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Julkaisut 1996
Publications 1996

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1 Airaksinen O et al. Density of lumbar muscles 4 year after decompressive spinal surgery.
2 Ala-Opas MY, Grönlund SS. Blood loss in long-term aspirin users undergoing transurethral prostatectomy.
3 Alhava E, Välimäki M. Osteoporoosiko sairaus?
4 Apajasalo M et al. Health-related quality of life of adults surviving malignancies in childhood.
5 Ashammakhi N et al. Use of self-reinforced polyglycolide membrane in orthopaedic surgery.
6 Farin P, Jaroma H. Sonographic detection of tears of the anterior portion of the rotator cuff (subscapularis tendon tears).
7 Farin PU, Jaroma H. The bicipital groove of the humerus: sonographic and radiographic correlation.
8 Farin PU et al. Hill-Sachs lesion: sonographic detection.
9 Farin PU et al. Site and size of rotator-cuff tear. Findings at ultrasound, double-contrast arthrography, and computed tomography arthrography with surgical correlation.
10 Farin PU et al. Rotator cuff calcifications: treatment with ultrasound-guided percutaneous needle aspiration and lavage.
11 Farini P, Jaroma H. Ultrasonographic evaluation of the biceps tendon and anterior portion of the rotator cuff.
12 Grönbland M et al. Relationship of subjective desability with pain intensity, pain duration, pain location, and work-related factors in nonoperated patients with chorinc low back pain.
13 Hakkarainen M et al. Hypermethylation of calcitonin gene regulatory sequences in human breast cancer as revealed by genomic sequencing.
14 Heino A et al. Characteristics of poly (L-) lactic acid suture applied to fascial closure in rats.
15 Herno A et al. Lumbar spinal stenosis: a matched-pair study of operated and non-operated patients.
16 Herno A et al. The effect of prior back surgery on surgical outcome in patients operated on for lumbar spinall stenosis. A matched-pair study.
17 Herno A et al. Pre- and postoperative factors associated with return to work following surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis.
18 Herno A et al. Lumbaalinen spinaalistenoosi: 91 ei-leikatun potilaan kliiniset tulokset.
19 Honkanen R et al. Does lactose intolerance predispose to low bone density? A population-based study of perimenopausal Finnish women.
20 Härmä M. Palovammat.
21 Härmä M et al. Palovammojen hoito.
22 Jaakkola P. Basis for Screening of Infararenal Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms.
23 Joutsi T et al. Role of Na+-H+-antiport in restitution of isolated Guinea pig gastric epithelium after superficial injury.
24 Kettunen J et al. Fixation of diaphyseal femoral osteotomy with an intramedullary composite rod.
25 Kröger H. Miten osteoporoosi diagnosoidaan?
26 Kröger H, Apter D. Miten kasvattaa vahvat luut?
27 Kröger H et al. Ydinnaulauksen aiheuttama luukato.
28 Kröger H et al. Evaluation of periprosthetic bone using dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry: precision of the method and effect of operation on bone mineral density.
29 Kröger HPJ. Measurement of bone mass and density in children.
30 Lipponen PK et al. Expression of the apoptosis suppressing bcl-2 protein in transitional cell bladder tumours.
31 Lohmander LS et al. Intra-articular hyaluronan injections in the treatment of osteoarthritis of knee:a randomised,double blind,placebo controlled multicentre trial.
32 Miettinen P et al. Acute abdominal pain in adults.
33 Miettinen P et al. The outcome of elderly patients after operation for acute abdomen.
34 Mäkelä EA et al. Absorbable polyglycolide pin fixation of children's fractures.
35 Männistö S et al. Body-size indicators and risk of breast cancer according to menopause and estrogen-reseptor status.
36 Ovaska J et al. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy: the Finnish experience.
37 Paajanen H et al. Pyleflebiitti umpilisäkkeen tulehduksen komplikaationa.
38 Pesonen E et al. Comparison of different neural network algorithms in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis.
39 Pietiläinen T et al. The important prognostic value of Ki-67 expression as determined by image analysis in breast cancer.
40 Reeve J et al. Radial cortical and trabecular bone densities of men and women standardized with the European Forearm Phantom.
41 Rokkanen P et al. Absorbable devices in the fixation of fractures.
42 Ropponen K et al. Comparison of classic and quantitative prognostic factors in colorectal cancer.
43 Rousi T, Airaksinen O. Selän manipulaatiohoidon uudelleen arviointia.
44 Setälä LP et al. Prognostic factors in gastric cancer: the value of vascular invasion, mitotic rate and lymphoplasmacytic infiltration.
45 Simonen O, Alhava E. Kenelle kuuluu osteoporoosin ehkäisy, diagnostiikka ja hoito Suomessa?
46 Sinisaari I et al. Metallic or absorbable implants for ankle fractures.
47 Suomalainen O. Pienimolekyylinen hepariini leikkaukseen liittyvän laskimotukoksen ehkäisyssä.
48 Suomalainen O et al. Prevention of fatal pulmonary embolism with warfarin after total hip replacement.
49 Tenhunen JJ et al. Intestinal mucosal microdialysis: Histamine release in splanchnic ischemia/reperfusion injury in piglets.
50 Tikka S et al. Tavallisimpien polttotaisteluaineiden aiheuttamat vammat.
51 Vanamo K et al. Video-assisted thoracoscopic closure of PDA - a case report and literature review.
52 Vanninen E et al. Frequency of carotid endarterectomy-related subclinical cerebral complications.
53 Vanninen RL et al. How should we estimate carotid stenosis using magnetic resonance angiography?
54 Ylinen J et al. Manipulaatiokoulukunnat kiropraktiikka, naprapatia ja osteopatia vaihtoehdoista lääketieteeseen.
55 Zhu Z et al. Vitamin E concentration in breast adipose tissue of breast cancer patients (Kuopio, Finland).

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