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Julkaisut 1997
Publications 1997

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1 Heikkinen LM et al. Electromechanical film sensor device for dynamic force recordings from canine limbs.
2 Hiltunen JK et al. Estimation of the dynamics of medium rate EEG transitions.
3 Juntunen M, Kaipio JP. The inverse problem of depth dose curve estimation.
4 Jurvelin JS et al. Optical and mechanical determination of poisson's ratio of adult bovine humeral articular cartilage.
5 Kaipio J. Käänteisongelmia lääketieteellisessä tekniikassa ja fysiikassa.
6 Kaipio J, Vauhkonen M. Käänteisongelmien tutkimus Kuopion yliopistossa.
7 Kaipio JP, Karjalainen PA. Simulation of nonstationary EEG.
8 Kaipio JP, Karjalainen PA. Estimation of event-related synchronization changes by a new TVAR method.
9 Kaipio JP et al. Recursive estimation of fast impedance changes in electrical impedance tomography and a related problem.
10 Karjalainen PA. Regularization and Bayesian Methods for Evoked Potential Estimation.
11 Karjalainen PA et al. Dynamic reconstruction in SPET.
12 Kiviranta I et al. Effects of mechanical loading and immobilization on the articular cartilage.
13 Kolehmainen V et al. Assessment of errors in static electrical impedance tomography with adjacent and trigonometric current patterns.
14 Kolehmainen V et al. Spatial inhomogeneity and regularization in EIT.
15 Lahtinen T, Holsti LR, toim. Kliininen säteilybiologia.
16 Lahtinen T et al. Letter to the editor (to Dielectric properties of the skin).
17 Lahtinen T, Tenhunen M. Annos-vastemallit.
18 Lyyra T. Development, Validation and Clinical Application of Indentation Technique for Arthroscopic Measurement of Cartilage Stiffness.
19 Mantere K et al. Simulation of white-light adaptation characteristics with use of nonlinear neural principal component analysis.
20 Mäkinen K et al. Protoporphyrin-IX distribution and photodynamic effect in rat oesophagus after aminolaevulinic acid administration.
21 Mäntyjärvi M et al. Colour vision through intraocular lens.
22 Nihtilä MT et al. Simulation of a nonlinear distributed parameter bioreactor by FEM approach.
23 Nihtilä MT et al. On linearising control of a distributed parameter bioreactor.
24 Nihtilä MT et al. Controller design issues and algorithms for a nonlinear distributed-parameter process.
25 Nuutinen J. Skin Dielectric Constant at High Radiofrequency with Special Emphasis on Radiation-Induced Late Skin Reaction.
26 Ollikainen J et al. Effect of skull inhomogeneities on EEG localization accuracy.
27 Pesola P, Olkkonen H. Autoregressive state-space approach for numerical signal analysis.
28 Pitkänen M, Lahtinen T. Eloonjäämiskäyrien mallinnus.
29 Simonen P. Evaluation of Acute Radiation-induced Vascular Reactions of Skin by the Laser Doppler Method.
30 Somersalo E et al. Impedance imaging and Markov chain Monte Carlo methods.
31 Tenhunen M et al. Accuracy of dose delivery in gynecological brachytherapy.
32 Vauhkonen M. Electrical Impedance Tomography and Prior Information.
33 Vauhkonen M et al. Electrical impedance tomography with basis constraints.
34 Vauhkonen M et al. Three-dimensional electrical impedance tomography using complete electrode model.
35 Yang J et al. A novel method of scatter correction using a single isotope for simultaneous emission and transmission data.

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