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Julkaisut 1998
Publications 1998

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1 Bergström KA et al. Fentanyl decreases beta-CIT binding to the dopamine transporter.
2 Castrén E et al. Mitä uutta neurofarmakologiasta?
3 Eronen M et al. The psychiatric epidemiology of violent behaviour.
4 Hakko H et al. Parental age gap and child sex ratio - fact or fiction?
5 Hakko H et al. Seasonal variation in suicide occurrence in Finland.
6 Hakko H et al. Secular trends in the rates and seasonality of violent and nonviolent suicide occurrence in Finland during 1980-95.
7 Hakko H et al. Increasing homicide rate in Finland accompanied by decreasing seasonality over the period 1957-95.
8 Hakola HPA. Benton's visual retention test in patients with polycystic lipomembranous dysplasia with sclerosing leukoencephalopathy.
9 Hiltunen J et al. Iodine-123 labeled nor-beta-CIT as a potential tracer for serotonin transporter imaging in the human brain with single-photon emission tomography.
10 Kuikka J et al. SPET psykiatrisessa tutkimuksessa.
11 Kuikka J, Tiihonen J. Fractal analysis - a new approach in brain receptor imaging.
12 Kuikka JT et al. Pharmacokinetics and dosimetry of iodine-123 labelled PE2I in humans, a radioligand for dopamine transporter imaging.
13 Kuikka JT et al. Abnormal structure of human striatal dopamine re-uptake sites in habitually violent alcoholic offenders: a fractal analysis.
14 Kuikka JT et al. Imaging the structure of the striatum: a fractal approach to SPECT image interpretation.
15 Pekkarinen P et al. Assignment of the locus for PLO-SL, a frontal-lobe dementia with bone cysts, to 19q13.
16 Räsänen P et al. The incidence and onset-age of hospitalized bipolar affective disorder in Finland.
17 Räsänen P et al. Juvenile mortality, mental disturbances and criminality: a prospective study of the Northern Finland 1966 birth cohort.
18 Räsänen P et al. Schizophrenia, alcohol abuse, and violent behavior: a 26-year followup study of an unselected birth cohort.
19 Tiihonen J. Kuopion yliopiston oikeuspsykiatrian klinikan tutkimustoiminta vuosina 1994-1997.
20 Tiihonen J et al. Reversal of cerebral asymmetry in schizophrenia measured with magnetoencephalography.
21 Tiihonen J et al. Striatal presynaptic dopamine function in type 1 alcoholics measured with positron emission tomography.
22 Viinamäki H et al. Change in monoamine transporter density related to clinical recovery: A case-control study.
23 Virkkunen M, Tiihonen J. Helsingin yliopiston psykiatrian klinikan tutkimustoiminta vuosina 1994-1997.
24 Åkerman KK et al. The metabolism of iodine-123 labelled 3-(5-cyclopropyl-1,2,4-oxadiazo-3-yl)-7-iodo-5,6-dihydro-5-methyl-6-oxo-4H-imidazo(1,5-a) (1,4)benzodiazepine (NNC 13-8241) measured in human plasma is only minor.

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