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Julkaisut 1996
Publications 1996

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1 Auramo Y, Juhola M. Modifying an expert system construction to pattern recognition solution.
2 Babary JP et al. Sur la representation d'etat des systemes a parametres repartis.
3 Back RJR et al. Specifying the Caltech asynchronous microprocessor.
4 Back RJR, Sere K. From action systems to modular systems.
5 Back RJR, Sere K. Superposition refinement of reactive systems.
6 Goldstein JA, Tervo J. Existence of solutions for a system of nonlinear partial differentical equations related to bioreactors.
7 Grönfors T. Clustering of pedestal peak parameters for preliminary classification tasks of auditory brainstem responses.
8 Grönfors T et al. Preliminary research using K-mean clustering for auditory brainstem response detection.
9 Juhola K, Juhola M. Malthusian parameter on the Finnish population in the 20th century.
10 Juhola M. Notes on computer analysis of signals of vestibulo-ocular reflex eye movements.
11 Juhola M et al. Some aspects in signal analysis of vestibulo-ocular reflex eye movements.
12 Julie S et al. Modelling and identification of a denitrification bioreactor.
13 Kentala E et al. Otoneurological expert system.
14 Kilpeläinen PVJ et al. Palatal morphology and type of clefting.
15 Koski A, Juhola M. Segmentation of digital signals based on estimated compression ratio.
16 Kuikka E. Processing of Structured Documents Using a Syntax-Directed Approach.
17 Nihtila MT et al. Eigenvalue problems arising in the control of a distributed-parameter bioreactor.
18 Pesonen E. On the reliability of the suggested diagnosis of a neural network system in acute abdominal pain.
19 Pesonen E et al. Comparison of different neural network algorithms in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis.
20 Putkonen A. Kuopion yliopisto. Tietojenkäsittelytieteen ja sovelletun matematiikan laitos.
21 Pyykkö I et al. Voidaanko melun aiheuttamaa kuulonalenemaa ehkäistä - tietokonepohjainen ongelmanratkaisu?
22 Sere K, Waldén M. Reverse engineering distributed algorithms.
23 Tian J et al. Research using neural networks for auditory brainstem response detection.
24 Tian J et al. Complementary wiener filter for extracting auditory evoked potential.
25 Tian J et al. Segmentation of auditory brainstem response signals.
26 Tikkala A, Juhola M. A neural network simulation of aphasic naming errors: Network dynamics and control.

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