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Department of Pulmonary Diseases

Julkaisut 1997
Publications 1997

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1 Erkinjuntti-Pekkanen R et al. Long-term outcome of pulmonary function in farmer's lung: a 14 year follow-up with matched controls.
2 Kokkarinen JI et al. Asthma in patients with farmer's lung during a five-year follow-up.
3 Koskela H. Effects of Cold Air on Lung Function in Obstructive Lung Diseases. The Roles of Direct Airways Effects and Cutaneous Reflex Mechanisms.
4 Koskela HO et al. The diagnostic value of cold air hyperventilation in adults with suspected asthma.
5 Randell JT. Experiments on Climatic Factors and Low Level NO2 or SO2 Exposure on Respiratory Health in Mild Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis.
6 Tammivaara R et al. Comparison of a novel salbutamol multidose powder inhaler with a salbutamol metered dose inhaler in patients with asthma.
7 Tukiainen H. Eosinofiilinen keuhkokuume.
8 Tukiainen H. Keuhkoembolia ja keuhkoinfarkti.

Keuhkosairauksien yksikkö Department of Pulmonary Diseases
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