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Julkaisut 1996
Publications 1996

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1 Jurvelin JS et al. Structural inhomogeneity and biomechanical properties of articular cartilage.
2 Jurvelin JS et al. Surface and subsurface morphology of bovine humeral articular cartilage as assessed by atomic force and transmission electron microscopy.
3 Kaipio J. Simulation and Estimation of Nonstationary EEG.
4 Karjalainen PA et al. PCA based Bayesian estimation of single trial evoked potentials.
5 Karjalainen PA et al. Recursive Bayesian estimation of single trial evoked potentials [CD-ROM].
6 Kumpulainen E et al. Kudoksen- ja ontelonsisäinen sädehoito.
7 Lyyra T et al. Numerical validitation of arthroscopic cartilage stiffness measurement using a finite element model.
8 Nihtila MT et al. Eigenvalue problems arising in the control of a distributed-parameter bioreactor.
9 Nuutinen J et al. Collagen-water interaction for quantitative estimation of radiation-induced subcutaneous fibrosis by dielectric method.
10 Olkkonen H, Pesola P. Gaussian pyramid wavelet transform for multiresolution analysis of images.
11 Ollikainen J et al. Using EIT resistivity estimates in EEG inverse problems.
12 Patomäki L et al. Tracking of nonstationary EEG with the polynomial root perturbation [CD-ROM].
13 Pääkkönen A et al. Some remarks on auditory ERPs as deterministic signals.
14 Rusko N et al. The pre-existing particle distribution and the formation of cloud droplets: A model study.
15 Savolainen T et al. Electrical impedance tomography measurement system for experimental use.
16 Sorsa H et al. General-purpose signal analysis and processing tool for physiological signals.
17 Tiitta M et al. Veneer sheet density measurement by the 55Fe gamma attenuation method.
18 Tiitta M et al. Density measurement of particleboard, veneer and wood specimens by narrow beam gamma absorption technique.
19 Valjakka A et al. Histaminergic modulation of neocortical spindling and slow-wave activity in freely begaving rats.
20 Vauhkonen M et al. Subspace regularization method for electrical impedance tomography.
21 Yang J et al. A scatter correction based on the deconvolution method in SPECT.

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