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Julkaisut 1998
Publications 1998

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1 Juntunen M et al. Stabilization of stationary and time-varying autoregressive models.
2 Juntunen M et al. Root modulus constraints in autoregressive model estimation.
3 Kautonen A et al. Constant thinning protocol for routing h-relations in complete networks.
4 Kivi M-R et al. MOTHER: System for continuous capturing of display stream.
5 Kolmonen P et al. Use of the cimmino algorithm and continuous approximation for the dose deposition kernel in the inverse problem of radiation treatment planning.
6 Laine M et al. Modelling anomia by the discrete two-stage word production architecture.
7 Pesonen E. Studies on the Experimental Construction of a Neural Network-Based Decision Support System for Acute Abdominal Pain.
8 Pesonen E et al. Treatment of missing data values in a neural network based decision support system for acute abdominal pain.
9 Pesonen E et al. Diagnosis of acute appendicitis in two databases. Evaluation of different neighborhoods with a LVQ neural networks.
10 Tervo J. An FEM scheme of a PDE system from bioreactor theory with stability results.
11 Tervo J, Kolmonen P. Data fitting model for the kernel of integral operator from radiation therapy.
12 Tervo J, Nihtilä MT. Stability for linearized control system related to a fixed-bed bioreactor.
13 Tikkala A. Suggestion for a neural network model for simulating child language acquisition.

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