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Julkaisut 1998
Publications 1998

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1 Bergström KA et al. Fentanyl decreases beta-CIT binding to the dopamine transporter.
2 Heikkinen J et al. Quality of brain perfusion single-photon emission tomography images: multicentre evaluation using an anatomically accurate three-dimensional phantom.
3 Hiltunen J et al. Iodine-123 labeled nor-beta-CIT as a potential tracer for serotonin transporter imaging in the human brain with single-photon emission tomography.
4 Kansanen M et al. The effect of a very low-calorie diet-induced weight loss on the severity of obstructive sleep apnoea and autonomic nervous function in obese patients with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome.
5 Koivisto T et al. Regional cerebral blood flow in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage: single photon emission tomography evaluation of endovascular versus surgical treatment.
6 Kuikka J et al. SPET psykiatrisessa tutkimuksessa.
7 Kuikka J, Tiihonen J. Fractal analysis - a new approach in brain receptor imaging.
8 Kuikka JT. Letter to the editor (to Interactive Compartmental Modeling).
9 Kuikka JT et al. Pharmacokinetics and dosimetry of iodine-123 labelled PE2I in humans, a radioligand for dopamine transporter imaging.
10 Kuikka JT et al. Effect of revascularization on (99mTc) sestamibi and (123I)IPPA uptakes in patients with myocardial infarction.
11 Kuikka JT et al. Future developments in nuclear medicine instrumentation: A review.
12 Kuikka JT et al. Abnormal structure of human striatal dopamine re-uptake sites in habitually violent alcoholic offenders: a fractal analysis.
13 Kuikka JT et al. Imaging the structure of the striatum: a fractal approach to SPECT image interpretation.
14 Kuikka JT et al. Physical performance of the Siemens E.CAM gamma camera.
15 Kurl S et al. Determinants of bone mineral density in prematurely born children aged 6-7 years.
16 Laitinen T et al. Age and gender dependency of baroreflex sensitivity in healthy subjects.
17 Lehtovirta M et al. Longitudinal SPECT study in Alzheimer`s disease: relation to apolipoprotein E polymorphism.
18 Mustonen P et al. Significance of coronary artery bypass grafting-associated conduction defects.
19 Nikolajev K et al. Effects of intrauterine growth retardation and prematurity on spirometric flow values and lung volumes at school age in twin pairs.
20 Nousiainen T et al. Acute neurohumoral and cardiovascular effects of idarubicin in leukemia patients.
21 Penttinen J et al. Does plasma L-arginine level play a role in regulation of blood pressure during exercise and autonomic nervous function.
22 Rankinen T et al. Nutritional status of the Finnish elite ski jumpers.
23 Riekkinen M et al. Tetrahydroaminoacridine improves the recency effect in Alzheimer's disease.
24 Töyry J. Autonomic Neuropathy in Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus. Controlled Ten-Year Follow-Up Study.
25 Vanninen E et al. Sydänlihaksen perfuusion gammakuvauksen uusia mahdollisuuksia: viitearvot ja EKG-tahdistettu yksifotoniemissiotomografia.
26 Vauhkonen I et al. Defects in insulin secretion and insulin action in non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus are inherited: metabolic studies on offspring of diabetic probands.
27 Viinamäki H et al. Change in monoamine transporter density related to clinical recovery: A case-control study.
28 Yu M et al. Comparison of HPLC, TLC and minicolumn for measuring the radiochemical purity of 99Tcm-Q12.
29 Yu M et al. Biodistribution of (64Cu)Cu2+ and variance of metallothionein during tumor treatment by copper.
30 Åkerman KK et al. The metabolism of iodine-123 labelled 3-(5-cyclopropyl-1,2,4-oxadiazo-3-yl)-7-iodo-5,6-dihydro-5-methyl-6-oxo-4H-imidazo(1,5-a) (1,4)benzodiazepine (NNC 13-8241) measured in human plasma is only minor.

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