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Julkaisut 1998
Publications 1998

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1 Arikoski P et al. Reduced bone mineral density in long-term survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
2 Bergström KA et al. Fentanyl decreases beta-CIT binding to the dopamine transporter.
3 Heikkinen A-M et al. Effects of postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy with and without vitamin D3 on circulating levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D and 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D.
4 Hiltunen J et al. Iodine-123 labeled nor-beta-CIT as a potential tracer for serotonin transporter imaging in the human brain with single-photon emission tomography.
5 Huuskonen H et al. Effects of gestational exposure to a video display terminal-like magnetic field (20-kHz) on CBA/S mice.
6 Huuskonen H et al. Effects of low-frequency magnetic fields on fetal development in CBA/Ca mice.
7 Isoherranen K et al. Differential regulation of the AP-1 family members by UV irradiation in vitro and in vivo.
8 Julkunen A. Internet ja kliininen laboratorio.
9 Kaartinen V et al. Phenotypic characterization of mice with targeted disruption of glycosylasparaginase gene: a mouse model for aspartylglycosaminuria.
10 Kokki H et al. Metabolic effects of a low-pressure tourniquet system compared with a high-pressure tourniquet system in arthroscopic anterior crucial ligament reconstruction.
11 Koukkunen H et al. Troponin T and creatinine kinase isoenzyme MB mass in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction.
12 Kumar R et al. Selective deletion of exon 1beta of the p19arf gene in metastatic melanoma cell lines.
13 Kuronen I. Hens as Antibody Donors for Immunoanalyses. Immunometric Analysis of Human Osteocalcin and Parathyrin Using Hen Egg Yolk Antibodies.
14 Larramendy ML et al. DNA copy number changes in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
15 Louheranta AM et al. A high-stearic acid diet does not impair glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity in healthy women.
16 Middle JG et al. Characterisation and evaluation of external quality assessment scheme serum.
17 Niskanen L et al. Hyperglycemia and compositional lipoprotein abnormalities as predictors of cardiovascular mortality in type 2 diabetes: a 15-year follow-up from the time of diagnosis.
18 Noronkoski T. Biochemical Characteristics of Human Glycosylasparaginase and an Experimental Murine Model of Aspartylglycosaminuria (AGU).
19 Noronkoski T et al. Glycosylasparaginase-catalyzed synthesis and hydrolysis of beta-aspartyl peptides.
20 Penttilä I et al. European evaluation of AxSYM Troponin-I assay in Finland.
21 Penttilä I et al. Novel diagnostics of patients with chest pain by quantitative measurements of serum myoglobin, creatine kinase MB mass, troponin T and troponin I.
22 Punnonen K et al. Serum transferrin receptor, ferritin and TfR-F index in identification of latent iron deficiency.
23 Rajamäki A, Punnonen K. Raudanpuuteanemian diagnostiikka ja hoito.
24 Rankinen T et al. Nutritional status of the Finnish elite ski jumpers.
25 Rantanen T, Penttilä I. Kuopion yliopistollisen sairaalan kliinisen kemian osaston uusi automaattinen näytteiden käsittelyjärjestelmä.
26 Remes S et al. Serum eosinophil cationic protein (ECP) and eosinophil protein X (EPX) in childhood asthma: the influence of atopy.
27 Romppanen J et al. Total and lipid-bound serum sialic acid in children with malignancy or infections.
28 Salonen JT et al. Relation between iron stores and non-insulin dependent diabetes in men: case-control study.
29 Suominen P et al. Serum transferrin receptor and transferrin receptor-ferritin index identify healthy subjects with subclinical iron deficits.
30 Tuomainen T-P et al. Association between body iron stores and the risk of acute myocardial infarction in men.
31 Väätäinen U et al. Markers of cartilage and synovial metabolism in joint fluid and serum of patients with chondromalacia of the patella.
32 Ylikangas PK, Mononen IT. Glycosylasparaginase as a marker enzyme in the detection of I-cell disease.
33 Åkerman KK et al. The metabolism of iodine-123 labelled 3-(5-cyclopropyl-1,2,4-oxadiazo-3-yl)-7-iodo-5,6-dihydro-5-methyl-6-oxo-4H-imidazo(1,5-a) (1,4)benzodiazepine (NNC 13-8241) measured in human plasma is only minor.
34 Åkerman KK et al. High-performance liquid chromatography method for analyzing citalopram and desmethylcitalopram from human serum.

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