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Julkaisut 1996
Publications 1996

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1 Alakärppä S et al. Hemodialyysipotilaiden ravitsemustila.
2 Benno Y et al. Effects of lactobacillus GG yogurt on human intestinal microecology in Japanese subjects.
3 Cuchel M et al. Impact of hydrogenated fat consumption on endogenous cholesterol synthesis and susceptibility of low-density lipoprotein to oxidation in moderately hypercholesterolemic individuals.
4 Dich J et al. Dietary intakes of nitrate, nitrite and NDMA in the Finnish mobile clinic health examination survey.
5 Honkanen R et al. Does lactose intolerance predispose to low bone density? A population-based study of perimenopausal Finnish women.
6 Häkkinen S et al. HPLC method for screening of flavonoids and phenolic acids in berries: phenolic profiles of strawberry and black currant.
7 Janatuinen EK et al. The authors reply (to Oats in celiac disease).
8 Järvinen R. Epidemiological Follow-up Study on Dietary Antioxidant Vitamins. Results from the Finnish Mobile Clinic Health Examination Survey.
9 Kansanen L et al. Flavonoids and extracts of strawberry and black currant are inhibitors of the carcinogen-activating enzyme CYP1A1 in vitro.
10 Karhunen LJ et al. Determinants of the cephalic-phase insulin response in obese nondiabetic subjects.
11 Kesäniemi YA et al. Apolipoprotein E phenotypes and response to dietary fat and cholesterol.
12 Knekt P et al. Authors' reply (to Flavonoid intake and coronary mortality).
13 Knekt P et al. Flavonoid intake and coronary mortality in Finland: a cohort study.
14 Knekt P et al. Intake of dairy products and the risk of breast cancer.
15 Koikkalainen M et al. Why cardiac patients do not follow the nutritionist's advice: barriers in nutritional advice perceived in rehabilitation.
16 Kumar S et al. Troglitazone, an insulin action enhancer, improves metabolic control in NIDDM patients.
17 Laaksonen DE et al. Increased resting and excercise-indused oxidative stress in young IDDM men.
18 Laiho K et al. Crohnin tautia sairastavien lasten ravitsemus.
19 Laitinen J et al. Diet and cardiovascular risk factors among Lapp and Finnish reindeer herders.
20 Malin M et al. Increased bacterial urease activity in faeces in juvenile chronic arthritis: evidence of altered intestinal microflora?
21 Männistö S et al. Body-size indicators and risk of breast cancer according to menopause and estrogen-reseptor status.
22 Männistö S et al. Reproducibility and validity of a food frequency questionnaire in a case-control study on breast cancer.
23 Mäntysaari M et al. Measurement of myocardial accumulation of 123I-metaiodobenzylguanidine for studying cardiac autonomic neuropathy in diabetes mellitus.
24 Niskanen L et al. Carotid artery intima-media thickness in elderly patients with NIDDM and in nondiabetic subjects.
25 Niskanen L et al. The effects of weight loss on insulin sensitivity, skeletal muscle composition and capillary density in obese non-diabetic subjects.
26 Niskanen LK et al. Evolution, risk factors, and prognostic implications of albuminuria in NIDDM.
27 Prättälä R, Lähteenmäki L. Suomalaisen ruokatutkimuksen vuosikymmenet.
28 Rauma A-L. Nutrition and Biotransformation in Strict Vegans. (Eaters of "Living food").
29 Rauma A-L, Mykkänen H. Puhdas kasvisruokavalio - hyvä vai huono vaihtoehto sekaruokavaliolle?
30 Rauma A-L et al. Coumarin 7-hydroxylation in long-term adherents of a strict uncooked vegan diet.
31 Rauma A-L et al. Coumarin 7-hydroxylation is not altered by long-term adherence to a strict uncooked vegan diet.
32 Rauma A-L et al. Enhanced antioxidant status in long-term adherents of a strict uncooked vegan diet ("living food diet").
