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Julkaisut 1998
Publications 1998

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1 Alm S et al. Personal NO2 exposures of preschool children in Helsinki.
2 Elmi M. Assessment of Exposure to Fungicide Propamocarb among Finnish Potato Farmers and Inspectors with a Special Reference to Models Predicting Exposure in Developing Countries.
3 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. Lietelannoituksen vaikutus säilörehun hygieniaan.
4 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. Aeration improves the hygiene of cattle slurry and the quality of grass forage and silage.
5 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. Salmonella in animal slurry can be destroyed by aeration at low temperatures.
6 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. Lietelannan jatkuva ilmastus voi toimia korkeassakin lämpötilassa.
7 Heinonen-Tanski H, Rajala R. Suolistomikrobit yhä uhkana pintavesilähteissä.
8 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. Säilörehun puristenesteellä voi pilata kaivoja.
9 Hirvonen A et al. Evaluation of a field-scale UV/H2O2-oxidation system for the purification of groundwater contaminated with PCE.
10 Huuskonen H et al. Effects of gestational exposure to a video display terminal-like magnetic field (20-kHz) on CBA/S mice.
11 Huuskonen H et al. Effects of low-frequency magnetic fields on fetal development in CBA/Ca mice.
12 Huuskonen H et al. Teratogenic and reproductive effects of low-frequency magnetic fields.
13 Hyvönen T et al. Methane release from stands of water horsetail (Equisetum fluviatile) in a boreal lake.
14 Isosaari P et al. Concentrations of PCDD/Fs and PCBs in rainbow trout fed with Baltic herring and dry fish feed.
15 Isosaari P et al. Photochemical degradation of dioxins in soil.
16 Joki-Tokola E, Heinonen-Tanski H. Effects of spreading technique and aeration of slurry on yield, chemical composition and quality of grass silage.
17 Juuti S, Hoekstra EJ. The origins and occurrence of trichloroacetic acid.
18 Juutilainen J. Biological effects of electromagnetic fields at the kHz and low MHz frequency range.
19 Juutilainen J, Seze R de. Biological effects of amplitude-modulated radiofrequency radiation .
20 Kainulainen P et al. Foliar and emission composition of essential oil in two carrot varieties.
21 Kasanen J-P et al. Recommended occupational exposure limits for some monoterpenes and turpentine based on their sensory irritation potency .
22 Kasanen J-P et al. Stereospecificity of the sensory irritation receptor for nonreactive chemicals illustrated by pinene enantiomers.
23 Kiviranta H et al. Levels of PCDD/Fs and PCBs in human milk in 1994 in Finland: Decrease in concentrations from 1987 to 1994.
24 Koistinen J et al. Estimation of the level of PCDD/PCDFs in soil contaminated with a chlorophenol formulation using supercritical fluid extraction.
25 Koivusalo M et al. Drinking water mutagenicity and urinary tract cancers: a population-based case-control study in Finland.
26 Komulainen V-M et al. Short-term effect of restoration on vegetation change and methane emissions from peatlands drained for forestry in southern Finland.
27 Kontsas H. Workers' Exposure to Organochlorine Compounds in Wood-Processing Plants with Past or Present Use of Chlorine-Containing Chemicals.
28 Korpi A et al. Volatile compounds originating from mixed microbial cultures on building materials under various humidity conditions.
29 Kumlin T et al. Epidermal ornithine decarboxylase and polyamines in mice exposed to 50 Hz magnetic fields and UV radiation.
30 Kumlin T et al. Effects of 50 Hz magnetic fields on UV-induced skin tumourigenesis in ODC-transgenic and non-transgenic mice.
31 Laitinen J. Biomonitoring and Renal Effects of Alkoxyalcohols and Their Acetates Among Silkscreen Printers.
32 Lappalainen S et al. Serum IgG antibodies against Wallemia sebi and Fusarium species in Finnish farmers.
33 Leinonen P et al. Nitrogen economy of cattle slurry aeration and spreading on to grassland.
34 Luoto K et al. Dissolution of short and long rockwool and glasswool fibers by macrophages in flowthrough cell culture.
35 Mannila M et al. Development of a solid phase carbon trap in supercritical fluid extraction for determination of PCDDs and PCDFs in soil samples.
36 Manninen A-M et al. Condition of Scots pine fine roots and mycorrhiza after fungicide application and low-level ozone exposure in a 2-year field experiment.
37 Miettinen I. Microbial Growth and Chemical Quality in Finnish Drinking Waters.
38 Miettinen I et al. Mikrobien jälkikasvu suomalaisissa verkostovesissä vuonna 1995.
39 Miettinen I et al. Vedenkäsittelyn vaikutukset juomaveden ravinteisiin ja mikrobien jälkikasvuun .
40 Miettinen IT et al. Artificial recharge of ground water, organic carbon and microbes.
41 Miettinen IT et al. Mutagenicity and amount of chloroform after chlorination of bank filtered lake water .
42 Miettinen IT et al. Microbial growth in drinking waters treated with ozone, ozone/hydrogen peroxide or chlorine.
43 Noordwijk M van et al. Global change and root function.
44 Nykänen H et al. Methane fluxes on boreal peatlands of different fertility and the effect of long-term experimental lowering of the water table on flux rates.
45 Pasanen A-L. Homeiden aineenvaihduntatuotteet sisäilmaongelmien aiheuttajana.
46 Pasanen A-L et al. Critical aspects on the significance of microbial volatile metabolites as indoor air pollutants.
47 Pasanen P. Emissions from Filters and Hygiene of Air Ducts in the Ventilation Systems of Office Buildings.
48 Rajala RL, Heinonen-Tanski H. Survival and transfer of faecal indicator organisms of wastewater effluents in receiving lake waters.
49 Raunio P et al. Cat, dog, and house-dust-mite allergen levels of house dust in Finnish apartments.
50 Rautiala S et al. Control of exposure to airborne viable microorganisms during remediation of moldy buildings; report of three case studies.
51 Regina K et al. Emissions of N2O and NO and net nitrogen mineralization in a boreal forested peatland treated with different nitrogen compounds.
52 Regina K et al. Mechanisms of N2O and NO production in the soil profile of a drained and forested peatland, as studied with acetylene, nitrapyrin and dimethyl ether.
53 Ruokojärvi PH et al. Effect of gaseous inhibitors on PCDD/F formation.
54 Ruuskanen J. Conventional combustion technologies, waste incineration.
55 Ruuskanen J et al. Formation and prevention of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in the incineration processes.
56 Saari A et al. Effect of the organic horizon on methane oxidation and uptake in soil of a boreal Scots pine forest .
57 Saarnio S et al. Effects of raised CO2 on potential CH4 production and oxidation in, and CH4 emission from, a boreal mire.
58 Salonen RO et al. A new guinea-pig model for acute inhalation studies on combined effects of cold air and pollutants.
59 Schuhmacher M et al. Dioxin and dibenzofuran concentrations in human milk samples from Catalonia, Spain.
60 Säämänen A. Methods to Control Styrene Exposure in the Reinforced Plastics Industry.
61 Tuppurainen K et al. Formation of PCDDs and PCDFs in municipal waste incineration and its inhibition mechanisms: a review.
62 Vahala R et al. Evaluation of operational conditions for intermediate ozonation.
63 Vartiainen T et al. Birth weight and sex of children and the correlation to the body burden of PCDDs/PCDFs and PCBs of the mother .
64 Zacheus O. Physical, Chemical and Microbiological Quality of Water in the Distribution Systems of Finnish Buildings.

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