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Julkaisut 1998
Publications 1998

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1 Airaksinen M. Kuopion yliopiston farmakologian ja toksikologian laitos.
2 Castrén E et al. Mitä uutta neurofarmakologiasta?
3 Hansell P et al. Different renal effects of two inhibitors of catechol-O-methylation in the rat: Entacapone and CGP 28014.
4 Hyvönen PM, Kowolik MJ. Dose-dependent suppression of the neutrophil respiratory burst by lidocaine.
5 Joki S et al. Correlation between ciliary beat frequency and the structure of ciliated epithelia in pathologic human nasal mucosa.
6 Kojo A. The Inducibility and Inhibition of Mouse Hepatic CYP2A5.
7 Kojo A et al. Induction of CYP2A5 by pyrazole and its derivatives in mouse primary hepatocytes.
8 Kolmakow S, Nieminen S. Ubiquinone and parodontitis - myth or reality? (in Russian).
9 Kõks S et al. Opioid antagonist naloxone potentiates anxiogenic-like action of cholecystokinin agonists in elevated plus-maze.
10 Laihia JK et al. Urocanic acid binds to GABA but not to histamine (H1, H2, or H3) receptors.
11 Laitinen K. In Vivo Microdialysis as a Tool to study the Release of Histamine and Cyclic GMP in the Rat Brain.
12 Lecklin A. Brain Histamine in the Regulation of Food Intake and Body Water Homeostasis in Rats.
13 Lecklin A et al. Effects of intracerebroventricularly infused histamine and selective H1, H2 and H3 agonists on food and water intake and urine flow in Wistar rats.
14 Lecklin A, Tuomisto L. The blockade of H1 receptors attenuates the suppression of feeding and diuresis induced by inhibition of histamine catabolism.
15 Li Y-H et al. No change of brain extracellular catecholamine levels after acute catechol-O-methyltransferase inhibition: a microdialysis study in anaesthetized rats.
16 Loikkanen JJ et al. Modification of glutamate-induced oxidative stress by lead: the role of extracellular calcium.
17 Lozeva V et al. Brain histamine H3 receptors in rats with portacaval anastomosis: in vitro and in vivo studies.
18 Lozeva V et al. Long-term effects of portacaval anastomosis on the 5-hydroxytryptamine, histamine, and catecholamine neurotransmitter systems in rat brain.
19 Luoto K et al. Dissolution of short and long rockwool and glasswool fibers by macrophages in flowthrough cell culture.
20 Macdonald E. Autonomisen hermoston farmakologiaa.
21 Macdonald E. Keskushermostostimulantit.
22 Macdonald E, Scheinin M. Adrenerginen neurotransmissio ja siihen vaikuttavat lääkeaineet.
23 Mahlakaarto J et al. Norcocaine is a potent modulator of haemodynamic responses, plasma catecholamines and cardiac hormone release in conscious rats.
24 Männistö PT. Catechol O-methyltransferase: characterization of the protein, its gene, and the preclinical pharmacology of COMT inhibitors.
25 Pullinen T et al. Plasma catecholamine and serum testosterone responses to four units of resistance exercise in young and adult male athletes.
26 Pälvimäki E-P et al. Deramciclane, a putative anxiolytic drug, is a serotonin 5-HT2C receptor inverse agonist but fails to induce 5-HT2C receptor down-regulation.
27 Raunio H et al. Cytochrome P4502A6 (CYP2A6) expression in human hepatocellular carcinoma.
28 Ruotsalainen S et al. 5-HT1A receptor agonist (8-OH-DPAT) and 5-HT2 receptor agonist (DOI) disrupt the non-cognitive performance of rats in a working memory task.
29 Ruotsalainen S et al. The role of the dorsal raphe-serotonergic system and cholinergic receptors in the modulation of working memory.
30 Saano V. Vitamiinit, hivenaineet ja antioksidantit.
31 Salonen RO, Saano V. Hengityselimistöön vaikuttavat lääkeaineet.
32 Savolainen K, Vähäkangas K. Elintoksikologia.
33 Savolainen K, Vähäkangas K. Ympäristötoksikologia.
34 Savolainen K, Vähäkangas K. Toksisuuden tutkiminen ja riskinarviointi.
35 Savolainen KM et al. Glutamate-stimulated ROS production in neuronal cultures: interactions with lead and the cholinergic system.
36 Savolainen KM et al. Interactions of excitatory neurotransmitters and xenobiotics in excitotoxicity and oxidative stress: glutamate and lead.
37 Scheinin M, Macdonald E. Kolinerginen neurotransmissio ja siihen vaikuttavat lääkeaineet.
38 Suomalainen M, Männistö PT. Lack of effect of leptin on the behaviour of mice predicting the level of anxiety and depression.
39 Tacke U et al. Lääkeriippuvuus ja vieroittaminen.
40 Tuominen RK et al. Ethanol translocates protein kinase C in bovine adrenal chromaffin cells.
41 Unkila M et al. Body weight loss and changes in tryptophan homeostasis by chlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin congeners in the most TCDD-susceptible and the most TCDD-resistant rat strain.
42 Valjakka A et al. The fasciculus retroflexus controls the integrity of REM sleep by supporting the generation of hippocampal theta rhythm and rapid eye movements in rats.
43 Vähäkangas K, Savolainen K. Periaatteet ja yleistoksikologia.
44 Vähäkangas K, Savolainen K. Työtoksikologia.
45 Yavich L. A new technique for measuring the temporal characteristics of the carbon fibre microelectrodes in in vivo voltammetry at millisecond time intervals.

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