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Julkaisut 1996
Publications 1996

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1 Auvinen PK et al. Prognostic significance of TGF-alfa expression in breast cancer.
2 Baltina D et al. First line therapy with high dose toremifene for advanced breast cancer.
3 Chang F, Wang L. p53 mutational spectrum in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: clues to cancer etiology and pathogenesis.
4 Collan YUI et al. Standardized mitotic counts in breast cancer evaluation of the method.
5 Franco E et al. New developments in cervical cancer screening and prevention.
6 Haapala J et al. Coordinated regulation of hyaluronan and aggrecan content in the articular cartilage of immobilized and exercised dogs.
7 Hakkarainen M et al. Hypermethylation of calcitonin gene regulatory sequences in human breast cancer as revealed by genomic sequencing.
8 Harvima RJ et al. Association of psychic stress with clinical severity and symptoms of psoriatic patients.
9 Heino A et al. Characteristics of poly (L-) lactic acid suture applied to fascial closure in rats.
10 Heinonen S et al. Prenatal screening for congenital nephrosis in East Finland: results and impact on the birth prevalence of the disease.
11 Horsmanheimo L et al. Histamine release in skin monitored with the mikrodialysis technique does not correlate with the weal size induced by cow allergen.
12 Huttunen M et al. Neuropeptide- and capsaicin-induced histamine release in skin monitored with the microdialysis technique.
13 Itkonen M-L et al. Lasten kuolemaan johtaneet koti- ja vapaa-ajan tapaturmat 1987-1993.
14 Ji H et al. Management of stage-I borderline ovarian tumors.
15 Johansson R. Syöpäpotilas tarvitsee monenlaista lievittävää hoitoa.
16 Kaminska R et al. Alterations in mast cell proteinases and protease inhibitors in the progress of cutaneous herpes zoster infection.
17 Kosunen O. A Neuropathologic Study on Alzheimer's Disease with a Special Emphasis on Diagnostic Accuracy.
18 Kosunen O et al. Diagnostic accuracy of Alzheimer's disease: a neuropathological study.
19 Kumpulainen E et al. Kudoksen- ja ontelonsisäinen sädehoito.
20 Kurvinen K et al. p53 and bcl-2 proteins as prognostic markers in human papillomavirus-associated cervical lesions.
21 Kärjä VJ et al. Immunocompetent cells in benign and malignant salivary gland tumors.
22 Lappalainen K et al. Effects of liposomal antisense oligonucleotides on mRNA and protein levels of the HPV 16 E7 oncogene.
23 Lipponen P et al. A prognostic score for prostatic adenocarcinoma based on clinical, histological, biochemical and cytometric data from the primary tumour.
24 Lipponen PK. Expression of cathepsin D in transitional cell bladder tumours.
25 Lipponen PK et al. Expression of the apoptosis suppressing bcl-2 protein in transitional cell bladder tumours.
26 Liukkonen TJO et al. Expression of MIB-1, mitotic index and S-phase fraction as indicators of cell proliferation in superficial bladder cancer.
27 Lu S et al. Known HPV types have no association with keratoacanthomas.
28 Lu S et al. Expression of PCNA is associated with the presence of HPV DNA in skin warts.
29 Lu S et al. Failure to demonstrate human papillomavirus (HPV) involvement in Bowen's disease of the skin.
30 Naukkarinen A et al. Quantitative histochemical analysis of mast cells and sensory nerves in psoriatic skin.
31 Pajarinen J et al. Glutathione S-transferase-M1 'null' genotype and alcohol-induced disorders of human spermatogenesis.
32 Pajarinen J et al. Polymorphism in the cytochrome P450 2E1 gene and alcohol-induced disorders of human spermatogenesis.
33 Parkkinen JJ et al. Distribution of hyaluronan in articular cartilage as probed by a biotinylated binding region of aggrecan.
34 Partanen J et al. Profuse mediastinal haemorrhage due to mediastinitis after sternotomy.
35 Pietiläinen T. Expression and Prognostic Value of Proteins Related to the Cell Cycle and to Apoptosis in Breast Cancer.
36 Pietiläinen T et al. The important prognostic value of Ki-67 expression as determined by image analysis in breast cancer.
37 Puranen M et al. Polymerase chain reaction amplification of human papillomavirus DNA from archival, papanicolaou-stained cervical smears.
38 Puranen M et al. Transmission of genital human papillomavirus infections is unlikely through the floor and seats of humid dwellings in countries of high-level hygiene.
39 Puranen M et al. Vertical transmission of human papillomavirus from infected mothers to their newborn babies and persistence of the virus in childhood.
40 Repo LP et al. Pseudoexfoliation syndrome with poorly dilating pupil: a light and electron microskopic study of the sphincter area.
41 Ropponen K et al. Comparison of classic and quantitative prognostic factors in colorectal cancer.
42 Setälä LP et al. Prognostic factors in gastric cancer: the value of vascular invasion, mitotic rate and lymphoplasmacytic infiltration.
43 Syrjänen K. STD and anogenital neoplasia: epidemiology and natural history.
44 Syrjänen K. Pathogenesis of HPV infections.
45 Syrjänen K et al. Infectious agents as etiological factors in oesophageal carcinogenesis.
46 Syrjänen K et al. HLA types in women with cervical human papillomavirus (HPV) lesions prospectively followed up for 10 years.
47 Syrjänen K-J. Indications du typage HPV (in French).
48 Syrjänen KJ. Spontaneous evolution of intraepithelial lesions according to the grade and type of the implicated human papillomavirus (HPV).
49 Syrjänen KJ. Histologie du col normal et des dysplasies cervicales (in French).
50 Syrjänen KJ. Natural history of genital human papillomavirus infections.
51 Syrjänen KJ. Up date on Genital HPV.
52 Tuomisto J et al. Genotoxicity and carcinogenicity of MX and other chlorinated furanones.
53 Virkki E et al. Syöpäpotilaiden hoito viimeisen elinvuoden kuluessa.
54 Virén M, Johansson R. Syöpäpotilaan oireenmukainen hoito.
55 Zhu Z et al. Vitamin E concentration in breast adipose tissue of breast cancer patients (Kuopio, Finland).

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