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Julkaisut 1995
Publications 1995

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1 Björk EA. Psychophysiological responses to some natural sounds.
2 Cahill TA et al. Analysis of aerosol transport to Tahoe basin.
3 Dua SK et al. Hygroscopic growth of consumer spray products.
4 Ettala M et al. Water Quality International '94.
5 Fan A et al. A study on the potential sources of air pollutants.
6 Halonen I. Formation and destruction tests of organic chlorinated compounds in the incineration tests performed in a laboratory and pilot scale.
7 Halonen I et al. The effect of different inhibitors on formation of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and furans in the combustion of refuse derived fuel.
8 Halonen I et al. Effect of catalysts and chlorine source on the formation of organic chlorinated compounds.
9 Halonen I et al. Catalyzed formation of organic chlorinated compounds in combustion of liquid fuel.
10 Hanhela R et al. Prevalence of microfungi in Finnish cow barns and some aspects of the occurrence of Wallemia sebi and Fusaria.
11 Hartikainen T et al. Removal of a mixture of carbon disulphide (CS2) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gases with a peat biofilter.
12 Hartikainen TT et al., keksijä. Menetelmä ja laitteisto kaasujen puhdistamiseksi.
13 Hautala E-L et al. Deposition of motor vehichle emissions and winter maintenance along roadside assessed by snow analyses.
14 Hautala E-L et al. An experimental study on the effects of exhaust gas on spruce (Picea abies (L.)Karst.).
15 Hautala EL et al. Polyaromatic hydrocarbon compounds emitted from road traffic: assessment by snow analysis.
16 Hietanen M et al. Altistuminen sähkö- ja magneettikentille valtionrautateiden työ- ja yleisötiloissa.
17 Holopainen T et al. Cellular changes and accelarated senescence of conifer mycorrhizas related to high nitrogen availability.
18 Hopsu L et al. Ergonomic development in cleaning work.
19 Ilmarinen J et al. A new concept for maintaining work ability during ageing.
20 Jalkanen L, Raunemaa T. On the difference in the elemental composition of aerosol collected at coastal and inland Finnish EMEP stations.
21 Juuti S et al. Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) in pine needles caused by atmospheric emissions of kraft pulp mills.
22 Kainulainen TK et al. Removal of residual organics from drinking water by ozonation and activated carbon filtration: A pilot plant study.
23 Kalliokoski P et al. Farm 2001 - towards the healthy farm.
24 Kalliokoski P et al. Cleaning of ventilation systems and its effect on air exchange rates in single-family houses.
25 Kokotti H. Dependence of Radon Level on Ventilation Systems in Residences.
26 Kokotti H. Radonin torjuntaa ilmanvaihtolaitteen avulla.
27 Kokotti H, Kalliokoski P. Transient air flows in the houses with mechanical ventilation adjusted by indoor-outdoor pressure difference.
28 Kokotti H, Kalliokoski P. Decrease of radon exposure by continuously adjusted and controlled ventilation.
29 Kokotti H et al. Effect of ventilation on radon levels in underground workplaces.
30 Kokotti H et al. Experiences with radon mitigation in homes and in underground working places.
31 Korhonen P et al. The effect of ventilation & pressure differences on concentrations of radon at workplaces.
32 Korpinen L et al. Voimajohtojen sähkö- ja magneettikentät ympäristössä.
33 Laatikainen T, Heinonen-Tanski H. Ectomycorrhizal fungi and fungicides.
34 Lang S et al. Biokinetics of nuclear fuel compounds and biological effects of nonuniform radiation.
35 Langó Z, Heinonen-Tanski H. Occurrence of Clostridium tyrobutyricum in cattle slurry and fresh forage grasses.
36 Louhevaara V. Assessment of physical load at work sites: A Finnish-German concept.
37 Louhevaara V. Work physiological field research in 1974-1994: From heavy dynamic to static jobs.
38 Louhevaara V. Ergonomics and physical exercise for preventing work disability among professional cleaners.
39 Louhevaara V, Ilmarinen J. Physical exercise as a measure for maintaining work ability during aging.
40 Louhevaara V et al. Maximal physical work performance with European standard based fire-protective clothing system and equipment in relation to individual characteristics.
41 Luoto K et al. The effect of fiber length on the dissolution by macrophages of rockwool and glasswool fibers.
42 Lång K et al. Emissions of nitric oxide from boreal peat soils.
43 Mäkinen J. Paljon melua vapaa-aikana.
44 Niemelä R et al. Design goals of indoor air quality in industrial buildings.
45 Niemi K et al. Nitrite reductase activity in the mycorrhizal roots of Scots pine seedlings.
46 Niininen M et al. Quality of landfill leachates and their effect on groundwater.
47 Olawoyin OO et al. A system for aerodynamically sizing ultrafine radioactive particles.
48 Pasanen A-L et al. Efficiency of some cleaning products against fungal growth on building materials.
49 Pasanen M et al. Effects of simulated nuclear fuel particles on the histopathology and CYP enzymes in the rat lung and liver.
50 Pasanen P et al. Accumulated impurities and processing oil residues in air ducts of non-industrial buildings.
51 Pasanen PO et al. Hygienic aspects of processing oil residues in ventilation ducts.
52 Pasanen PO et al. Prefilters and fine filters as a source of contaminants.
53 Pekkanen J et al. Urban air pollution and respiratory health among children with respiratory symptoms in Finland.
54 Rajala-Mustonen RL, Heinonen-Tanski H. Effect of advanced oxidation processes on inactivation of coliphages.
55 Raunemaa T et al. Elemental composition of fine aerosol in remote Rautavaara.
56 Raunemaa T et al. Bromine, sulfur and manganese source contribution characteristics in Eastern Baltic Sea and Atlantic Ocean aerosol as determined by PSCF calculations.
57 Raunemaa T et al. A novel method to study radon and radon progeny emanation from water.
58 Rautiala S et al. Reducing microbial exposure during repair of moldy buildings.
59 Rautiala S, Reponen T. Breaking the mould.
60 Ruokojärvi P et al. Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and -furans (PCDDs and PCDFs) in municipal waste landfill fires.
61 Ruokojärvi P, Ruuskanen J. Kaatopaikkapalot riski ympäristölle.
62 Ruokojärvi P et al. Formation of polyaromatic hydrocarbons and polychlorinated organic compounds in municipal waste landfill fires.
63 Ruokojärvi P et al. Emissions of PCDDs, PCDFs and PCBs in waste landfill fires.
64 Ruuskanen J. Ilmansuojelun koulutus Kuopion yliopistossa.
65 Ruuskanen J et al. Behaviour of polychlorinated dioxin and furan emissions from co-combustion of different waste materials: principal component analysis study.
66 Salonen RO et al. Acute effects of low-level sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide exposures on the respiratory tract of susceptible subjects in cold environments.
67 Smolander J et al. Energy expenditure and clearing snow: a comparison of shovel and snow pusher.
68 Surakka J et al. Correlation between black carbon and PAH concentration in ambient air.
69 Sutinen S et al. Structural impacts of trichloroacetic acid on pine needles.
70 Sutinen S et al. The uptake of and structural changes induced by trichloroacetic acid in the needles of Scots pine seedlings.
71 Tuhkanen TA, Beltrán FJ. Intermediates of the oxidation of naphthalene in water with the combination of hydrogen peroxide and UV radiation.

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