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Julkaisut 1996
Publications 1996

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1 Drake CG et al., ed. Surgery of Vertebrobasilar Aneurysms.
2 Hernesniemi J, Leivo S. Management outcome in third ventricular colloid cysts in a defined population: a series of 40 patients treated mainly by transcallosal microsurgery.
3 Kurl S et al. Dural arteriovenous fistulas of superior sagittal sinus:Case report and rewiew of litterature.
4 Kurl S et al. Development of right transverse sinus dural arteriovenous malformation after embolisation of a similar lesion on the left.
5 Leivo S et al. Early surgery improves the cure of aneurysm-induced oculomotor palsy.
6 Peerless SJ et al. Arteriovenous malformations of the posterior fossa.
7 Peerless SJ et al. Posterior circulation aneurysms.
8 Rinne J. Multiple Intracranial Aneurysms. Kuopio Experience on 302 of 1314 Patients.
9 Rinne J et al. Analysis of 561 patients with 690 middle cerebral artery aneurysms:anatomic and clinical features as correlated to management outcome.
10 Ronkainen A. Familial aspects of neurovascular disease.
11 Ronkainen A et al. Screening for aneurysms (reply to Current implications for the efficacy of noninvasive sceening for occult intracranial aneurysms).
12 Suojaranta-Ylinen R et al. Hypermetabolism and increased peripheral release of amino acids after subarachnoidal hemorrhage and its operative treatment.
13 Vanninen RL et al. Magnetic resonance angiographic screening for asymptomatic intracranial aneurysms: The problem of false negatives: Technical case report.
14 Vapalahti M, Luukkonen M. Akuutit aivovammat.
15 Vapalahti M, Schramm J. Comments (to Anterior callosotomy in the management of intractable epileptic seizures: significance of the extent of resection).
16 Ylä-Herttuala S et al. Ihmisen geeniterapia.

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