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Julkaisut 1997
Publications 1997

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1 Hendolin PH et al. Use of multiplex PCR for simultaneous detection of four bacterial species in middle ear effusion.
2 Joki S. Studies on Ciliary Activity in Respiratory Epithelium.
3 Kuokkanen J et al. Effect of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on permanent threshold shift in acoustic trauma among rats.
4 Lamberg M et al. Symptoms experienced during periods of actual and supposed water fluoridation.
5 Pukkila M et al. The "toughening" phenomen in rats auditory organ.
6 Rautiainen M et al. Humoral responses to bovine dust in dairy farmers with allergic rhinitis.
7 Savolainen S et al. Radiological findings in the maxillary sinuses of symptomless yong men.
8 Savolainen S et al. Do simple laboratory tests help in etiologic diagnosis in acute maxillary sinusitis?
9 Valtonen H et al. Early post-tympanonostomy otorrhea in children under 17 months of age.
10 Vartiainen E, Karjalainen S. Congenital and early-onset bilateral hearing impairment in children: the delay in detection.
11 Vartiainen E et al. Prevalence and etiology of bilateral sensorineural hearing impairment in a Finnish childhood population.
12 Vartiainen E, Seppä J. Results of bone conduction following surgery for chronic ear disease.
13 Vartiainen E, Vartiainen J. The influence of fluoridation of drinking water on the long-term hearing results of stapedectomy.
14 Vartiainen E, Vartiainen J. Tympanoplasty in young patients; the role of adenoidectomy.
15 Vartiainen E, Vartiainen T. Effect of drinking water fluoridation on the prevalence of otosclerosis.
16 Ylikoski J et al. Aminoglycoside ototoxicity: High affinity receptors are expressed in secretory epithelia.
17 Ylikoski J, Raivio M. Kuulemisen uudet apuvälineet.

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