33 Rissanen PM et al. The nutritional status of Finnish home-living elderly people and the relationship between energy intake and chronic diseases.
34 Roos E et al. Modern and healthy?: Socioeconomic differences in the quality of diet.
35 Sarkkinen E et al. The effects of monounsaturated-fat enriched diet and polyunsaturated-fat enriched diet on lipid and glucose metabolism in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance.
36 Sarkkinen E, Uusitupa M. Onko kalarasvalla ja n-3-sarjan monityydyttymättömillä rasvahapoilla merkitystä sairauksien ehkäisyssä ja hoidossa?
37 Schwab US et al. Different effects of palmitic and stearic acid-enriched diets on serum lipids and lipoproteins and plasma cholesterol ester transfer protein activity in healthy young women.
38 Suomen Diabetesliiton nefropatiatyöryhmä. Diabeettinen nefropatia-seulonta, seuranta ja hoito 1996.
39 Suomen Sisätautilääkärien yhdistyksen, Suomen Kardiologisen seuran, Suomen Verenpaineyhdistyksen, Kunnallislääkärit-yhdistyksen, Suomen Teollisuuslääketieteen yhdistyksen ja Suomen Sydäntautiliiton työryhmä. Sepelvaltimotaudin ehkäisy käytännön lääkärintyössä.
40 Turpeinen AK et al. Athletic heart: a metabolic, anatomical, and functional study.
41 Turpeinen AK et al. Demonstration of regional sympathetic denervation of the heart in diabetes.
42 Törrönen R et al. Serum B-carotene response to supplementation with raw carrots, carrot juice or purified B-carotene in healthy non-smoking women.
43 Törrönen R et al. Serum B-carotene response to chronic supplementation with raw carrots, carrot juice or purified B-carotene.
44 Törrönen R, Mykkänen H. Ruoan flavonoidit.
45 Törrönen R, Mykkänen H. Ruoan flavonoidit ja terveys.
46 Töyry JP et al. Autonomic neuropathy predicts the development of stroke in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.
47 Töyry JP et al. Occurrence, predictors, and clinical significance of autonomic neuropathy in NIDDM. Ten-year follow-up from the diagnosis.
48 Uusitupa M. Aikuistyypin diabeteksen hoidon periaatteet - repetitio mater studiorum est.
49 Uusitupa M. Aikuistyypin diabeteksen ehkäisylle on vankat perusteet.
50 Uusitupa M. Lääkkeettömät keinot aikuistyypin diabeteksen ehkäisyssä.
51 Uusitupa M. Ravitsemusneuvonnasta lisäpotkua diabeetikon hoitoon.
52 Uusitupa M. Diabetestutkimuksen näkymiä.
53 Uusitupa M. Metabolic control and macrovascular disease.
54 Uusitupa M et al. Effects of moderate salt restriction alone and in combination with cilazapril on office and ambulatory blood pressure.
55 Uusitupa MIJ. Early lifestyle intervention in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance.
56 Uusitupa MIJ et al. Apolipoprotein E phenotype modifies metabolic and hemodynamic abnormalities related to central obesity in women 1-3.
57 Uusitupa MIJ et al. Autoantibodies against oxidized LDL do not predict atherosclerotic vascular disease in non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.
58 Vanninen E et al. Cardiac sympathovagal balance during sleep apnea episodes.
59 Vanninen E et al. Ventricular repolarization is correlated with metabolic control in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes.
60 Verhagen H et al. Effect of a vegan diet on biomarkers of chemoprevention in females.
61 Vidgren HM et al. Altered fatty acid composition of serum lipids in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes.
62 Zhu Z et al. Vitamin E concentration in breast adipose tissue of breast cancer patients (Kuopio, Finland).
63 Ågren JJ et al. Fish diet, fish oil and docosahexaenoic acid rich lower fasting and postprandial plasma lipid levels.

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