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Julkaisut 1997
Publications 1997

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1 Hirvonen TP et al. Phase difference of vestibulo-ocular reflex in head autorotation test.
2 Hirvonen TP et al. Changes in vestibulo-ocular reflex of elderly people.
3 Hirvonen TP et al. Vestibulo-ocular reflex function as measured with the head autorotation test.
4 Juhola M et al. Computational problems in the analysis of eye movement signals in the determination of vestibulo-ocular reflex.
5 Kentala E et al. Neural networks in neurotologic expert systems.
6 Kuikka E, Salminen A. Two-dimensional filters for structured text.
7 Laurikkala J, Juhola M. Learning diagnostic rules from a urological database using genetic algorithm.
8 Laurikkala J et al. Parameter evaluation of the differential diagnosis of female urinary incontinence for the construction of an expert system.
9 Nihtilä M et al. On-line estimation of the time delay via orthogonal collocation.
10 Nihtilä MT et al. Simulation of a nonlinear distributed parameter bioreactor by FEM approach.
11 Nihtilä MT et al. On linearising control of a distributed parameter bioreactor.
12 Nihtilä MT et al. Controller design issues and algorithms for a nonlinear distributed-parameter process.
13 Pesonen E. Is neural network better than statistical methods in diagnosis of acute appendicitis?
14 Putkonen A, Kiekara M. A case-tool for supporting navigation in the class hierarchy.
15 Tian J. Artificial Neural Network and Signal Processing Techniques Applied to the Analysis of Auditory Evoked Potentials.
16 Tian J et al. Latency estimation of auditory brainstem response by neural networks.
17 Tian J et al. AR parameter estimation by a feedback neural network.
18 Tikkala A. Neural Networks and Lexical Processing Three Models for Finnish.
19 Tikkala A et al. The production of Finnish nouns: a psycholinguistically motiv ated connectionist model.

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