriainen J, Holopainen T. Increased springtime ozone concentrations in northern latitudes-risk for boreal evergreens?
21 Viskari E-L. Dispersion, Deposition and Effects of Road Traffic-Related Pollutants on Roadside Ecosystem.
22 Wulff A et al. Birch (Betula pendula Roth.) responses to high UV-B radiation.

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