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Julkaisut 1995
Publications 1995

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1 Kerosuo H et al. The influence of incisal malocclusion on the social attractiveness of young adults in Finland.
2 Lahti S. Dentists and Patients: The Role Partners' Ideal Role Expectations and Their Enactment.
3 Lahti S et al. Opinions of different subgroups of dentists and patients about the ideal dentist and the ideal patient.
4 Lahti S et al. Comparison of ideal and actual behavior of patients and dentists during dental treatment.
5 Lahti SM et al. Fluoride and sugar intake among adults and youth in Mauritius: Preliminary results.
6 Laiho M. Oral Health Education in Finnish Health Centres.
7 Seppä L et al. Fluoride varnish versus acidulated phosphate fluoride gel: A 3-year clinical trial.

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