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Julkaisut 1996
Publications 1996

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1 Alhonen L et al. Transgenic mice expressing the human ornithine decarboxylase gene under the control of mouse metallothionein I promoter.
2 Clemedson C et al. MEIC evaluation of acute systemic toxicity. Part I. Methodology of 68 in vitro toxicity assays used to test the first 30 reference chemicals.
3 Clemedson C et al. MEIC evaluation of acute systemic toxicity. Part II. In vitro results from 68 toxicity assays used to test the first 30 reference chemicals and a comparative cytotoxicity analysis.
4 Haataja S et al. The GALalfa1-4GAL-binding adhesin of streptococcus suis, a gram-positive meningitis-associated bacterium gram-positive meningitis-associated bacterium.
5 Hyttinen J-M. Transgenic Farm Animals as Bioreactors.
6 Hyttinen J-M et al. Detection of microinjected genes in bovine preimplantation embryos with combined DNA digestion and polymerase chain reaction.
7 Hyttinen JMT. Chlorinated Hydroxyfuranones. Studies on Their Mutagenicity and Molecular Mechanism of Action.
8 Häyrinen J. Capsular Polysaccharides of Bacteria Causing Meningitis. Antibody-Binding Properties and Cross-Reactivity with Tissue Glycoproteins.
9 Jänne J et al. Genetic engineering of polyamine metabolism in transgenic rodents.
10 Khomutov AR et al. New aminooxy analogs of biogenic polyamines (in Russian).
11 Khomutov AR et al. Synthesis of hydroxylamine analogues of polyamines.
12 Kokko H et al. New host for raspberry bushy dwarf virus: arctic bramble (Rubus arcticus).
13 Kokko HI et al. Single-step immunocapture RT-PCR in the detection of raspberry bushy dwarf virus.
14 Kopponen P et al. Tekstiilitkö haitallisia?
15 Kuronen M. Lipoprotein(a). Studies on the Protease Region and Assay Methodology.
16 Kärenlampi S. Health effects of marker genes in genetically engineered food plants.
17 Linnala-Kankkunen A, Mäenpää P, eds. Protein Structure and Function. Graduate School. First Annual Mini-Symposium 1996.
18 Mahonen A et al. A novel vitamin D analog with two double bonds in its side chain. A potent inducer of osteoblastic cell differentiation.
19 Petäistö R-L et al. Two types of the European race of Gremmeniella abietina can be identified with immunoblotting.
20 Rautiainen J et al. Molecular analysis of allergenic proteins in bovine dander.
21 Reeben M et al. Induced expression of neurotrophins in transgenic mice overexpressing ornithine decarboxylase and overproducing putrescine.
22 Ryhänen S et al. Synthetic 20-epi analogs of calcitriol are potent inducers of target-gene activation in osteoblastic cells.
23 Tikkanen K. Purification and Properties of a Galactosyl-alfa1-4-galactose-binding Adhesin - a Potential Vaccine against Streptococcus suis.
24 Tikkanen K, Finne J, keksijät. Menetelmä Streptococcus suis -bakteerin adhesiiniproteiinin ja sen vasta-aineen valmistamiseksi.
25 Tikkanen K et al. The galactosyl-(alfa1-4)-galactose-binding adhesin of streptococcus suis: Occurrence in strains of different hemagglutination activities and induction of opsonic antibodies.
26 Tolvanen M et al. Siirtogeeniset eläimet.
27 Tuomainen J et al. Ozone affects birch (Betula pendula Roth) phenylpropanoid, polyamine and active oxygen detoxifying pathways at biochemical and gene expression level.

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