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Julkaisut 1995
Publications 1995

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1 Auramo Y, Juhola M. Comparison of inference results of two otoneurological expert systems.
2 Auramo Y et al. Graphical user interface for the analysis of noise induced hearing loss.
3 Back B et al. Intelligent information systems within business: bankruptcy predictions using neural networks.
4 Back RJR et al. An action system specification of the Caltech asynchronous microprocessor.
5 Grönfors T, Juhola M. Effect of sampling frequencies and averaging resolution on medical parameters of auditory brainstem responses.
6 Hirvonen T et al. A comparison of static and dynamic calibration technigues for the vestibulo-ocular reflex signal.
7 Hirvonen T et al. High frequency deficit of the vestibular system after acoustic neurinoma surgery.
8 Isotalo E et al. Predictable and pseudo random saccades in patients with acoustic neuroma.
9 Isotalo E et al. Pseudo random smooth pursuit test in patients with acoustic neuroma.
10 Juhola M. A syntactic analysis method for eye movements of vestibulo-ocular reflex.
11 Juhola M. Effects of digital filtering on the parameters of sinusoidal tracking eye movements.
12 Juhola M et al. An essay on power of expert systems versus human expertise.
13 Juhola M et al. Using magnetic coil signals with EOG signals in computer analysis of vestibulo-ocular reflex.
14 Juhola M et al. Simulation of aphasic naming errors in Finnish language with neural networks.
15 Julien S et al. On modelling of boundary conditions and estimation for fixed-bed bioreactors.
16 Julien S et al. On modelling of boundary conditions for fixed-bed bioreactors.
17 Kaipio JP et al. Simulations of the heterogeneity of environments by finite element methods.
18 Kentala E et al. Database for vertigo.
19 Kentala E et al. Reasoning in expert system ONE for vertigo work-up.
20 Kentala E et al. Computer assisted data collection in vestibular disorders.
21 Koski A et al. Syntactic recognition of ECG signals by attributed finite automata.
22 Kuikka E, Penttonen M. Transformation of structured documents.
23 Kuikka E, Salminen A. Filtering structured documents in the SYNDOC environment.
24 Lammi S. A Statistical Expert System Prototype. An Application of Knowledge Engineering to Management of Confounding Factors.
25 Nihtilä MT, Babary JP. Eigenvalue problems arising in the control of a distributed parameter bioreactor.
26 Putkonen A. Oliokeskeisten analyysimenetelmien vertailu.
27 Putkonen A. Rakenteellinen oliokeskeinen analyysi.
28 Putkonen A. Luokkahierarkian ylläpito.
29 Pyykkö I et al. Vestibular evoked responses in man: methodological aspects.
30 Tikkala A, Juhola M. A neural network simulation method of aphasic naming errors: Properties and behaviour.

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