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Julkaisut 1996
Publications 1996

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1 Molander S, Myöhänen T. Silmätautia sairastavan potilaan hoidon opetus.
2 Mäntyjärvi M, Tuppurainen K. Color vision in patients with a silicone intraocular lens.
3 Pakarinen L et al. The ophthalmological course of Usher syndrome type III.
4 Repo L. Occurence of Generalized Peripheral Iris Transluminance in Eyes with Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome. Associations with Cerebrovascular Disease and Ocular Blood Flow.
5 Repo LP et al. Pseudoexfoliation syndrome with poorly dilating pupil: a light and electron microskopic study of the sphincter area.
6 Riihelä K, Mäntyjärvi M. Amiodaroniin liittyvät silmämuutokset.
7 Rouhiainen P. Detection, Consequences and Risk Factors of Early Lens Opacities: A Three-Year Follow-up Study.
8 Rouhiainen P et al. Lens opacity increase in a longitudinal study: comparison of the lens opacities classification system II and lensmeter 701.
9 Rouhiainen P et al. Contrast sensitivity in different types of early lens opacities.
10 Rouhiainen P et al. Association between low plasma vitamin E concentration and progression of early cortical lens opacities.

Silmätautien yksikkö Department of Ophthalmology
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